How many not-eating people live in on Earth? Some say that a few thousands. It is a fact, that majority of breatharians are a highly spiritual developed people, who are not interested in fame and publicity. A lot of them are barely recognizable because you can invite them for a dinner, to pub, they can participate in parties and then they eat in order to avoid sensation, however they need neither food nor liquids to keep the body in perfect condition.

Below, you can find only a few of not-eating people (in alphabetica order), who have been well known by the media.


One of a very few persons on Earth, who can explain breatharianism so well, based on her own experience and tuning in the matter. Her web is here.

Barbara Moore

"A heroic figure is Barbara Moore, M.D. of London" - a news release by the London Sunday Chronicle dated 17 June 1951 reads:
A woman of 50, who looks like she was only 30, claimed yesterday that she hates food, has beaten old age, and expects to live at least 150 years. She has set out to do it by giving up food. Twenty years ago she ate three normal meals a day. Slowly for 12 years she reduced her eating until she was keeping fit on one meal a day of grass, chickweed, clover, dandelion and an occasional glass of fruit juice. Five years ago she switched entirely to juices and raw tomatoes, oranges, grasses and herbs. Now she drinks nothing but a glass of water flavored with a few drops of lemon juice. She says, "There is much more in sunlight and air than can be seen by the naked eye or with scientific instruments. The secret is to find the way to absorb that extra - that cosmic radiation - and turn it into food".
Each year she goes to Switzerland for the better air and climbs mountains on a diet of water from the streams. "You see - she explains - my body cells and blood have changed considerably in composition. I'm impervious to heat or hunger or fatigue".
Barbara died in a car accident, during her travels across United States.

Christopher Schneider

He was born on 20.01.1962 in Germany. He says about himself: "I have been non-eating since August 1998 (...) it gives me a lot of experiences and events. I eat some chocolate, sweets, cheese, sometimes every day, and sometimes once a week. I eat for fulfill my tastes, touching ground, not for necessity of eating. Nearly every day I drink Cappuccino (this is something like a ritual) or watered juices".
In Germany (Bad Reichebhall region) since 1999, Chris run courses dedicated to the 21-day procedure. People determined to accommodate to live on light; he helps in passing on this process. He is also a nature therapist, rebirthing therapist, kinesiology, reiki and spiritual healing. He runs courses and helps others sharing this knowledge. As he says "all this work is dedicated to find power and connection with internal unity and Divine One Within". Christopher's web is here.

Evelyn Levy

Brazilian, lives with her husband Steve in US. After coming back from personal journey to Peru, where she didn't eat for five days, she got interested in immortality and living on light. During this time she began a natural process of accommodation to high vibrations, which resulted in lack of being hungry. Later, when in 1999 her husband decided to stop eating, she decided to do the same.
Evelyn's web is here.

Giri Bala

Indian woman, born in 1868, has not taken food or drink since 1880. The whole life she was living in Bengal village of Biur. Her non-eating state has been rigorously investigated by the Maharaja of Burdwan. She used a certain yoga technique to recharge her body with cosmic energy from the ether, sun, and air.
The story of Giri Bala was told to Yagananda when he met with her when she was 68. At that time she had not eaten nor taken fluids for over 56 years. Still living the life of a humble and simple villager, she had in her early years as rumor spread, been taken to the palace of the leader of her province. There she was kept under strict observation and eventually 'released' with the sanction that yes she did exist purely on Light.
As a child she enjoyed a voracious appetite for which she was often chided and teased. At age nine she was betrothed and was soon ensconced in her husband's family abode. One day Giri suffered so greatly at her mother-in-law's tongue and teasing at her gluttony that she exclaimed "I shall soon prove to you that I shall never touch food again as long as I live".
She run out of the village crying, and prayed for guru, who could teach her how to live on God Light only. Then, the guru appeared and showed her Kirija Yoga technique, which made her body free from material feeding. Since that time, Giri practiced yoga to power the body energy from the sun and the air, and she took neither food nor liquids.

Hira Ratan Manek

Born and living in India. Seven doctors started examining him a few days before he began a long fast. He is one of the best-examined cases from medical and scientific points of view. First he lived only on water for 211 days, and then for 411 days.


Australian, who after completing the 21 day procedure in1993, didn't eat for two years. Then she started, as she said, some experiments with small amount of delicacies, coffee, tea. She claims to be free from eating, but is lenient with her taste senses, thus drinks coffee, eats sweets and even potatoes during long flights in order to reduce her energy to be able to sleep. According to her statement, the average amount of daily food is less then 300 calories per day. Jasmuheen's two Internet services, Cosmic Internet Academy and Jasmuheen, contain a lot of material dedicated to spiritual development of human beings. Worth paying attention are numerous articles, Elraanis Voice (quarterly) and a few discussing forums.

Joachim M Werdin

The author of this service.


Polish, who lives in London. She has been interested in secrets of life, esotericism from the philosophical point of view and read a lot of books, e.g. Blawacka's works. She began the lifestyle without eating since August 11th 1999, when being in a monastery, in complete seclusion, she obtained initiation. Her decision resulted from participating in Jasmusheen's lecture, a few weeks earlier. From the very first moment of that meeting, Kamila "knows immediately, that she passed through the process". Then she admitted: "This is like the operation without scalpel, and you feel it very deeply".
She also doesn't practise ascetizm and as she said: "I take sometimes one or two teaspoonfuls of horseradish, mushroom in vinegar and eat it with a pleasure". The spiritual change of Kamilla, which resulted in live without addicton to so called food, was beneficial for her health. Previous examinations showed that she suffered from blood cancer, diabetes and parlize of the right leg. All these things disappeared and Kamila bursts with health.

Kazimierz Karwot

He comes from Upper Silesia in Poland. Before starting "living on light", years 1999 and 2000 he spent in the open space, where he followed spiritual developing. As in case of other non-eating people, the transformations was a consequence of a dozen or so years of his spiritual way. He did it in a very modest conditions, living on the bring of Pokrzydowo cottage in Brodnicki Landscape Park, where he has lived up today. As he says, two months before initiation process he had not already eaten. The initiation process, which lasted 21 day he passed in seclusion, in February 2001. During the first week of process, his physical and spiritual body were renewed. Now he says about himself: "I am living on light (...) I am after 21 day initiation in seclusion".

Steve Torrence

He is an American, Evelyn's husband, and runs Internet service Living on Light in English and Portugese. At the beginning of 1999, he was impressed by the book "Life and Teaching of Far East Masters". As he said, he came to conclusion that "our bodies do not need physical food and have been accommodate to it because we forced them. Eating is not only unnecessary, but also harmful for our health and good temper". Steve with Evelyn often travel, mainly across Brazil and Poland, where they run seminars.

Theresa Neumann

She was born in 1898 in Northern Bavaria. At the age of 20 she was in an accident and became blind and paralyzed. She received a miraculous healing in 1923 through prayers to St. Therese of Lisieux. Since this time Theresa has not eaten any foods or liquids except for one small consecrated wafer a day.
Stigmata, or sacred wounds of Christ, began to appear on her head, breast, hands and feet every Friday while she experiences the passion of Christ. Yogananda later said that in her past life she was Mary Magdalene. She is here to show (like Giri Bala) that it is possible to live on God's Light".
Throughout the 36 years that Theresa bore the stigmata, thousands of tourists would file into her small cottage to witness the miracle. Theresa died in 1962. Paola Giovetti's book "Theresa Neumann" covers her life in great detail for those interested.

Vasanta Ejma

For many years Vasanta was asking God: "I ask you my Lord for being in You, only in your energies for 24 hours a day. I am asking for grace of serving You, please, be my employer." For 10 years Vasanta was often fasting, praying, meditating and visiting secluded places to find God in herself. "I didn't know how God carries out my request, but on August 13th 2001 I felt that I began 21-day process of living on light. This is unbelievable grace of God - making the mind free from the third dimension. I have experienced passing on to divine freedom. Then I have understood what is the difference between getting know the way and passing it on, when during 21-day of transformation I experienced freedom states. It is impossible to write down? the world of freedom, without rules and limitations, where everything is possible? I experience this, being in God's world." Vasanta's web tells more.

Wiley Brooks

American, one of the longest known breatharian. As he claims, he hasn't eaten for over 30 years. He says that eating is an acquired habit. To know more, you can visit his web for more details.

Xu Fan

Chinese free from the need to eat since when she was 18. Here is more info.

thousands of others

How many people all over the world live without physical eating and often also without drinking? People who belong to different categories, different life styles, various beliefs and behaviors - each of them is a unique story, why and how to change lifestyle for not-eating. The majority of them never confess to not-eating, to avoid possible negative reactions from others.

Translated from Polish by Magdalena Skomro and edited by Joachim M Werdin.

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