The Network Of Light

Visualization Project





Opening message:

This Awareness wishes at this time to send healing energies to all entities connected with this Awareness and the movement and associations through which this Awareness functions: the Cosmic Awareness Communications, and those who have, in one way or another, been touched by this Awareness, directly, or through associations with those who have been directly touched by this Awareness.

This Awareness indicates that It wishes at this time to send energy through this network of individuals who are connected by Akacords (invisible etheric cords), by an awareness of this Awareness, who are touched, or have been touched by this Awareness, those who are present, those who have been previously been subscribers to these messages, those who have at one time or another participated in reading or witnessing readings by this Awareness.

This Awareness indicates that It now wishes to gather energy to further send through this network even more energies touching these entities. This Awareness asks those herein present to search their minds, their memories, for individuals, for names, present and past who have in some way been touched, who have in some way been connected with or associated directly or indirectly with this Awareness or Its messages; that in focussing on these names, even briefly, this enhances this network, this flow, this current, so that the energies this Awareness pours forth into this movement will be strengthened.

This Awareness indicates that this energy that is now being poured forth into these entities, this energy is that which shall serve as healing energies on all levels: spiritual, physical, economic, relationship, career, family; that this energy also can be passed on by these entities to help those whom they touch. In this way, this energy as likened unto a purifying energy that is reaching forth through multitudes, touching them, and their loved ones.

This Awareness indicates that in turn, their loved ones may still move the energy further, to reach out, touching still others. This Awareness suggests that you visualize this energy moving across this nation (USA) into other countries, touching individuals, and from those individuals, reaching out as fingers of Light, touching still others, from hence more fingers of Light spring forth to touch still others.


This Awareness indicates that in visualization this, you begin to see a network of Light spreading across the face of the earth. This Awareness indicates that even as this energy is spread, emanating from this moment, from this source, from this time, you will recognize also that there are other lights, coming from various places also emanating from this Awareness to other channels through other channels, through other methods, through other individuals and groups and these lights commingle with the light that is now being sent as healing energy, this creating a crisscross of energy likened unto a fabric of cloth, a cloth made of light, a blanket covering the earth, glowing light, of woven energy; this energy as that having a healing nature, bringing blessings to all who are touched by it, to all who are even remotely close to it.

This Awareness indicates that you see this blanket of light covering the earth, rising the frequency and vibration of the earth so that it begins to vibrate and pulsate to a new frequency, a new light. You see this as such that those areas of darkness can no longer hold their old frequencies, whereas the frequencies and the pulsations are influenced by the frequencies of light and pulsations of light.

This Awareness suggests that you now visualize that within every atom throughout this globe, throughout the atmosphere surrounding this globe, throughout this globe called Earth, that every atom, every molecule, every area of space, every inch of space with the earth and surrounding the earth, now has added light. This added energy of light as that which fills every atom and these atoms, connected with each other with new light, add greater light to every molecule, and every molecule to every particle of matter or gas, every substance, every substance being filled with greater light.

This Awareness indicates you now see this earth and all of its substance as being modified into that of a light planet, a planet in which there is an increased light throughout every molecule, every atom that is anywhere remotely connected with the planet or its atmosphere, and all of the inhabitants thereon.

This Awareness indicates that you see this light as that which is now fixed, everywhere present, and it cannot retreat, cannot be moved away because it is everywhere equal, and there is no place for it to go, other than to flow into those areas of the atoms in which there might be a vacancy of light, and as it fills those dark vacancy atoms, they too light up.

This Awareness indicates that all entities on this planet now have absorbed a little greater light than was previously known. All things have absorbed more light. All atmosphere is filled with greater light. The planet itself is composed of more light, and this light energy is also life energy, and this life energy as that which brings forth greater vitality, greater happiness to all beings thereon.

This Awareness indicates that this light as that which is now being sealed upon this planet. This light as that which in being sealed will not be removed, but will remain steadfast with this planet, becoming a natural part of the planet's new evolution. This Awareness suggests entities to begin to think of the earth as a planet of light, a transformed being, a New Being of Light Energy.

This Awareness indicates that whereas this earth was once seen as mud, as filled with the darkness, debris, pollution, garbage, this Awareness suggests now that you see this earth as being a glowing beautiful paradise. You see it as a spiritual home for many. You see this glowing ball of light floating in space as that which gives comfort and healing to many within its presence, to all who come near.

This Awareness suggests that the healing as having been completed. The energies as that which shall continue to grow and evolve within this planet, as the image fixes itself in terms of reality. This Awareness suggests that the questions may begin.

Is this healing technique just given, is this one that entities can use by themselves after tonight also?

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness indicates that this is in the affirmative; that the visualization as that will be enhanced each time entities read the information as given, or each time entities follow, the concepts as suggested through the healing actions; it is a matter of intention and visualization that brings about the clarity and manifestation of the image.

This Awareness indicates that many may either read the material aloud,
in silence, or may record the information and play it back*,
or may use the recording presently being made,
or may wish to make their own recording of this message, using their own voice.
In any case, it will be beneficial in manifesting the healing

* Audio tapes on this visualisation (English / Spanish) are available at:
and Cosmic Awareness Communications


We invite you to join us to do this visualization

every Friday at 21:00 hours, your local time,

wherever you are.

(he first visualization took place on the 9th of September 2000)




Click on the (Realaudio) to listen
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In dealing with illness of power within individuals ,
or in the earth, the need is to look at What Is,
then to start raising the vibrations from there.

Entities have it in their power to change the world,
to change the course of events, and to bring a heaven on Earth.
The future is never fixed, and becomes changed as consciousness changes.

This Awareness wishes entities to understand consciousness can only change
when entities no longer judge themselves or others,
when entities no longer seek to be higher or further out,
greater or more powerful than another or themselves.

When entities can accept themselves as they are,
then they can move on to other ways of being.
For this Awareness is not concerned with whether entities are materialistic, spiritual, right or wrong, higher or lower, ascended or descended,
but whether entities love one another and whether entities love themselves,
and are responsive to the needs of one another.

This Awareness asks not for sacrifice, but for service.
This Awareness asks not for praise,
but for service and love toward your fellow creatures.

For this Awareness needs not service,
nor does It need sacrifice or praise,
but needs only to experience a rest and relief
from watching this dreary tragedy on your plane,
as the world turns around and around and around.
(Revelations Awareness 92-13/NO.405)
Interpreter Paul Shockley


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