The Electromagnetic Scale

What is the "spiritual hierarchy"

In the beginning was the "Word"

The purpose of Humans on Earth


The Electromagnetic Scale

For example, the 48th octave being infrared light; the 49th being regular light as seen by your own eyes; and the 50th octave being ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light is a different octave from regular light, the seven lights or colors of the spectrum, and also the infrared light being an octave below that 49th light octave. And when an entity speaks of universal octaves, it could be any octave on the electromagnetic scale, running from material level of vibration up to infrasound, ultrasound, into radiowaves and microwaves, infrared, regular light, ultraviolet light, gamma rays, solar rays, etceteras, into the higher levels of consciousness; each representing different octaves on the electromagnetic scale.

What is the "spiritual hierarchy"

This Awareness indicates that It has previously described the electromagnetic scale of the universe as the layers of frequencies and vibrations that are going from very slow to extremely high, and that the highest are those associated with Divinity, and that in that Divinity frequency there is that which is Divine Love. Under that, at a somewhat lower speed is love that is not necessarily the highest Love of God, but love that is of a high quality.

Beneath that may be other levels of descending consciousness that comes down to a point wherein some consciousness may border on levels of emotion, and as these levels descend further, it may get into levels of mind, and as these energies descend further, it may get into other types of rays and vibrations.

This Awareness indicates it goes on down the electromagnetic scale through the various rays and light fields into heat and radio waves, and sound frequencies and still further down into infrasound, which are extremely slow vibrations which can shake matter and cause it to disintegrate.

The slowest types of matter that appear not to be vibrating, but are so slow that you cannot hear them in realms of sound. They are simply present in a heavy sense. This Awareness indicates, for example, the Earth is a vibratory being, but you will not hear it vibrating with your limited ears. This Awareness indicates the so-called spiritual hierarchy is a kind of a higher frequency net that fits into these frequency patterns of the electromagnetic scale, wherein there a re lines of force that occasionally cross each other.

How to Visualize the Creation of a Spiritual Hierarchy Entity

This Awareness suggests you visualize a grid-work, such as the lines of a checkerboard without the colors of the squares being present, and imagine that the lines which go horizontal and the lines that come from top to bottom as vertical, cross each other, and every place there is a crossing, a light is created by the vibrations or electricity caused by the energies carried on these lines, so that the lines coming down are seen as octaves of a gridwork that move in one direction, and the lines that move across, horizontally, are seen as frequencies or vibrations that move in a lower to higher grid-work, and where these lines touch, these parallel lines going up and down, touch each other, and energy flashes as a light.

Imagine now that each of these energies represents some kind of conscious essence or being and these various crossings of energies that create the light at each criss-cross point makes up a being that can be termed a member of the spiritual hierarchy.

These are conscious because the energies that are moving through these lines and crossing each other are energies of higher spiritual consciousness. Thus, each of the crossings of the lines create a new spiritual hierarchy entity. In the higher frequencies on this grid are those energies that cross just an octave under that which is the Supreme Being of the Universe, which entities may call "God,"and that energy that is just an octave under may be called the Christ Consciousness or the Christ Energy.

In the beginning was the "Word"

In Biblical terms it was know as "The Word."

These higher frequencies described as "The Word" were essentially descriptions or terms used to describe vibration
"In the beginning was the Word. The Word was God." The vibration or frequencies of the highest order: Divine Vibration, Divine Consciousness, Divine Frequency. The "Son"or reflection of the Highest Divinity is that which has been described as the "Son of God," the reflection of God. This may be also called Christ Consciousness. This Awareness indicated from there it goes o down, one octave after another, and this entire gridwork of octave creations or frequencies and beings that appear on these different crossing of these lines, everything there that is above the 49th octave may be called the "spiritual hierarchy."

This Awareness indicates there are some rays in the octave above the 49th octave that are known as gamma rays and there are other rays that are solar rays, and these are not high spiritual beings or energies, and in some instances would be deadly to entities who received too much of the vibration from these rays. The truer spiritual hierarchy resides above these physical rays, or rays which are known as radiation and gamma rays and solar rays or even cosmic rays. The true spiritual hierarchy would be above that, into those levels that are so high and so fine that they are existing in levels of higher consciousness, in the realms of spirit itself.

These spiritual energies, creating these grid-work beings, the light that form where the lines of energies cross; these are the spiritual hierarchy as commonly described, although this description is not common, but that is the spiritual hierarchy that many of these entities are trying to understand and trying to describe with their various names and concepts.

Without the Breath of God There Would be no Life on Earth

This Awareness indicates that the purpose of these spiritual energies is to spread energy from the Divine into that which is the lower vibratory realms of, in this case, the Earth, the material world, to sustain it, to keep it from being totally lost and shattered. As long as they can bring this higher frequency down through the octaves to the Earth itself, the Earth has life and vitality.

If these higher frequencies were not brought down through the octaves into the physical realm, the world would simply cease to live. The life comes from the Breath of God. The life comes from the frequencies of the higher levels of the electromagnetic scale.

The Purpose of the Galactic Confederating

This Awareness indicates that the purpose of the Galactic Confederation is to assist the spiritual hierarchy in moving these energies down and to move around as individual lights through the fields of energy, bringing energy to those areas that are needed in order to help enhance the spiritual qualities of the lower beings, the lower vibratory fields in the lower realms.

The Purpose of Humans on earth

This Awareness indicates that the purpose of humans on Earth is to help each other evolve and to help care for the planet on which they reside and to care for the living creatures that reside with them on the planet.

(Revelation of Awareness 96-14 Issue No. 474 with Paul Shockley as the Interpreter)


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