Who was Paul Shockley?

Interpreter Paul Shockley passed over into spirit last month, May 9th, 2006

Paul Shockley - Interpreter for Cosmic Awareness - Christmas 1995

From Paul; Celestial Awareness is that universal force or Celestial Consciousness that manifests Itself as Universal Consciousness in ultra-high levels of frequency Its expressions are given to those who attune to those frequencies as impressions and symbols which are then interpreted by a translator channeler, such as Paul Shockley, who has interpreted its messages since 1969. The beautiful wisdom and highly practical common sense brought through from Celestial Awareness about human consciousness and world affairs, has enthralled hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide since 1963.

From Cosmic Awareness Communications about Paul; Paul's channel opened up many years ago when he participated in the Cosmic Awareness Spiritual Development lessons, given by Awareness through a previous Interpreter, Ralph Duby.

Paul lived in McMinnville, Oregon, and was president of the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . For many years, Paul journeyed up to Olympia every 6 weeks or so and gave a series of 8 readings, with questions sent in by the readers which are answered by Cosmic Awareness and which appear in later issues of the "Revelations of Awareness" newsletter.

CAC has hundreds of Paul's readings yet to be published.

From CAC:
Paul Shockley will be sorely missed by many, but the thousands of messages from Cosmic Awareness which he channeled will live forever, will be his legacy to humanity. And thanks to the years of diligent effort by the CAC archiver Tom Krueger, these messages will be available from CAC and other sources far into the future. We'll see you later, Paul.

We all love you Paul!

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