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I would have you first know the spirit of God through one another, through your human families, and then through the creatures of the world: through the four-footed and the winged, the fish that swim the ocean depths, the vegetation that blossoms in every healthy environment. I would have you know me through the many. In these realms this is how I know myself.

I come to this world not to know myself as the One, for that I have always known, but to know myself in you, to perceive a world through your eyes, that together we might continue the work of creation and together enjoy all that has been created.

One identity wave flows through all that is, from the universal to the personal. It splashes upon these temporal shores, leaving behind in its creative wake the luminous droplets of individuality that becomes all creatures, both of the spirit world and of the world of form. This wave is the current of my eternal love. It carries an intelligence I invite you to share, to remember as your own.

I speak to you through these transmissions at times through the perspectives of the many, through the angelic beings who know their source in my wholeness. At other times I speak to you as the One, as your Creator and your Source.

The manner of speaking in the first person recognizes the distinction between human egos and the spirit of God. Even as the cells are distinguished from the body, these are distinguished. Yet this manner of address is not intended to distinguish human spirits from my own. All spirit comes from and returns to the same source. I share this first-person account not to diminish your awareness of that source but to heighten it, perhaps even to remembrance.

To let your ego stand alone while you and I converse as two-this is education. And it is good. But to feel your ego revived and alive again as together in oneness we experience the terrestrial world-this is creation. This is bliss itself, a joining more wonderful than any sexual union. It reactivates the mechanism that brings my focused attention, and therefore new creation, to the earth. It brings the human ego refreshment from the deepest truth, fulfilling every purpose, every longing, every season for its being.

For your ego and my spirit are eternal lovers. Throughout these many thousand of years of history, human egos have longed for my presence as I have longed for their return to their place in Creation's design. But they have been blind to my presence. They have known only fleeting snatches of the love I bring, if they have known it at all. Yet I have guided your race along a measured path that has at last brought you here today, to this moment when communication between us is clear and conscious.

The love song that enters your awareness as you turn your heart again to your source comes as a loving current of attentive energy. As you accept that love, you feel how thoroughly you are loved by the Creator who has called you into being. You become immersed in that love. You feel it even as it is felt for you, even as it brings into being all that you perceive and encounter.

You are the species through whom I love creation and the means through which I shall call out her greater potential. You are my gift to the world and the world's return to me. Wherever this material plane has not yet blossomed into the fullness of her potential, your love will provide a climate for that blossoming; your thoughts and actions will provide the nutrients for its growth.

As you allow yourself to receive fully my love for you, you become capable of loving as I do. Through that love you become a conscious cell in my dimensional body of thought and expression, while retaining your human body and your individuality of form, you simultaneously know yourself in spirit as one with your Creator. However, the individual is never the whole of God.

The God, that lives within you lives also within all of humankind, though in some I am honored and in some I am denied. My spirit manifests in all biological life, in all planetary life, in all stellar life, in all things from the greatest spiraling galaxy to the tiniest subatomic particle.

Each creature is designed to specialize its expression of certain of my attributes, bringing to focus my specific qualities and characteristics. This is how, and why, individuals are created. As I proceed now in the final stages of awakening in the collective consciousness of your race, there are individuals beginning to realize the greater truth who yet confuse the point of saying, "I am God." There is no need for such a statement More often that not it causes confusion. The very mouth that forms the words proclaims that the speaker is-if awakened-an individualized expression of God, a part of God, a servant of God, a representative of God, one with God in spirit. But the human form that individual inhabits a world of many diverse and spiritually equal beings, no one whom is greater than another.

Those who share my consciousness throughout the earth and working most closely with me in facilitating planetary awakening, those who are healing and educating, are no greater than those who are not. Even those who give other cause to fear are not spiritually inferior, only sleeping still-as perhaps you yourself slept not so long ago. Though some may be among the wheat I gather up into the harvest of this age and others among the chaff that will be filtered out and assigned to a realm of continuing education, even between these there is no spiritual distinction. Among those who are consciously sharing my presence, there is no greater or lesser, no master or servant, no lords or commoners.

All are equal in the eyes of God, but those who are awakened and those immersed in the educational process that lead to awakening. After my awakening in collective human consciousness, the creative pursuits of awakened human beings will be far more varied than the roles played in the historical era, yet there will be no hierarchy or ruling class. You will know yourself as a family, sharing the enjoyment, the awareness, the exploration of these dimensional frequencies, working together in spiritual equality to develop their potential.

(From: "The Third Millennium-Living in the Post historic World" by Ken Carey)


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