the Concept of Salvation


Understanding the Concept of Salvation
Many Believe Jesus was the Only Christed One

This Awareness indicates that the one difficulty or problem that occurs in regard to the fundamentalist approach to the salvation principle, is that they see this as coming from a particular person, in the person of Jesus, and do not recognize that it can also come from others who channel the Christ Light. They do not understand that the "Word which was in the beginning, and was God, and was with God, and that all things that were created were from the Word of God"--they do not understand that this Word is the Christ Consciousness, and that the Christ Consciousness is the Universal vibration or consciousness that is Universal Mind, and that is everywhere present, and they instead personify this as the entity Jesus the Christed one, and that there were others that were also Christed, or Christened, by this Divine Light, and that these entities in becoming one with the Divine Light, have the ability to channel and pass on this Light to others, and can become master teachers.

This Awareness indicates that when they do not recognize or understand that it is not the man Jesus, but the Christ that worked through Jesus, which created the salvation, and when they demand that everyone must follow and worship the man Jesus, rather that the Christ Light, they are missing the mark and narrowing the truth into that which is incomprehensible to many and erroneous in fact, and which cast aside the entire religions and the experience of salvation that others in other philosophies or religions may have, as they experience God attunement, or God Consciousness.

Too Narrow a Perception is the Error of the Fundamentalists

This Awareness indicates that the error of the fundamentalists is that they are too narrow in their perception and are taking a view much like that of a salesman who sees only one headache remedy in the world, and does not consider or recognize that other headache remedies might exist.

The Time Has Now Come When "Jesus" Must be Understood!

This Awareness indicates that the time has come when Christians around the world begin to focus on Christ for what it is, as the Christ Light, the Universal Vibration, the Universal Consciousness, the Word of God, that vibration that exists everywhere throughout the universe as the mind, the frequency of Universal Consciousness, and realize that Jesus was one who was Christed, that there were others who were Christed, or christened with this Divine Light. For when entities fully understand this then indeed the Rapture, the coming again of the Christ Light the Second Coming will occur, one with the Divine Light of Christ. This Awareness indicates that it is possible for entities to surrender themselves to the name of Jesus, and seeing this entity as the Christ, to be Christed or Christened, to have this experience of the salivation.

Divine Light is Available to ALL Religions

This Awareness wishes entities to understand it is not an exclusive right of fundamentalists. It is not only for those who go to the Baptist church, or to other Protestant churches. It is something that is available to all entities, in all religions, whether eastern or western. It is available to the Hindu, to the Moslem, to the Jew, to the Christian, to all types of Christians, to the Catholic. It is available to the American Indians, in their quest of the Great Spirit. It is available to all entities who are open to receive union with the Divine Light of Buddha, to the Divine Light of any teacher who represents, by any name, that Universal Vibration, that frequency, which is highest and unpolarized in its essence and expression. For that indeed is the Word of God. It is the Universal Mind. It is Cosmic Consciousness. It is Divinity Itself.

This Awareness indicates that understanding this, it is not the right of any group to condemn others for having different names, different languages, to describe the same essence. For those of other cultures, for those of other religions, for those of other realms, who also relate to, depend on and merge with the Divine Light, these entities, too, must respect as having their own and equal place in the worship of God. And to condemn them because they do not use the same words, or carry the same story is an affront to consciousness, and demeans those who thus condemn.

Copy this Reading for Those Who Condemn You

This Awareness suggests that those entities who from time to time write to you, your organization, or speak to your members as being of the devil, because they do not adhere to their hard line of fundamental Christianity; this Awareness suggest that this reading be given to these entities.

(Understanding the Concept of Salvation Revelations of Awareness 96-4 No. 464)


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