The Master File

From the "Rebellion in Heaven"


Present and Future times

After reading the Master File you will never say again: "I didn't Know"!


Cosmic Awareness is the force that expressed Itself through Edgar Cayce, Christ,
the Buddha, Krisna, Mohammed, and other great Avatars who served as "channels" for Cosmic Consciousness, and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness.

Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully trained channels. The information contained herein was received from deep trance states and "interpreted" by an entity (Paul Shockley) affiliated,
at that time, with Cosmic Awareness Communications. (C.A.C.)
This information is for those who inherit the New Age.

This Awareness indicates that it is the universal vibrations and the movement of planets, the movement of the sun in its sojourn through its orbit, through its orbit around Sirius in the Orion constellation and the variation that it meets in its movement that determines the Earth ages of approximately 2200 years each, and it is this movement into these new vibrations that trigger certain frequency reactions among the planets of the solar system so that the vibrations are altered on Earth and on the other planets in such a manner that it changes the consciousness of individuals on earth. It is this that is causing and bringing about the New Age.

Awareness tells you not to believe anything,
even this Awareness not to believe, but to question,
explore, doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth.
Cosmic Awareness only indicates and suggests.

Cosmic Awareness introduces Itself (by TV) in 1977 to the World

The Main Purpose of Awareness at This Time

Are You Ready for Cosmic Awareness?


Rebellion in Heaven and the Fall of Man
*The purpose of religion, the purpose of government
*The pre-planned, pre-programmed and cosmically directed scenario

Galactic Overview, Journey in Oneness
*The 3 major Players in the Galaxy
*New World Order (Global Governance)
*New World Order Another Form of Communism
*Galactic Order
*Galactic Confederation
*Orion Empire
*Draconian Federation & Time-Release Capsule
*Aliens (Greys, Zeta Reticuli, Reptoids)
*The New World Order: The Alien Connection
The Fake Invasion and Fake Rapture
Religions & Monetary System Evolved from Orion
Reptoids reward entities in drugs & oppression
Galactic Overview, Journey in Oneness (continuation)
*How the Alchemy of Your Knowledge Works
*Orion Extraterrestrials
*How the Orion Empire is Preparing our World for Takeover
*The Asuras: Gods Who Have Gone Mad
*The Spiritual Agendas Supersede the Alien Agenda
*The Battle is to Save the Souls of the Earthlings
*How the Programming Began
*The Influence of Mummification in Egypt
*Rothshilds and Rockefellers Unwitting Victims in the Drama
*How to Avoid the Battle of Armageddon
*A New Script for Humanity
*"A Healing Gift for Humanity"

The Illuminati Conspiracy
*The money manipulation force
*The failure in the American system




The nature of our world at present time
*How to better understand the coming events
*The quiet war that is now going on

*The battlefields of the quiet war
*Buying in to "Political Correctness"
*The Global Elite
Khazars-the Blond Nordics from Underground
*Adolf Hitler's Description of the Aliens
*The Big Picture
*Aliens have set up the NWO
*The Book of Revelation; blueprint for world domination
A Cosmic History of the Illuminati
*Revolutionary War, Civil War Instigated
*Czar of Russia during the Civil War
*Planning Federal Reserve Banking System
*World War ll with Japan
*Selling war machine to Russia
*Setting stages for Vietnam War
*The Plan to Bankrupt all countries
Control of the World's Silver and Gold
*(Slave/Money)Replay of memory on Maldek

The secret meanings in the "Book of Revelation"
*Interpreting the Secret Meanings in the Book of Revelation
*Christian Ministers Intimidated: "Do Not Preach End Times!"
*Most People Too Busy Making a Living to get Involved
*Corporate Welfare is Okay but Private Welfare is a Sin
*Fear and intimidation: "I don't want to rock the boat"
*Total denial and believing in TV versions--"La-La-Land"


The Mark of the Beast
*What Fundamentalists believe
*The "Beast" computer in Belgium
*The 10 Regions of the United States
*Creating money out of nothing
*Taxing the slaves
*Why Most People Are Willing to Work With the Aliens
*Attempt to enslave this planet through Banking System.
*Aliens attempting to bring about "Mark of the Beast"
*System as Foretold in the Book of Revelations.
*System Originally Used on Tyrantor

The Mark of the Beast (continuation)
*How to make the Right Choice
*If you accept the Alien "Mark of the Beast"
*There is no guarantee for a Happy Death
*The Number 666 (A little Lesson in Numerology)
*First a National Identification Card, then the "Mark"
*Those who accept the Mark will do so by choice
*Many who take the Mark will join the workforce of Hades
*"Branding the Goyim"
*The Future Is Not Fixed


Understanding our World

Ahriman Forces-How world leaders are influenced
*Influence of the black magicians
*We are all being influenced by outside forces
*Separating the wheat from the chaff (The rapture)
The Purpose of the Ahriman Forces
*Ahriman does have Certain Rights on this Plane
*The Temptations of Ahriman
*About the Realms of Celestria and Hades
*Agreement between Forces of Light and Darkness

The 3rd and 4th steps: the Brain behind it all
*The 5th step: recognition of the role of religion
*The influence of religion




How Alien Forces use telepathy
*How Alien Forces use telepathy to program entities
*The greatest error of the Light worker
The 6th step: How Interdimensional beings enter in
*The 7th step: The conflict between Light and Dark forces
*The spiritual hierarchy & Interdimensional movement
How do we make people aware?
*This message is not for the mass mind
*Perceiving higher concepts
The 8th step: Putting the picture together
*Understanding what is occurring on this plane
*Seeing behind the words, beliefs and loyalties
The dilemma of Central and South America
*The multinational corporations and the governments
*The first 2 steps: recognizing the true forces
What it's really about - Who in fact you Really Are!
*Who in Fact You Really Are!
*The God that is elsewhere is the Anti-Christ

The Battle of Armageddon: A Reminder
*The Battle of Armageddon is over on the Inner Plane
*The Echo of evil


Why the Fed and the National Debt are Illegal
*The District of Colombia Loop-Hole
*National Debt Not a Legal Debt
*According to Law, National Debt is Null & Void
*New World Order (Global Governance) Accelerated
*The Declaration of Martial Law
Be prepared for desperate acts to come
*Remember Tiananmen Square
*You had a near perfect country
The illegal income tax
*How the Constitution's One Tax, the Excise Tax, Works
*The Calm Before the Storm
*The Illegal Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

We are living in a most critical time
*The world grid patterns and nuclear war
*Families in the New World Order



NWO plans Ten World Regions
*How the NWO Will Spread to Europe
*NWO Plans 10 Regions: "Ten Horns of the Beast"
*U.S. Taxpayers Will Fund NWO
*The European Union
*New World Order Will be Worse than Hitler
*Rothschild's London Estate a Sovereign State!
*Rothschilds: "The Head of the Beast"
The Quasi-Government in Washington D.C.
*The Illegal Quasi-Government in Washington D.C.
*Most entities are unaware of vanishing freedoms
*Some U.S. States Now Seeking Sovereignty
*The United States of Americas, Incorporated
*The Oversight of the Founding Fathers
"Magic is afoot"-Freedom can't be contained
*Centuries-Old Plans Are Now Culminating Today
*Power-Seekers are Unaware of the 8th Chakra
*New World Order Can't Stop Spiritual Evolution
*The Ever-present Ghost of Insecurity
*Insecurity Bugs the Super-Wealthy

Global planners & The roots of insecurity
*The Control that Controls Control Awaits
*Insecurity: The Sin or Error of the Wealthy
*Have a Party! Celebrate your Insecurity!



The Satanic connection
*How Satanism Controls entities
*Satanists the Mayor Threat
*Three Types of Entities on Earth Plane Today
*How the Term "Satan" Originated
*The Philosophy of Satanism
*The Seduction of the Young
*More Common today than entities want to believe
*In NWO Prostitution and Pornography will increase
*The silent masses

About New Age & Christian Religion must change
*What "New Age" Really is About
*Christian Religion Must Change or Perish
*Is This the Plan of a Universal Creator?
*A Time of Great Turbulence is Coming
*Greed and Eternal Unfulfillment

Fundamentalists are slandering New Age groups
*What Fundamentalists believe
*Understanding the Concept of Salvation
*What Satanists believe


How the Jesus Myth was Created
How Christianity was started
The Evolution of the Bible
*How symbols influence entities

*How the Jesus Myth was created
*The Influence of Apollonius of Tyana
The composite known as Jesus
*Catholic Church Tried to Destroy Jesus and Family
*New World Order Also Creating A Mythical Christ


How the Jesus Myth was Created (Part 3)
*How Energy Follows Thought
*How Hypnotic Techniques are Used
*Remember: be Always Allowed to Question!
*Sumer Religion Handed Down by Extraterrestrials
*"The Gods of Eden" for info on Secret Schools
*The ET's Set Up Secret Societies and priesthoods

*The meaning of the Hebrew Yod He Hin Vau Heh

*Deception in saying the Bible is "God's Word"
*Justinian Removed Incarnation References
*Piso Family Wrote the Books of the New Testament
*Books Matthew, Mark, Luke, John Written by Pisos
*Bright and Beautiful aspects of Christianity
How the Jesus Myth was Created (Part 2)
*There Were Many "Christs" Prior to Jesus

*Value of the Myth is Real but Historically is false
*Biblical Miracles Came from Earlier Sources
*How Jesus Survived the Crucification
*Book: "Sixteen Crucified Saviors Before Christ
*Why people accept religion without much question
*Jehovah's Witness and Mormons Prevent Challenges
*Remember: Always be Allowed to Doubt, to Question!
*Did the Devil Originate at the Time of Jesus?
*Passion Play and Religion Ruled the People for Ages
How the Jesus Myth was Created (Part 4)
*The Hebrews and Jehovah
*Jehovah Planned to return and Harvest his People
*Much of "Science Fiction" is not Fiction
*Parting of the Red Sea and other Miracles
*About Cloning & Jehova and The Ten Commandments
*Jehovah a God of Power and Money
*The suffering of the Jewish culture
*You Could Reincarnate Into the Race you Dislike
*Elohim Plant a Huge Computer in Bowels of Earth
*Jesus Not a Hebrew, but an Elohim

Christianity sacrificed by New World Order?
*Christian Religion Still has Certain Healthy Values
*Christians Need to Organize a Defense Movement
*Christians Being Set Up for Massacre
*New World Order Satanists Plan a Blood Sacrifice
*Hindu Cattle Worshipers are Symbolic End of Taurus

*Satanists Could End Up in Sumeria
*Possible Tragedy for Christian Religion
*For New Age Groups - Discernment Needed
*What "New Age" Really is About
*The Invisible Entities Who Really Run Government
*The Main Purpose of Cosmic Awareness at this Time

What form of government offers maximum freedom?
*The Difference between a Republic & a Democracy
*Democracy easily controlled by the power of vote
*Our troops out of the US so that UN can come in
*Laws and more Laws: When will it ever end?
*Few Elite Mattoids have chosen to make war on masses




Object Based Education promotes NWO in schools
*Parents Must Now Teach Their Children Values
*History is Being Rewritten at This Time
Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America
*New States Constitution denies most of the freedoms
*Some Scary Parts of the New States Constitution
*Ten Federal Region Newstates
How the New World Order is taking control
No. 1: First Get Rid of Individuality
*"Political Correctness" The Mayor Tool
*Our Reptoid Creators First Tried to Make Us Slaves
*Garden of Eden Story Got Turned About After Eons
*Sirian Geneticist Allowed Man to Become Spiritual
*The Ability to Think is Now Being Programmed Out
*NWO Working Through Small Minority Groups
*Focus of Schooling Children: To Have Non Opinions
*Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Being Replaced
*NWO is actually an order based on corporate states
*On the Agenda of the New World Order: Depopulation
*Reptoids Behind NWO Would Again Makes Us Slaves
*Photon Energies May Serve as "The Rapture"

The USA is under martial law
* Federal Government in D.C. a Corporation from England
*Judicial System is Really to Protect the D.C. Corporation
*The Press Works for those Who Promote the NWO
*"Government" working for the Rothschilds
*Government's "Crime Prevention"
Global 2000 - Depopulation Program




Masons the Driving Force behind the NWO
*Changing the name of the New World Order
*Creating fear and problems as tools



What about gun confiscation & Civil War
*Gun Control will come in increments
*Government and criminals may combine

*How Gestapo tactics by government can snowball

*Lone gunman scenarios will these increase
*A world revolution will throw of the yoke

*Centuries-Old Plans Are now Culminating Today
Sinister uses of the National ID card
*Nazi Tactics being used to track Illegal aliens
*From ID card to a chip in the hand
*The Role of "Civil Servants" needs redefining
Did the NWO Plan the Drug Scene?
*Early Christian Priests used drugs
*NWO would drug the slaves of society

*Imagine 50 million people dependent on drugs
*(read more about drugs in our Galactic Overview )
The Fourth Reich is being re-Established
*The 4th Reich the new version of the 3rd Reich
*3000 Nazis Illegally into U.S. After Worlds War ll
*Mind Control Projects out of Atlantic Richfield Corp.
*"Skull & Bones Society" a Nazi Organization
*Various Scenarios How the NWO will spread
*The United nations an international bankers organization
*Kissinger's "ET Card"
*United Nations Troops are Butchers not Saviors

The Prison Slave Labor Program
*Turning prison management over to corporations
*Creating slave labor within the prisons



NWO probably delayed beyond the year 2010
*The "Book of Revelation" a Masonic Writing
*The times will follow their own directions


What can we do to Stop the NWO?
*Knowledge is Power, Spread the Knowledge
*Each person aware adds to the power of the masses

*Writings of Thomas Paine helped America win its freedom

*A war of information is occurring

You are the Founding Fathers of Future Generations
*That you think also of the freedom of your children
*Does the Proposed Health care System Pose a threat?
*The New World Order Chugs Slowly Along
*A legal way to get out of the "National Debt"


The United States of Awareness
*Governing without leaders
*The Law of Paradox
*Chaos carries with it total bliss and harmony
*The opposite of that which appears to be

*Melting into the universal chaos of universal harmony
*The only possible way for entities to survive
Why your voice today is So Important
*Altering the course of history
*The Universal Law of Leverage
*To capture the souls of humanity
Cosmic Acupuncture
*Alchemical action of draining off the polarized energy fields
*The healing is allowed to take place
Dark Force may be celebrating victory prematurely
*From the Light Forces from higher dimensions
*Planet Earth, itself, prepared for a kind of rejuvenation
*Remember that Life Force all around you
Prayer Vs Meditation-Which is the more spiritual?
*The meaning of: "I and the Father are one."
*Most spiritual action is surrendering to the Will of the Divine

*"Thy Will Be Done"
*A count of 144
The Dimensional Shift & the arrival of Nibiru (12th Planet,Wormwood)
Why the Earth will not be destroyed
*The Higher Plan of evolution on this plane
*The Earth is a living being


This Masterfile contains excerpts from the Revelation of Awareness Newsletters with Paul Shockley as the Interpreter:
(Issues nrs: 434, 404, 81-15, 418, 473, 380, 470, 428, 395, 453, Jan 1, 1976 New Year's message, 83-18, 81-21,96-11, 448, 452, 439, 430, 484, 472, 477, 347, A Cosmic History of the Illuminati part 2, 479, 371, 440, 475, 84-2, 393, 79-1, 82-10, 429, 426, 396)

We wish to express our love and gratitude to our Source of Being, our Creator who is guiding us through our eternal journey in Oneness.


We also wish to express our love and gratitude to the people of the Cosmic Awareness Communication Organization and Paul Shockle.,
For many years they have been dedicating themselves to help people to become aware Who We Really Are.
Without those human efforts this Master file document would not have been written.


From CAC:

Interpreter Paul Shockley passed over into spirit in May 9th, 2006

Paul Shockley will be sorely missed by many, but the thousands of messages from Cosmic Awareness which he channeled will live forever, will be his legacy to humanity. And thanks to the years of diligent effort by the CAC archiver Tom Krueger, these messages will be available from CAC and other sources far into the future. We'll see you later, Paul.

The present Interpreter from January 2006
The present Interpreter is Will Berlinghof, a long time associate, who was the official Tarot reader for the membership for many years. Will lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. One day while giving a Tarot reading, Will felt himself suddenly slipping into a different level and he felt a much higher energy surging through him as well as a flood of information about the entity he was doing the Tarot reading for. He wrote about this experience to Avaton, the editor of the monthly CAC newsletter Revelations of  Awareness and he suggested that Will get a couple of "energizers" and use the trancing technique information he was mailing off to him that day, and he should quickly find out if Cosmic Awareness wanted to use him as a channel. Will followed the instructions and indeed he was into the Cosmic Awareness levels and reading after reading flowed forth. CAC started publishing Will's readings in January 2006 and every month since these have been appearing in the monthly newsletter.

To whom it may concern;
We hereby wish to express also our love and gratitude to all those who are pushing humanity towards a higher level of consciousness. And you reader we wish you an inspiring journey during your Galactic flight. Peace and blessings with the light which never fails,
The Light Network team


Wake Up America!


The United States is still a British Colony
The Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction!
Book online


The Sovereign States
from Sea to Shining Sea
The flags for each of the 50 sovereign states that form the union of states
we know as the United States of America. 
By clicking on an individual flag or state name,
the official state website will open in a new browser window.

"Our Constitutional rights are under attack.
While we sleep, local and state elected officials are legislating away our freedom
by implementing federal legislation which does NOT apply -- Constitutionally -- to the several states.
The President is acting as a king -- issuing "decrees" called Executive Orders -- which we are to believe overrides the Constitution for the United States of America, bypassing the system of checks and balances. Corrupt courts prosecute on false charges, ignoring the right to due process. To what may we attribute the impending death of our once great nation and the slave status of once-free Americans? Who is to blame for her state of bankruptcy and vulnerability?
We are, by our silence. Our lack of involvement is our acquiescence."

Jackie Patru Sweet


(Keep in mind that our outside world is a mirror or reflection of our collective inner world-Ed)


"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency,
first by inflation, then by deflation,
the banks...will deprive the people of all property
until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered....
The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people,
to whom it properly belongs." --Thomas Jefferson


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The Law of Mercy is that Law which allows one to forgive all error;
to forgive equally those who err against you as you err against them.
This is to be merciful.
To be merciful is akin to the Law of Love,
and if one obeys the Law of Mercy there can be no error in the world.

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