The Mark of the Beast (Part 2)
(reading given October 11-1978)

Dark Forces led by the Ahriman Forces are attempting to
enslave this planet by working through Banking System.
Aliens attempting to bring about the "Mark of the Beast"
System as Foretold in the Book of Revelations.

Essentially, approximately 500.000 years ago, the *Galactic Confederation cordoned off six planets in the area of Orion, for they were spreading war and violence throughout inhabited planets; and these planets, over long periods of time, have continued in their struggles to conquer one planet after another.

The earth is essentially in the grips of a war between planets, and has been for 12.000 years in an intense level; and prior to that, in a less intense level, for approximately 60.000 years. These entities from those other realms have the capability of transcending, or transmuting certain vibratory rates in the electromagnetic spectrum and traveling from place to place in the universe. This relating unto that which has been termed Hades and Celestria. That those in the vibratory rates know as Celestria as being capable of extending high levels of energy to entities upon this plane for healing purposes; yet these entities are not allowed to interfere with the destiny of entities upon this plane unless requested and unless invited.

The entities from that vibratory rate know as Hades as having invaded upon this plane and having set up camps in physical levels and as having begun using entities both on the surface and beneath the surface for their purpose of conquering the Earth as well as other planets. And these entities as being among the forces which are attempting to present the controls using the computers and branding of the people for their own slaves.

It wishes entities to understand that the forces of Celestria (of Light) and the forces of Hades (Ahriman/Darkness) are not competing with each other over the human soul, but rather have an agreement with each other that those who are of a higher vibration, who seek not to be given all that which would gratify their personal lusts and greed and power desires, those who would serve others and love others, are those which, by the agreement, will be allowed to enter into those vibratory realms know as Celestria. Those who are seeking to preserve self at all costs, at the price of concern or love for others, those who seek security, who are willing to become slaves in order to survive: these entities who are willing to harm others in order to save themselves--these are the entities who will be susceptible to the branding action of those from Hades, and these entities shall indeed be given the citizenship of that area know as Hades--that vibratory rate.

That in the case of children or those who are unable to discern clearly, those who are ignorant of what is occurring, that many of these have already taken upon themselves the attitude and their particular course of movement, in terms of their soul, is that which shall be the determining factor of their fate.

System Originally Used on Tyrantor

The city of Tyre as having become a base for the Tyrantians, who began to set up their system there. In a Plain Truth magazine, an article stating that the present day system which is presently discussed--whereby the mark or number of each individual is to be tattooed upon their hand for identification, and electronic-fund-transfer being used in lieu of money--that this system was originally used in the city of Tyre--whereby entities hands were marked and they were identified in this manner, and the central bank in Tyre kept track of them and their service, their work and their earnings with this mark. This essentially has been brought from the planet of Tyrantia and its neighboring star systems to the earth, and there is the attempt at this time to implant that system upon the earth.

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