The Main Purpose of
Cosmic Awareness at this Time


This Awareness indicates it is all up to the observer as to what is important to him. This Awareness indicates that the purpose of this Awareness is to help entities become aware, to become aware of those things that are happening in their realm of reality, in their world.

And in becoming aware, to become aware of what is happening to them, the purpose of this Awareness is also to help them to better understand their own place in the world of reality in which they reside, and what they themselves need to do in order to be ready for what is the reality they witness.

This Awareness indicates that Its main message has been:

"Surrender self to Divinity!
Give up the personal agendas to follow the Agenda of the Divine.
All that is necessary is to give up self-importance and allow Divine Importance to take over"

If you find the reason for your life in a Divine Sense, then you have an agenda that serves the Divine Purpose. It is not necessarily your own personal agenda that you are following.

The Purpose of Following the Divine Agenda

This Awareness indicates that the personal agenda is generally one that satisfies the flesh. The Divine Agenda generally is one that serves the needs of many to whom you choose to obligate yourself and your energies to as an act of devotion to the Divine.

Thus, you may serve many and serve them well. It may be an act of devotion to God that motivates your service to others. This Awareness indicates in order for you to serve others and serve them well it is important for you to know what is happening in your reality, not to ignore it, not to go back to the bar to watch last week's football game, but to know who you serve, why you serve them, and why this is an act devoted to God.

This Awareness indicates that your first duties are to keep your own physical well-being so that you can be of service and do not need service from others as much as is possible, and in keeping yourself healthy.

To be able to serve others requires a certain amount of self-care, and from that self-care, building yourself to the point where you can serve others; serve those especially whom you are already obligated to; those whom you have chosen to bring into the world; those whom you have accepted as part of your life, and those into whom you have found yourself related to in such a way as to be part of your lives, so that you serve those whom you are close to.

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