Cosmic Awareness is the force that expressed Itself
through Edgar Cayce, Christ, the Buddha, Krisna, Mohammed,
and other great Avatars who served as "channels" for the
"Heavenly Father" (our Father/Mother God),
and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter
the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness.

Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully trained channels.
The information contained herein was received from deep trance states and "interpreted"
by an entity affiliated with Cosmic Awareness Communications. (C.A.C.)

This information is for those who inherit the New Age.

Awareness tells you not to believe anything,
but to question, explore,
doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth.
Cosmic Awareness only indicates and suggests.


This Awareness indicates that the Akasha is essentially spirit. It is the spirit record of the individual. It is not something that is written in some large brick building like a court house, as was described in the Edgar Cayce readings, although, for Edgar Cayce, this was the way he perceived this. It was partly for his own benefit that he perceived it in this manner. The imaging of one walking into a large building like a court house and going through the records there to read about something, was merely a convenience for his own imaging process.


In reality the Akashic Record is a storage in consciousness that is everywhere present. Just as with the DNA genetic code being present everywhere in your physical body, it could be read from any extract from your body.

It is not that there is a place somewhere in your body that you go to, or a surgeon would go to extract an Akashic Record of your own genetic code, for it is everywhere present and not some special unique spot. This Awareness indicates likewise, in consciousness, the Akashic Record exists in spirit, in what may be termed the anti-matter realm, and wherein you can enter into that consciously, you are entering into that realm which may be associated with the death experience.

It is possible for one to be on the brink between life and death, to peer into the spiritual realm, to peer into the anti-matter realm, and to see that realm enough to read things that are not discernible when fully in the physical realm. This Awareness indicates that as entities move into a sleep state they are approaching that anti-matter realm and are closer to that anti-matter realm than are those who are fully into the awakened state, that which you call consciousness. This Awareness indicates that entities who enter into these near death experiences, they are reading the Akashic Record or spirit record, reflecting and seeing their lives unfolding in a kind of a backward motion, whereby they look and see themselves in what may be likened unto a mental movie and they can quickly discern all of the mistakes and errors.


It is partly because they are looking for those mistakes and errors that they see it in this matter. They want to evaluate themselves. This Awareness indicates that essentially is the judgment; you become your own judge at the time of death; you become your own judge at the Judgment day. It is not the Divine that judges you, but rather, through the eyes of the Divine you see yourself for what you have been and you judge yourself accordingly.

This Awareness has asked you not to judge in the sense of pointing the finger of condemnation, but has asked you to discern in the sense of seeing What Is, seeing the truth of What is, and if entities can do this in physical form, they can also do this at the time of passing over, seeing themselves for what they are and what they have been without condemnation.

It becomes easier for them, especially when they have merged with the Clear Light for the Clear Light does not judge or condemn. It simply reflects truth. This Awareness indicates that in this manner, entities, seeing themselves in the light of truth, know exactly what they must in their future sojourns, and therefore, they set about to map out their future path to determine which roads they will travel, what they will do in their next incarnation, or where they will go between incarnations. Their decisions are based on their own awareness of what they need for their own greater soul growth.

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