Updates: The Dimensional Shift in 2012
(A New Twist on " The Rapture" Which is Coming)


There are a few issues that need to be updated. It has been indicated by this Awareness that in or around the year 2012 a movement into a new direction or a new dimension will occur. This appears to be a movement that begins in a more solid direction in 1995, moving toward that point of 2012, or 2013. There are many who would think of this as the time of "The Rapture."

It appears that approximately 25% of the people on earth at this time are in higher spiritual vibrations which would allow them to be raptured if this were the time for the rapture to occur, and that this 25% is growing rapidly, so that by the time of 2012 or 2013 occurs, the majority of people on this earth will be ready for that time of rapture, or the enlightenment, and the earth itself becomes the new plane of consciousness, the new spiritual home for entities.

There will be a great change in the very nature of earth itself, and most of the negative beings on earth will have been removed and placed on another planet or plane or dimension. It appears that there are numerous other channels who have picked up on this and are now giving similar information about the date of 2012.

The emphasis during the coming decade and a half (this reading was on Nov. 8 1994-Ed) will be on the spiritual vibratory increase, the increase in the frequency that entities experience in terms of their spirituality. It will become more and more common for entities moving into higher spiritual frequencies to become forces for not only healing of each other physically, but also spiritual healing for each other, so that more and more, the spiritual energies of entities upon this plane begin to supersede material interests and focus.

(Excerpt CAC Reading Nov 8, 1994 Paul Shockley Interpreter)

In the previous page it was mentioned:
"In other words, the earth itself begins to shift into two different dimensions so that Forces of Light will have their earth, and Forces of Darkness will have its earth, and the Forces of Darkness on its earth may find themselves destroying their environment, while the Forces of Light may find themselves improving their environment, and while it was originally the same earth, it will be likened unto an amoeba splitting, and one part going into a new dimension, the other part going into a lower dimension. Entities may not even realize there has been a shift, but they will recognize that things has improved considerably, or that things have really gotten a lot worse, depending on which dimension they find themselves moving toward."

We will continue expanding on this subject as Will Berlinghof, Interpreter for Cosmic Awareness gives us new information.
Please note that Cosmic Awareness now refers to Planet A as higher dimension and Planet B as lower dimension.

Will the Lost Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria Resurface Soon?

(From the Revelations of Awareness Newsletter 2007-10)

What will occur with the dimensional shift that is coming, the separation of the two planets: Planet A and Planet B, the two planets, is that the dimensional veil that now exists will be breached and therefore, Atlantis will rise again, as the whole vibrational shift occurs that will allow for the dismantling of that veil that exists between the two realities. This is seen more to occur on the Ascension planet, versus the planet that will not ascend and will stay in the dense physical energies. On that planet, Atlantis and Lemuria will not reappear, for the conditions will not be right for this to happen, but for the higher dimension planet, the higher frequencies, the rising of Atlantis and Lemuria will be an event that will occur.

More on Planet X-Will It Hit the Earth?

There will be more exposure of the Illuminati in the years ahead, but 2007 will be seen as the time that the exposure of these hidden Illuminati did indeed begin. Planet X will come close to hitting the earth and everything will be shaken. Many cataclysmic events could come about because of the close proximity of another planetary body affecting the planetary core and gravitational fields of this planet. It may cause the shaking up of both Planet A and Planet B and cause their final separation on a vibrational level...Many Light Workers will have ascended to the higher vibrational earth that will not be as profoundly impacted as the lower density planet. The Ascension process has already begun and many are already a different vibration, where they will never experience cataclysmic events...Others still on a planet that has not quite ascended may experience cataclysmic events, but this may be understood as part of the Ascension process...

Who Are The Unnaturally Black-Eyed Children & Adults?

The experiment into separation, into the dislocation of spirit from source; at this time this process is once again proceeding forward as the planet earth comes to that point of separation where the two planets can divide and move into those vibrational rates, or higher or lower frequencies. This in reference to Planet A, the Ascension Planet, and Planet B- the planet behind or below ascension...darker soulless entities, who have reached a level of great separation from the source, have appeared in a physical form that is actually discernible, but the feeling of these entities is one of soullessness, or separation from the Light. It is said the eyes are the windows to the soul, and often the Light of Spirit shines through the eyes. When that is veiled, or cloaked or hidden, as in the eyes of these black-eyed individuals, then the soul cannot be seen or sensed and experienced, and this is what this Awareness is referring to when It says these beings are soulless.

Will Those Full of Love Ascend Also?

Many will do so, but many, because they are full of love for their fellow human beings, will remain until the bitter end, will be the last to ascend. Several waves of Ascension are occurring. Some have already advanced to a higher level of vibration, where the earth they are experiencing is already different in quality to that which many still on this earthly plane are experiencing, and they will not experience the most dramatic of events because it is not their desire or destiny to do so. Others may experience them until the final wave is complete, those who have that great love and desire to help in this transition of many to that higher level of awareness and consciousness. Because of their love for humanity they may remain behind to help as many cross over and ascend as is possible, and then they may join their brothers and sisters on a planet whose spiritual vibration is high enough to support life and a process of spiritual journey toward the Light and union with spiritual purity. They will then sadly abandon the planet that is meant to stay behind in the denser energy. They will not participate in that. They will remove themselves from the Planet A at that time and join others on Planet A.

Many Aliens Plan to Ascend to Higher Spiritual Awareness

The Ascension Planet A is ready to ascend to higher spiritual awareness, and many of these extraterrestrial beings have understood this and have been driven to be a part of this process, and it is seen on that planet, with time, that the extraterrestrial forces will come forward and no longer hide themselves behind the masks, but rather will engage humanity in openness and honesty and present themselves openly, so that the planet will understand that it is part of a greater cosmos, and there are indeed those factors available that are not human but are still part of the Grand Design, and this is part of the opening that this Awareness sees as the planet moves forward in consciousness. However the planet that descends: Planet B, will continue to be below that understanding and therefore, the deceptions will continue as mankind; those who choose that experience, are dragged even deeper into that denseness of separation, the density of the third dimensional planetary influence, that third dimensional reality. This is seen as part of a greater plan, a greater design.

A Living Hell on Planet "B"

The creation of a hell upon the planet. It has always been understood that hell is here on this planet, that hell is considered truly to be that separation of spirit, separation from a spiritual understanding and awareness, and part of the evolutionary track of Planet B is a total separation from an awareness of spirit, thus creating a separation that creates hell on earth to an even greater degree than experienced now. This Awareness sees atrocities occurring in such a line of consciousness, but this too is part of the evolutionary track that certain souls will choose to experience in their own evolutionary track of soul expansion. Those who choose to experience heightened awareness, who have increased their vibrations and frequencies to such a degree will not feel the loss of loved ones in the same way, for they will be much more able to access those loved ones, whether in a physical state or not. Planet A will still have a physical component. It will still be physical in nature, but at the same time, those individuals having that experience will understanding their multidimensional natures and will be able to play in both realms, not being solely at the beck and call of physical reality and a separation from Spirit and spiritual awareness. Both will exist simultaneously and thus the physical experience on Planet A will truly be magnificent.

If Your Loved Ones Go to Planet "B"

While the focus is on the track of physical experience on Planet B, the need for interaction from those on that track will be less and less and less, and those who travel on the line of Planet A, the Ascended planet, will honor those who have a need to progress along their spiritual evolutionary track and will simply get on with their own lives, knowing that they can always connect if desired on that higher spiritual level. This may be confusing, but those beings, those souls who wish to experience an even greater experience of separation from spirit, from the multidimensional nature of consciousness, will do so in such a way that they will stay focused on the physical experience that they are having, complete with the rules of definition that will define that experience. Because this will be so, such souls will not necessarily seek to connect for a period of time with their multidimensional nature. Thus those who have moved upwards in that appreciation of their multidimensional nature will not be sought out by those who do not choose this. Even though those who have experienced Ascension could meet with those souls upon their demise in their physical lives, they will not choose to do so, for that separation will be such that the honoring of them will allow them to simply have their experience and the energetic gap will be great enough to prevent an interaction of consciousness.

If Your Loved Ones Go to Planet "B"

Death? missing? An Empty house for some, a departure from this physical plane as they ascend or move on or move to another state, will be seen as a physical death. For those who have such an experience, such a loss, there is a deeper reason why this will be so. Those who physically die off need to totally separate themselves, their consciousness, for they have chosen to go down a line where they are separating themselves more from their spiritual source, at least separating on that physical horizontal line of experience. It may be that one might experience the loss of a loved one, an acquaintance in a physical manner, a death. What will be much more prevalent however is that people will simply not be part of one\'s life anymore. A separation will occur without any realization that there is any loss, or separation. People will simply not be part of of your life any longer and there will not even be a thought to this, for as separation grows greater between the two planets: Planet A and Planet B, the sense of other individuals will diminish, especially for those who continue along that line of physical experience that will define the experiential line of Planet B. Those who have reached a higher level of Ascension may certainly at the beginning be aware that certain individuals that were once part of their lives chose to move in another direction. They will acknowledge and understand that even if it is a physical death that separates them, their consciousness, their Higher Selves still does exist and is accessible to them if there is a need.

Planet A Will Move into The 4th & 5th Dimensions

Those who are on the ascended level of consciousness have a greater awareness to what is possible. They are not quite as confined to a physical reality, but upon Ascension, the existence of the planet will still be largely physical. Those beings who choose to reincarnate on Planet A will also have a physical existence. It is more though that they will not be as confined to physicality the same way as it is experienced in the 3rd dimension. The Ascension process will move the planet beyond a 3rd dimension into that which is the 4th/5th dimension: a variance of the two. The physicality that is experienced there will be much looser, will not be as constricting or as dense as it currently is or as it will become upon that which is Planet B, and that line of evolution. Even as consciousness progresses along the timeline or the line of consciousness that will become Planet A, there will be a greater realization as times goes on, of the spiritual quality of consciousness, and thus a gradual moving away from physicality altogether.

Those Going to Planet "B": How Will We Know If They Died or Not?

This is an intriguing question which occupies many minds, for it also involves a sense of loss of those who are loved ones in a current lifetime, and even a fear that perhaps they will not be able to reconnect with those loved ones. There is a state of consciousness that lies beyond the physical, which lies beyond even the process of Ascension. Thus it is that loved ones and those who are part of the group soul that an individual may stem from, will always be available to them. The union that occurs within the fabric of the soul matrix will reunite always, not matter if an individual is progressing along that timeline known as Planet B or even Planet A. The experience of separation is such that in order to become totally focused on one line or the other, it may be required by the individual having the experience of consciousness along that line, to forget others who are held as loved and cherished in another lifetime, so that they can be focused onto the physical existence and experiences of that physical existence. The timeline referred to as Planet B will become more focused on the physical, and even digress in consciousness and the spiritual,that which is the state of existence and consciousness lying beyond the physical. Thus it may be that all that is focused upon in the physical experience of the timeline of Planet B will be total physicality with no sense of connection to that which is Spirit, or spiritual, that which is of a higher level of consciousness.

12 Strands for Those who Choose Planet A

Those who exist on either Planet A or B will have altered so that they can exist physically on the new planets. Those who choose to go towards the higher level of consciousness of Planet A, will find their genetic structure has altered to a higher frequency and will allow a greater number of those 12 strands of genetic material to be used and opened.That is part of the genetic shift that is occurring at this time. Those who choose not to raise their vibrations will actually shut down and part of the genetic code that will be needed to function on a much denser plane will be lost, or at least shut off. It is known that only 2 of the 12 strands have currently been used by mankind over the last several thousand years. It is seen that this will be reduced down to one strand for those who stay on that planetary consciousness known as Planet B. It is a shutting down, a damping down,a dumbing down that will occur. However, those who have chosen the Ascension process, or are part of the Ascension, whether they recognize their choice in this matter or not, will have an expansion of the genetic material, the DNA strands, an opening up once again of those strands that were once fully functional, and this will be part of that shift in consciousness toward the higher vibrational frequencies.

The Change of Our DNA?

The DNA structure of individuals is changing, whether they wish it so or not, for the vibrations of the Planet A are changing. Some will be able to go further and deeper as their own frequencies increase, but all human beings will see a change of the DNA structure, for it is part of that which is occurring at this time, part of the natural evolutionary process...this concerning the Ascension,Planet A and Planet B, which is behind or below Ascension. Both will have altered frequency and vibration, and to exist on either of those will entail a changing of the genetic DNA structure that is in existence at this time. The DNA structural change has been underway for several years already and will continue on until that divisional point occurs and the two planets come into existence, fully and completely.

The Scenario For Those Who Ascend on Planet A

For those who are part of the Ascension process...some will have an acute understanding and awareness of what is occurring for there will be those who are advanced in the process themselves who, because of their nature and their roles and their purpose, have been working with the Ascension process more consciously than some others. For those who are aware of what is occurring, there may occur events where those who are not moving forward will truly disappear in front of their eyes, but they will know why this is occurring and they will understand that what is occurring is that those who cannot hold the frequency and vibration and advance, that vibration and frequency will begin to slow down until they simply disappear. There will be an acceleration as the event draws nearer and that acceleration will cause the accelerated vibrational rate.

Where Will Earth "A" Go After Ascension?

It will go nowhere to establish its own space, for it will be in its own space already and needs not go anywhere.What is needed is the revision of the thought process around the \"going somewhere\"...It simply needs to vibrate at a different level. It will then be somewhere else. As a parallel example, there is a room that appears to be empty. There is no one else in the room, and yet at the very instant an individual is in the room, there are other beings in that room also, beings that are vibrating at a different rate, who may or may not be aware of the individual already occupying the room. Simply because one is not aware of others in the room because they are at a different vibrational rate does not mean that they are not occupying the same space at the same time. They have not had to go anywhere, they are simply in that space, just as other vibrations are in the space, as X-rays, gamma rays, television rays and radio waves or vibrations and frequencies all are in the room at the same time the individual is in that room. Therefore, the space that the individual occupies is hardly an empty space, even if he or she does not perceive the other individuals, the other frequencies that are also in that space at the same time. Thus it will be with both planets. Planet A and Planet B's frequencies will change. They will occupy, in a manner of speaking, the same space, but it will not be at the physical level. Planet A will lift itself beyond the physical, creating a new form of physicality at a different vibration or frequency. They will no longer intersect to any degree; their frequencies and vibrations being so different that they no longer have an interface together as they currently do, but in a manner of speaking, they still will be in the same space.

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