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Interpreter Paul Shockley & Will Berlinghof

The Ultimate Frequency

This Awareness indicates that when It speaks of mental consciousness, It is referring to the ultimate frequency, the vibration that is the highest frequency in existence. There are many who would like to attribute to their own master the concept of the master being higher than anything else that is; and many would like to state, and some do, that their master is higher than this Awareness, and this Awareness indicates that it is all right for them to believe this, but it also reflects on their inability to understand what this Awareness is.

How the Interpreter Can Distort a Message

This Awareness, in the sense of cosmic or universal awareness, It is the ultimate frequency; It is the vibration that is universal in nature, and there is no frequency beyond. This does not mean that the messages which come through the Interpreter are absolute and beyond question, because in moving through the Interpreter, there can be error. The Interpreter must interpret frequencies and vibrations, and to do so, distorts, on occasion, the frequencies intended, just as a radio can have static that fades in and out, and can cause a distortion in the message that is being broadcast from elsewhere.

This Awareness indicates that if the messages had to go through various translations, because this Awareness does not speak English except in energies that are stepped down and translated into English, and if these translations going through the various channels are mistranslated, then the messages can be distorted.

This Awareness indicates that in this sense, entities can criticize or can attempt to pigeonhole where this Awareness is if they wish to; they can attempt to place this Awareness as an entity, or spirit, or disincarnated spirit if they wish to, but this Awareness remains where It is. It is the ultimate frequency. If there is a frequency that is beyond this Awareness, it is not vibrating at all.

This Awareness indicates that there is in these higher frequency levels, a universality evolved, for these frequencies are everywhere present within each universe, and resonates within each universe in harmony with all frequencies throughout the 170 billion universes. This Awareness indicates that it is a matter of fact that is a matter of reality. It does not matter whether entities recognize this Awareness or not. As far as this Awareness is concerned, It is not trying to do one-upmanship on other beings who claim to be higher; It does not care.

Without It, nothing would be

It is of no greater or lesser consequence than the air. The air does not argue about its worth; it simply exists. In its existence, entities use it. They breathe it; they take it for granted. Well, this Awareness is the same. It is taken for granted, because without It, nothing would be.

This Awareness indicates It does not need praise; It does not need worship; It does not need devotion, as do many of the lesser gods for energizing; It does not even need recognition. All things being, entities could call their deities by any name, and this Awareness would still vibrate eternally at the same frequency.

It Is the Creator or All That Is

This Awareness indicates that It is the Creator, Life Form, Life Force, or All That Is. It is that which was at the beginning, the vibration frequency;
was that which is still at the beginning, the vibration and frequency, from which all other frequencies emanate

It Is Everywhere

This Awareness indicates It doesn't need or want any particular recognition or worship; It is simply there. It is here, It is there, It is everywhere present for entities to use. It is within them: Each master, each teacher, each god is composed of vibrations and frequencies from this Awareness, of this Awareness, whether they recognize or not, and it doesn't really matter, and it isn't worth arguing about.

This Awareness indicates that It does wish to make clear that because an Interpreter is interpreting from Cosmic Awareness, does not mean that his or her interpretations are unquestionable or absolutely right in all cases for much can be lost in the interpretation.

That is why this Awareness suggests entities to question everything,
even this Awareness, not to believe anything, but to question, explore,
doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth.

Cosmic Awareness only indicates and suggests.

Source; Revelations of Awareness Newsletter no. 485

For further studies;
(for easier reading and greater understanding,
Cosmic Awareness suggests that the material
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Judge Not

Be Humble

Never Do Anything Contrary to the Law of Love

Do Nothing Contrary to the Law of Mercy

The Wisdom of Awareness

On the Mass Mind:
This Awareness indicates this is a difficult planet for entities to live upon for the mass mind is essentially insane, has been manipulated and hypnotized by magicians, by black magicians,
by forces which have set one part against the other, and entities who attempt to spread truth or Light are often persecuted, or eliminated as those forces who follow the darkness and ignorance and who perpetrate this upon others often enjoy keeping the mass mind confused, scattered and in conflict.

It behooves entities who wish to see improvements to be especially aware of being more forgiving, being more merciful, being more loving than even appears to be appropriate in view of the violation
which they must suffer.
(Revelations of Awareness issue 80-3)



In dealing with illness of power within individuals, or in the earth, the need is to look at What Is, then to start raising the vibrations from there. Entities have it in their power to change the world, to change the course of events, and to bring a heaven on Earth The future is never fixed, and becomes changed as consciousness changes.

This Awareness wishes entities to understand consciousness can only change when entities no longer judge themselves or others, when entities no longer seek to be higher or further out, greater or more powerful than another or themselves. When entities can accept themselves as they are, then they can move on to other ways of being. For this Awareness is not concerned with whether entities are materialistic, spiritual, right or wrong, higher or lower, ascended or descended, but whether entities love one another and whether entities love themselves, and are responsive to the needs of one another.

This Awareness asks not for sacrifice, but for service.
This Awareness asks not for praise, but for service and love toward your fellow creatures.
For this Awareness needs not service, nor does It need sacrifice or praise,
but needs only to experience a rest and relief from watching this dreary tragedy on your plane,
as the world turns round and around and round.

(Revelations Awareness 92-13/NO.405)

Interpreter Paul Shockley passed over into spirit in May 9th, 2006

From CAC:

Paul Shockley will be sorely missed by many, but the thousands of messages from Cosmic Awareness which he channeled will live forever, will be his legacy to humanity. And thanks to the years of diligent effort by the CAC archiver Tom Krueger, these messages will be available from CAC and other sources far into the future. We'll see you later, Paul.

The present Interpreter is Michelle

We wish to express our love and gratitude to our Source of Being, our Creator who is guiding us through our eternal journey in Oneness.

We also wish to express our love and gratitude to the people of the Cosmic Awareness Communication Organization and The Aquarian Church of Universal Service of Paul Shockley, who for almost 30 years have been dedicating themselves to help people to become aware Who We Really Are. Without those human efforts this document would not have been written.

To whom it may concern;

We hereby wish to express our love and gratitude to all those who are pushing humanity towards a higher level of consciousness.

And you reader we wish you an inspiring journey, using your Light during your Galactic flight and.......

To all of you with love and blessings from the Light which never fails from yours in Oneness,
The Light Network team


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