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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: This is a day to remember for all time to come, as it shall herald the New Day. It shall bring with it a New Order, for mankind shall no longer worship "idols", such as they have made of me. They have made images of me and bowed down before these, knowing me not. I have called upon them, "Awaken...Awaken...Awaken..." and they have not heard or moved out of their trance. They move about as ones dead on their feet. They deny me mine name (Sananda).

They cling unto that of yesterday, as though they knew me then...which, for the most part, they call me by a name given unto me by man of little knowledge of me at any period of time. These ones which cling so tenaciously unto the name of "Jesus" hast not a fragment of true knowledge of me as I Am. They cling unto the written word, so many times translated from a poor translation. Many times over have they changed these poor translations as they imaged or thought they should be...thus causing much confusion, and division of opinions and preconceived ideas of and about me and mine teaching.

Some have deliberately changed these words to further their ambitions, to hold fast their subjects. These I see as traitors unto themself, for they have turned me away as the imposter, knowing not that I am come to bring them out of the dream state, the illusion which they have taken unto themself as "Truth Immaculate".

These call mine servants which know me and obey mine mandates ( see Obedience unto the Laws), "fools and hypocrites", ofttimes giving unto them the bitter cup. Now I say unto one and all, this shall be a condition which shall not exist in this New Day, for I shall prove mineself and justify mine servants tried and true, for they shall be caught up with me. For this I have provided them a place wherein they shall be made whole and know even as I For that am I sent to gather these ones which hast been unto their calling true.

It is written, and correctly, that their reward shall be great indeed. They shall be given their inheritance in full, as the "Father" hast willed. So be it and Selah.

* * * * *



Sori Sori: I am now speaking unto thee for the good of all. There comes unto thee these ones which know but little of mine way, mine "method of operation". I am now speaking as one of their kind that there be no barriers between us. It is now come that I shall break these barriers which hast long existed between us. This has been the way of the priesthood, to hold in bondage the populace, that they hold sway of power over the ones asking for light. These of many minds, many ideas, opinions and intent, have taken mine words, mine work of the Age past, yea Ages, and used it to build great and impressive Cathedrals, Temples, Synagogues, and places wherein they pray unto their unkown "gods"...not knowing me or remembering that which I have given unto thee in the light of mine Father which hast sent me unto these, which have lost their way among the many various methods they have encountered in their many cycles of going in and out of mortal form.

Through the denseness of the many planes of the higher world they have come and gone, remembering little or nothing of their everlasting being, or their Eternal Being, or their oneness with the Source of Being, which makes of all men brothers. These are the ones bound..."Bound I say! Hoodwinked are they!

I am now come this day with the intent, the Will and the Authority, to bring light unto them for to break loose the ties that bind them to the fog-mist wherein they have labored, wondered, and wandered long in darkness. Now I come in the time of great and sudden changes, crying "AWAKEN"! Come!...Come!...Come up higher!"

Unto them was it given (in the time of going into mortal bondage as mankind) the gift of "Free Will". This is a Law which we of the Host of the lighted ones honor and obey. Yet we are bound by the Law of the One (which is Love of All...of our Source in which we live and have our being) to give of our love and assistance and wisdom as ones which know the Law of the we see the over-all, the whole of the way, of the eternal journey thru the cosmos. While it is not given unto mortality to understand the plan fashioned for his return into the light from which he descended into mortal denseness, he hast fallen asleep in his forgetfulness.
For this I am come, crying, Awaken ! Awaken!

It is mine intent that all might hear and respond unto the call, yet as ye, man, count time, there is no time to wait or loose. The time of great and sudden changes is upon thee, the populace. Have ye seen or heard? Have ye slept? The time is upon all flesh to be as changed! These changes shall come about in the twinkling of an eye, according unto that which each one hast fashioned unto self. It is written that no man is responsible unto another, yet this is not understood by the laggard, the sleeper.

The whole totality is within the Law of the One...Each one is but a part of the "One Source", from which he, as self, cannot be separated...while he can, if he wills, go to sleep. While he is eternally bound to return unto his Source, understand that this is (only) as one is prepared and willing to arise and learn of his inheritance, his Source! None are brought by force!

While we of the great army of light are presenting ourself as One, of one mind and intent...that of showing unto all of mankind the way he shall go forward into the light of the New Day. I am the wayshower. I lead...I do not push! I give the Law, I show the Law. I show the way, and say "Come, I know the way!"

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