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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



The time is now come when ye shall give unto the world of man that which I shall give unto thee for them...and it shall profit them and ye shall be blest, so be it and selah. When thou hast given it to them they shall be as ones which received it, and they shall be responsible for that they do with it...then thine responsibility ends with the giving of the word unto them. By mine hand shall I give unto thee for them, and they shall receive it in mine name.

So be it that I say unto them which have ears to hear and a mind to learn, that I am come into the world of dense matter that it might be lifted, that it bring forth greater light...that all the atomic structure of the earth be lifted, that each and every being within the physical realm might be quickened and restored unto their original estate...that each might come to know the Source of his being and the power within.

Now, ye which hold within thine hand these mine words shall ponder them well, and ye shall do that which the Law requires of thee. And ye shall have no malice within thine heart, no false concept of me, and ye shall be as ones assisted in thine quest for knowledge. For there is a mighty host sent forth to assist thee and they are well prepared, for they have been prepared for long eons of time. They have waited this day when they might step forth and make known themself, for they have within their hand the power to bring unto thee great light such as thou hast not known.

Now ye shall see great progress, and ye shall know that thou art not alone, for I say unto thee, the great and the mighty walketh with thee. Thou art not alone, for for they, thine guardians keep watch over the blessed Terra and the inhabitants thereof. They sleep not, for they need not sleep, for they are alert and they are not bound in the gross matter of the physical flesh, yet they can and do lower their light that they do appear to be gross of body, even as thou hast or doth appear. Ye have but to raise thine own light to see these ones which draw nigh thee this day, and they shall await thine acceptance, thine preparation. And when it comes that thou art prepared to receive them, then they open up the door and they step through that ye might know them, that ye might counsel with them.

I say unto thee, fear not, for thou art Sons of God and He hast not forsaken thee. Ask of him comprehension, knowing that ye shall receive. It is now come when great shall be the revelation unto man, of man and the wonders of heaven. I say unto thee, "The Wonders of Heaven". The wonders of heaven shall no longer mystify thee, for the Father hast willed that thou taketh upon thineself the whole armor of God and arise above the animal state. And know ye this...that thou art divine in thine origin, and thou art the Sons of God which hast fallen asleep within the world of dankness and gross matter.

I say unto thee, thou shall become alert and ye shall arise from thine sleep and walk upright. No longer shall the Earth hold thee in bondage... No longer shall she give unto the laggards footing...No longer shall the forces of darkness hold the sons of God bound...for I say unto them, thine time is now come when thou shall be freed from bondage.

Let no man tell thee that it is thine lot to be cast out without hope. Hope is the poor part, for to KNOW is thine salvation. The Law is not a strange and vague is most positive and exacting. It is the Law by which the Mighty Ones live and work...and work is our joy, for we are One with the Law, therefore, we weary not. Therefore we would that like that ye too become One with us and know whereof I speak, that ye might know even as I know.

Now, know ye this: "I am not of the dead...I am not a discarnate/disembodied spirit. I am the Son of God, which hast given of mineself that ye might overcome the grossness of matter, the dense matter which weights heavily upon thee.

Now ye shall ask for assistance, for thine knowledge is not sufficient unto that which shall be done. It is necessary to ask for assistance, and be ye as one prepared to receive it. Yet, I say unto thee, ask of no man, for it is given unto them to be opinionated...and they too are bound by them (their opinions), they too are bound. Ask for the Father...and He shall give unto as thou art prepared to receive.

Let thine heart be pure, thine mind be the mind which is in me. Let thine hands be clean and owe ye no man a farthing, for I say unto thee, thou shall free thineself of all ties which bin thee. Ye shall fist seek the Kingdom of Heaven, then all things shall be added.

While I say unto thee: "First seek ye the Kingdom, then all things shall be added", I too say, that ye shall not run hither and yon seeking after saints, prophets, seers, and wonders of their making. Ye shall be unto thineself true and steadfast upon the Rock which I AM. Ye shall dispatch thine duties with love and gladness, and ye shall no run away into hiding, for ye shall be within the place wherein thou art prepared for thine next shall be found and prepared. Ye shall know that ye are servants of God the Father, and know ye that I Am the Lord God sent that ye be found and prepared, for it is so!

So be it I am Sananda



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