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For The Will to Receive It


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


For the will to receive it

Sori Sori: With mine own hand I shall bless thee this day, and ye shall give unto me thine hand and we shall give forth a part unto the ones which have a will to awaken. These then shall arise from their sleep state and listen, hear, and obey that what I shall say unto them.

For their own sake they shall learn of me the law of their Order. They shall learn that they are responsible for that which they do with that which I bring unto them this day, this "New day". These which listen and follow mine precepts, mine mandates, shall be as ones wise, for they shall be brought out before the day of great stress.

I have called; I have given signs and wonders; I have spoken unto them in their dreams that they remember that which I have said or caused to be done. I have given unto them a new Law, a new Order wherein they might come forth as one free, one clean and whole.

It is now come that there shall be great provisions made for every living being within the Earth to come into the realm of light as ones made new. They shall, for the new dispensation, arise and scuff off their lethargy, cleans themself of all their hypocrisy, hatred, prejudice, their lust in any manner, pride/bigotry/deceit. They shall stand as one alone before the judgment bar, and they shall be their own judge. None other shall judge him/her. For he, each entity, be he male or female, shall be weighed upon the scale of justice. Heshe shall read and know that which he/she hast done or sowed...what his worth might be. When he/she hast sowed unto the wind, he/she shall find the chaff of his harvest.

He/she shall be his/her own judge of his own harvest. The responsibility is his/her...His/her alone! For this is the price he/she paid for the great and only gift that he/she wast given in the beginning which he/she could call hi/hers own...for it was a "free will" gift of/from the Source, and his/her sole responsibility.

Now the day of reaping sifting and sorting is come, when great is the light being shed upon mankind that he/she be freed from the bounds of earth. With this freedom he/she shall arise as one on wings. So great shall be his/her power, his/her light, that he/she shall be as free from the attraction of the moon, and he/she shall know himself to be free to go and come as a free being, as one come into his heritage. He/she shall then see as I see. As I, he shall know his "Source", and be as one which is filled with love...Love, which shall be his complete and only nature.

I speak unto all mankind, for this is the new day in which each and every living man or woman, every "Soul", shall be called for an accounting...for it is be said, and rightly so, it is the time of sifting and sorting. I ask of thee, "Children of Earth", Awaken! Listen unto that which I say unto thee for thee well being, for this is mine mission unto the planet earth at this time. Form ye no false images of me, neither make ye a false idol of me, for I come as one free of all bonds, as one sent of mine Father. Yet, I come of mine own free will...for the love I bear for thee as mine brothers all, I come. I bring with me a Host of lighted beings which are free, even as I. We come as one body, of/with one mind, one intent...that of giving unto thee, man of Earth, that which is rightfully thine by inheritance, willed unto thee in thine beginning as his Sons. The free will is thine passport.

Art thou aware of thine divine inheritance? Dost thou calculate that gift as one no man can take from thee? How hast thou used this precious gift? I ask of thee an answer, How hast ye used this gift of free will? What shall thy answer be when ye stand before the great mirror where ye shall see thine self as ye really are, as ones bound in flesh?

Make ye no false opinions, for I tell thee, ye shall see thine self as ye have created thine own "Self", yet that self ye have created in thine sojourn in the shadow world shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Either for light or dark, as ye have created, so shall it be! It is the law!

Yet it is now come when the Host of Light hast come to awaken thee. We are offering thee that is rightly thine for the will to receive it. The conditions in which this shall be done hast been clearly stated, clearly written. Every living creature shall be considered and weighed, and receive his reward as he hast laid up. As his harvest, he shall reap the reward of his sowing.

Yet, provision is now made for thine immunity. This new dispensation hast shortened the time of thine sojourn within the Earth. While there is preparation for the sifting and sorting, each one, be he/she of his own specie, shall be put into the place in which he/she is prepared to go. Be it as he/she hast prepared for himself, for he/she, each one, is solely responsible for himself...none other! There is no such law that another can bring thee out of bondage against thine own will.

Be ye alert! Ask! Prepared to receive, and heed that which is said unto thee in a multitude of ways. For this have I given unto mine prophets and prophetesses the power to bring the word unto thee in many and sundry ways.


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