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Ye have not been told the whole story


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


Ye have not been told the whole story

CCC: for this hour let us give unto them this word: It is expedient that each and every one give attention unto the sky, for it is time to change when there shall be a great light appear which hast never been seen before. (Read the file The White Star of the East) This shall be the forerunner of the coming of the fleet, which shall be as the first of it's kind. It shall be as a trial run, shall we say.

At no time shall ye be as ones fearful, for as hast been told before; we of the "Light" find it necessary that each one be responsible for himself, for none can do for thee that which ye must do for thine own self. While ye of Earth hast been told many things concerning us of the "Light Forces", ye have not been given the true story, the whole story, neither hast ye been prepared to receive us. It is now time that ye become as one sober, and be as ones alert as to the part ye shall play in this, the "Greatest Show On Earth".

Now, be ye apprised of this action which shall be taken on behalf of all mankind. It hast been said many times that the populace is not prepared to receive us, the "Host of Light". We tell thee for surety, it is thy deliverance. When hast thou been deceived by the light which hast been thine sustainer, thine creation? How think ye...that ye have been alone in all thine going out and coming in? We, and we alone, hast been thine keepers from total destruction!

Be ye as ones to listen and heed that which shall come forth from us of the Forces of Light. Ye have listened unto the opposition, now it is time that We speak, and act in a manner befitting our station. We come as "One", in great company, as a Host of Light - sent of the All Mighty Creator, sustainer of Life/Light, which hast kept thee for this day...the Day of deliverance. Nothing which is of Light shall harm thee...rather, it is thine Shield and Buckler. In the Light ye hast thine being...thine only sure safety.

Our mission is one of love and mercy and no man shall stay our hand, for it is given unto us to be One, as one of purpose and intent...that of delivering mankind. The firmaments are as an open book unto us and we read that which is written therein.

It is nigh time that each and every one be about his own business of preparation, sober and cleansing out himself, and giving credit where credit is due. I ask of thee, man of "Terra", how think ye have been sustained? What hast thou contributed unto thine future existence? Think ye that ye are as a leaf falling from the tree to fall to the ground and be burned?

O, man, could ye but see as we see! We see the days ahead as glorious and free, as the promise of total knowledge of thine Being...What a glorious gift! This is the gift we offer unto thee. It is thine gift by Divine have but to accept it in love.

We say unto one and all: Be ye at peace; prepare thineself to accept us as thine Elder Brothers. And there shall be no mistakes as to who we are, for there is no fools or impostors within the Host of Light. we come in might and love, to bring thee out before the great day of sorrow. Be ye at peace and listen, for ye shall hear the call. Be ye not caught off guard. We come in Love. I am Cumni


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