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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


For those of you who have not read the book recorded by Sister Thedra, entitled "The White Star Of The East", the following excerpts:


"That which was spoken in the days of the great plagues of the Earth are as naught today.
The firmaments shall declare a New Order, which shall be given within the Heavens as a promise of thine freedom. This shall be manifest within thine sky as a gleaming white Star.

It shall move from east to west at the speed of a star, yet it shall have the appearance of a Sun.
It shall cast it's radiance upon all the earth as no other heavenly body.
There shall be great confusion within the men of science, for they which have thought themself wise shall be at a loss to explain this wonder, for they have not foreseen the coming of such a body of light.
This we would have them know...that there is nothing to fear.

It is The Star of Deliverance, sent of the Father.
This, The White Star of the East, shall go before the host now, as it did so long ago when the child was born in Bethlehem. Wast it not foretold? It shall be called "The White Star of the East", and the name shall indicate the abiding place of the Host which has come as One with me for to fulfill my plan.

By the time of this lights appearance, ye of this knowledge shall be as one prepared to go forth
as mine emissary unto them which are of a mind to follow this White Star.
These shall be as the ones to learn of the Lighted Ones which are ready to receive them"

..."Give ye heed unto that which is said unto thee, yet be ye not so foolish as to run hither and yon preaching or expounding thine own "opinions", for it is a great responsibility which could be thine downfall. We would have thee prepared by and through us of the light before ye go out as an emissary. For this we have prepared a place (a school) for such learning. It is as a "place", not an imaginary idea of a fiction writer. We are speaking simply in such a way that each and every one come to know that we ARE of good intent, and that is their deliverance. So let it be".

"Now that it is so recorded, let them which discover this White Star take note that it is so recorded within this day of so-called miracles. For there shall come from the heavens a great cloud of ships which have no wings, no "smoke towers", no fumes, no poison. These shall be as the promise of the ages past. "The heavens shall declare the glory of God". So be it! Amen." "Too, we have said, fear not, for "The Star" shall be thine deliverance. Be ye appraised of this and give ye thanks for thine knowing, for it shall be thine deliverance.

..There is now a school prepared to receive them for the purpose of enlightening these ones which will have the will to awaken unto their heritage. This school will be within the place which is designed to the Earth, yet it is not upon the Earth. It is as a school of light: therein is no darkness. There shall come forth a new school of revelation, things which are beyond mans imagination. This shall upset all this theories and preconditioned ideas. This shall be the beginning of the "New Day"

.."Ye may ask, where is this place" I say unto one and all: It is not known unto man of Earth. Ye find this place not by man's means. Only thine record, if clear of any darkness, shall be sufficient unto thine entrance".

...Before man shall glimpse the glory of this place which I have referred to as a school, he first has to give unto the Source of his Being recognition that he is a Being brought forth through the Great Creator (the Father), as ONE with Him, made manifest in the material world, and destines to go forth to know himself and his Oneness with his Source. In his experiences man has forgotten his Source, and for that he has wandered and wondered much from whence he came and whiter he shall go. So be it he hast fallen from grace to become a lost being. He is lost, and for his forgetfulness is his bound unto materiality. Knowing not his origin, he has lost his way back unto his rightful place from which he went forth... forgetting his inheritance, his true birthright.

...For this we offer ourself that there be greater light within the world of man, that all darkness be no more, that there may be peace within the place wherein mankind shall be placed when the hour strikes, for Mother Earth shall be evacuated. This hast been referred to...have ye remembered that which hast been said as a warning? Did ye take note? Are thou prepared to go forth as one prepared to enter into the school of which is prepared on behalf of the children of Earth?

...Now that it is so recorded, let them which discover this White Star take note that it is so recorded within this day of so-called miracles. I say it is the greatest project which hast been brought into manifestation. Ye can not even imagine the magnitude of such is brought forth in love and mercy that there be light in the days of darkness. This shall be as a continual effort until every living creature is removed from the planet upon which ye now have footing.

(Added note: Just before Sister Thedra's passing it was hinted that the appearance of the White Star might take place in the year 2000+)
-end excerpt-

In reading these excerpts we begin to understand why many now scoff at such things will soon be shaken from their lethargy, and many will begin to reach out and embrace this greater Light. It also becomes clear that only those who stubbornly and willfully cling to the ignorance and darkness of the past will fail to respond to the Great Light which will flood the earth.

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