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From the newsletter 53 "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara




Sori Sori: The time is at hand when there shall be a gathering in of the ones prepared to enter into this place wherein we have come and prepared for them which shall be brought in. These are the ones which have proven themself worthy, which have followed the precepts and commandments of this Order of which I am the head.

Now, when the last one has been brought in, there shall be a portion which shall be released unto the remaining company which was not prepared to enter this place. Now, let it be said, this portion given unto them which have not entered this place shall have the lesser portion, for they have not the strength of character to enter into this school. I say "School", for this is a training school such as the ones which are yet in the outer school has not dreamed of...yet they which are in the outer school shall go through a swift and mighty training in a very short while of Earth time.

It hast been said many times, "Time is ye up and about the "Father's business". While many have laughed at the workers of light...have ye not heard of it? Have ye not seen it? These which laugh and mock shall cry out, for they shall find they have chosen the poor part.

Give unto me credit for being that which I AM. There are none which shall call me a liar and a rogue. There is now a weighing, a balancing, a sifting and sorting, which shall be for the great harvest which is now being brought in. This is which ye cherish as truth. Ye shall find therein many things ye have not understood...the language mayhaps be different...the message the same and sufficing.

Few understand that which I am saying this day. Hast thou heard what I have said, or have ye ridiculed mine people, which hast been mine hand made manifest that ye have that which hast been written, that ye be prepared for this day of deliverance? Yea, this is the day long foretold.

Where do I find thee this day? In what place hast thou dwelt? Hast thou made thine bed one of blessed rest, or one of shame and sorrow? Hast thou given of thine self that some forgotten starving child be comforted, fed and clothed and loved? Pray ye for them which cry out in pain and suffer for the love of a parent which has lost a child, knowing not that there is no death.

Have ye comforted the sick, the dying. Hast thine heart been pure in that which ye have taught thine children, thy wards...what of them? Have ye nourished, nurtured them as thine own? Blest art they which can answer, "Yea, Lord, I have."

This I would ask of thee, " Hast thou destroyed (by abortion) one of my little ones which had not the time to breath the breath of life? I say unto thee, there shall come a time when ye shall see that one so aborted face to face. Ye think, "It is done..finished?" Nay! Nay! For ye have not reckoned with the Law of Life. O ye physicians, Awake! Awake! Think ye are wise? Wherein have ye been schooled? The pity of it! We see thee as ones moving amongst a great black horde of entities which overshadow thee in thy dark deeds. I say ye are in the pit...the darkness which consumes thine being. There is no light from or within the places wherein the practices of death are common and of the darkness. There's a huge black cloud of despair which hangs about these places of abortion.

Yea, the huge crowds which cry for their freedom to abort...what of them, ye may ask. They know not that which they do, the pity of it. They are within the grasp of the greatest of traitors, the one which brings death and sorrow unto these kind which are willingly following him. He is the prince of darkness. I hear them say, "Who's that"?, and with a sneer go their willful way. Sorrow follows is the Law.

Behold ye the Law at work. See the hand of God, the Cause of thine being, move... it is sure and swift! Behold ye the day of reckoning, for it comes swiftly.

* * *

The meaning of "Lord: "As Man, we too are now going through our time of development, coming to understand our own Oneness with the Source... yet it was through him, the Creator Son, that the entity called "Man" was brought into manifestation.... therefore he is called "The Lord God, for he is "Lord" of, and responsible for, that which he has brought forth. And although we ALL (The Father, The Son, and The Creation) know life because of the "Source" itself, yet it is the individual "spirits" which are The Father and The Son who seek to guide us in our development as Man, in our upward ascent."




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