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From the newsletters "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Behold the dawn of the new day and see that which shall be done. And I say unto thee, this day I shall justify mine people, for they shall not be sacrificed. They which have gone before me to prepare the way before me shall be blest of me and by me, and no man shall say it is given unto me to forget mine servants. I say, I shall remember them and they shall be glad for their part.

Yet, I say they have suffered, and they have given of themself that this day might bring forth great fruit. While it has been a long and hard way, it shall have its ending, and its reward shall be a glorious one. For I say unto thee, the time is now come when they which have suffered for the sake of knowledge and justice shall be known as the "defenders", and they shall be a people set apart. They shall be given a a part separate from all others, for they shall go first into the new fields, an they shall blaze the trails of unknown knowledge... that is, they shall prepare the people to receive this new knowledge, which shall be unto them sufficient unto the day.

Each one shall be prepared for a part, yet the "defenders" shall bring forth a new science, and a new trend of thought, and a new fortune unto man. For it is now come when this present scientific data shall be obsolete, and he shall wonder at this, for he shall be a s a child which has grown up and yet holds within his hands his toys... clutching unto himself the childish toy which he has outgrown. I say, so suddenly shall he grow up that he shall wonder at his progress and his outmoded toys which he clutches unto himself, for he shall surely find them obsolete in the face of his new discoveries.

I say, he shall be mystified, and he shall be as one which has not been prepared to receive the new science. He shall have no need for his present books, papers or his degrees, or his many inventions which he has labored so long to bring forth. For they shall be as square pegs in round holes.... they simply will not fit into the new pattern.

I say, there is a plan, a design, for man's awakening. And he shall be awakened... may I say, very abruptly! It shall be, and he shall be as one surprised, if not shocked. So be it that the governments of all the lands shall no longer hold their subjects bound by their subservient governments and their secret codes and nefarious schemes. They shall come to know that nothing is hidden, and they shall tremble in fear and misgiving, for they shall be justified in their trembling. They shall be fearful, for I say they shall be exposed for that which they are. They shall no longer sit behind locked doors and plan their nefarious schemes to defraud the populace and hold bondage the people of all lands!

I Say, they shall be exposed and the power shall be taken from them... and they shall know that they have lost their power over the subjects which have labored under their burdens and the iron hand which has weighed heavy upon them. I say this, knowing well that which I say, for I am one which has labored long that it might come to an end.

So let it be as the Father hast willed it.

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