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Tribunal (Continuation 2)


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


Tribunal (Continuation 2)

(from the order which is more closely associated with this present cycle, it is the next in line to the highest Order, or the Over-all Council, sometimes referred to as the Christ Council)

I now speak for the order. The conflict in the East has come to no peaceful solutions at this hour. We see none in sight, therefore it appears that the PPP (Represents an Order much more closely associated with Earth-mankind, yet these have awakened to their true nature, and their Oneness with the Source) shall be engaged in this embittered conflict for a period greater than expected. For this we are alerted, for it is not without the sanction of the &&&. (the Order of lifting up the fallen people which hast forgotten their "Source") While the two Orders regret that we come on such an occasion, on such a mission, for we foresee that which we shall do that there be the lesser carnage. So be it we of the greater power, the Great Tribunal, are also bound by the "Law of Justice", and honor the free will of Earth man, even though it is not ours.

Come the day when we shall make ourself known, there shall be a great sound go around the Earth and it shall shake loose that which hast been compact or retained within the etheric elements, which hast blinded mankind for long ages. I say unto thee, O man, there shall be a day of reckoning, and every man shall stand staid and remember that which hast been given him.

Warning after warning hast been given. We have offered our assistance for long, yet we have no results pertaining unto a peaceful and satisfactory solution, for the will of man has the priority in such as this, which now is the heated condition which involves man from many nations.

I might say, truly, that we are of the greater heights are also involved, yet for the greater intent are we involved... that of bringing about a "lasting peace among all men". For once and forever shall be the end of such struggle against the power, that of the "Light Forces".

It hast been said and recorded that the great sound shall be heard around the is so! With this shall there be a great flash of light which no man hast seen. This shall be as the cleansing and a purification for the ones which shall survive. We see that many shall be affrighted, and they which can not endure such light shall not be found within. I say unto all mankind, this hast been said aforehand in many places, many ways, unto many peoples, that there shall be a cleansing and a purification.

We of the Light Forces are the ones sent in full armor of the greater Light, that this mission shall be completed, never to be repeated on Mother Earth. This cleansing shall be forever, for we come in full power and with full intent to, once and for all time, finish our assignment with honor and dignity, with love and justice, according unto the greater love and justice. Justice is our name and intent for all. While it be of great action and confusion unto all, there shall be an everlasting and just result, which shall be according unto the law by which we are bound.

Now let it be known, that no man might say that we have forgotten that we have said aforehand...We have said, we are free to go and come at will, no bounds, no fetters, yet we are subject unto the Supreme over-all Will of the "ONE", in which there is but Light. Therefore we, of the greater light, the greater knowledge, the greater wisdom, come in full armor, which IS LIGHT.


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