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Tribunal (Continuation)


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


Tribunal continuation

While the conflict in the East grows greater and hotter, more ones of evil intent join in. The heat of passion flames, and are seen and examined, and great shall be their energy. For they shall be as ones gone mad, until they have spent their energy. These foolish beings hast not come into the council chambers with the intent to settle peacefully for future days, their dispute. Their intent is to give their all that they satisfy their greed, and become the Super Power.

These "warriors of old", of which I have made mention, are the ones which shall be the first to blame one another for the debacle....while the greater blame lies upon him, the one which has set himself up as the greater power/authority.

Now, at this moment, we of the Council of Light stand on the threshold, for we are not, by the Law of One, permitted to enter into the fray until it reaches such proportions that we must involve the Galactic Forces to spare the planet, the planet Earth. For this is our save the planet earth. This is our mission and intent, and this we shall do!

By the time these evil intentions become reality, we shall give forth and order which shall be carried out in the manner which shall be the lesser massacre or carnage. It is our intent to see this planet in it's own place of rest, and new berth, safely settled, that she be as one delivered of her pain and anguish forever (see: Mine Intercom Messages from the Realms of Light), for she hast, for long aeons, carried upon her back the traitors and the laggards. I say, it shall be that she be spared, even as the ones which have given of themselves that peace might be established upon the Earth. It is that which we see and know that gives us the right to take action, for the light within each living soul is as a signal unto us of greater vision and wisdom.

The light of the evil one hast no love within hast a color, yet not that of love. Love is a great and positive darkness within it. This is not yet understood by man of earth. I say unto thee, oh men of science, ye have a long way to go before ye can rightly call thineself "wise". I say, ye have been looking for "fools gold" when we offer thee thine inheritance, that of eternal freedom of bondage.

Why? Why are thou so sluggish of mind and body? We are at thine service when ye are prepared to receive of us of the Greater Light, the ones which are thine benefactors. While we are subject unto the Law of the "O" One, we can not interfere with thine own free will. Our part is to tutor, to teach the "teachables" and lead them into greater light and understanding of the greater power, which belongs to the Allness of Being, which is the "Source", "O". All power belongs to the Source of Life, for nothing exists save within the All, which ye know not, for the created can never can never know the ALL. The Creator is even greater than his creation, for the created is subject unto the Creator. The will which become manifest as man is ever subject unto his Creators Will for him, man, as he was intended to be.

Now, let it be understood, that man as he appear to be, is not as he is in reality of his being. We of the lighted ones are drawn nigh unto the Earth at this period of time (at the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new), that the "teachables" become enlightened of us, thine Elder Brothers which come in love and power,...the power of love which is little understood by the uninitiated. For it is our intent to bring thee into the light of thine being, as ye are prepared.

So be it, we have spoken much of be it, it is necessary that ye qualify for thine passport into our realm of light. Ye, mine beloved brothers of the shadow world, ye can not bring with thee one iota of the shadow world...not one particle of matter which ye call flesh shall ye bring into this place wherein we of the light exist. All shall be transmuted by means of thine will and our knowledge of light and power, which is used for the good of all.


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