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3x3+9=18 years



From the newsletters "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



3x3+9=18 years

(given by Sananda in the summer of 1989).


Sori Sori: By the calculation of man, he hast but 3 times three plus 9 years to prepare himself for the ultimate change, in which there is no turning back or reversing all that he has set in motion. This is the day of redemption, this is what has been foretold in the ancient records. The Lord, thy God of Truth and Light, hast given of himself, that there be a plan which is now come to its maturity, the fulfilling of the word, the promise made 2000 years ago. It is now written in the heavens that mankind shall awaken unto his true estate, arise from his slumbers, and return to its Source.

I am come that all might know that which is fortuned unto man of Earth through his own wanton and willfulness. He hast gone so far that peace will be unreasonable, unheard he hast not reckoned with the Law. Therefore man, as the wanton ones, shall be moved into another corner, wherein he shall have time necessary to prepare himself for a new part wherein he may find surcease, rest and repose, from war and bloodshed. He shall atone for his willful ways...cleanse himself and atone...and come with clean hands and pure heart. Then we of the great and mighty Christ Council shall take note of him.

It is the way of the dark robed brothers to give their time and strength in hatred one for the other, in a death Mine name? Nay! What blasphemy! Ne'er do they say in the name of mine adversary I do these abominable things. They, the ones that call themself Christian are worse than the "pagan" for they blaspheme against the holy spirit, and darkness shall follow them unto the end. This I would have them to know, for it is the Law "As ye sow so shall ye reap".

Was it not said of olden time? Hast it not been repeated? Many which are warring against each other this day are repeating that which they did in years past...yea in ages past. When they put aside the garment of flesh they are of the same humor or nature...yet they find no peace, no rest. Now it is given unto these to return again and again until they have resolved their hatred and unholy nature.

While there are ones which have come from afar to assist, "they (the wanton ones) give little thought about our part, our existence, our pleading that they turn from their carnage and seek...then Light and peace shall be established within them.

This is the beginning of the New Day when ye shall arise and be about the Fathers business, that ye cleanse thine being of all hatred and malice, greed and whoredom. Turn thine hand to service in the love of thine fellow man, in the Light which I Am. I bring the Light, for that I Am. I have prepared a place for the wherein is only light, and peace abide therein.

Now hear me in this...for I say unto thee, none bring within this place wherein I am thine part which ye have brought upon Earth as a filthy stench within the time of thine waywardness and rebellion. It shall be left unto the darkness...and ye with it to haunt thee. For ye shall first divest thineself of the last portion of hatred, selfishness, bigotry, hypocrisy, unrightousness and uncleanness, before ye find peace within the light. For there is no darkness with the Light in which I abide.



In the above messages we begin to see a time-table (1989-2012) which denotes the final periods which will bring this cycle to its final conclusion. In the above message Sananda refers to 3 periods of three years each (1989-1997) and one period of 9 years (1998-2007). He tells us that this 9 years period will be the time in which all will make their final choice, either to embrace the Light of their true being, or to cling to the darkness and ignorance of man's past. He is telling us that after that point (2007) there is no turning back or reversing that which each of us has set into motion, for each will have made their final decision as to which way they will go.

(more afterthoughts)

Throughout this long cycle the whole of mankind has moved toward this present day. While many have moved steadily forward, some have moved more slowly in their spiritual growth, and still others have lagged far behind in their spiritual development. Before we can move forward into the new cycle there must first be a sifting and sorting of mankind into his varying natures, each as he has chosen for himself

Those of you who are reading this newsletter have sensed this great change, yet the vast majority of those upon the earth are yet asleep to this greater Light which is beginning to flood the earth. They are still content to sleep on within their unknowing, for they do not realize that the GREATER REALITY is beckoning them to awaken, calling them to raise up from their dreams in mortality, to awaken their Living spirits into fully awakened life.

In the same way that a mother must shake a child who refuses to awaken to school, so too many in flesh will have to be shaken from their lethargy and their desire to sleep on. The upheavals upon the earth and within the affairs of man (which have so often been spoken of) are not meant as a punishment, but to upset our comfort and cause to look beyond our mortality. While fear has played a destructive part within man's past, it is also the great motivator that will cause many to open their hearts to the Greater Reality in which ALL exist.

As this cycle draws to a close many are preparing themselves to step beyond the mortality of flesh, to re-claim their living memory and inheritance as Sons/Daughters of the Father. Many who are yet asleep will soon begin to awaken and will eagerly embrace their new awareness. Some may need to be shaken before they are willing to let go of their unknowing, but eventually many of them will rise up from their lethargy and seek for greater Light. While a few who have devolved backwards to the point of being just plain vicious , those who have repeatedly used their progression of embodiment to bring about hatred, oppression, crime, destruction, and war upon their fellow man...having brought forth nothing that is of any worth within the Greater Light of the True Creation...will begin once again at the very beginning, in primitive forms, upon another planet.

The following is an excerpt from the book "Return of the Tribes":

....The potentials of this universe are infinite beyond number. But there are no star wars of advanced fearsome civilizations beyond your own...because if civilization are fearsome they do not advance beyond your own. They become extinct, to rise up in another world, until they finally learn.

...There does come a time when those who would deprive others of their right to biological expression cannot in rightness, in justice, and in harmony with the sacred way, be protected any longer. They need to continue their lessons in another ecological nitch where they affect no one but themselves.

...The Great Day of Purification has begun, a short but essential cycle of division and separation that will gather those who promote fear and violence and separate them from this season of the world, just as the chaff is separated from the wheat at trashing time. During the next two and a half decade (1987-2011) humankind will experience this separation...for a new era is drawing.
-end excerpt-

Such is the sifting and sorting which is now going on. While the wheat will be gathered up and separated from the chaff, the weeds are also gathered up that they might not contaminate the next garden. For no matter how much light is spread upon the earth, those who continue to harbor seeds of selfishness will at some time revert to what they hold within their hearts. No matter how much light might come upon the earth, those who have not purged the darkness from within their own hearts will sooner or later attempt to use it to their own ends.

This is the time of that purification, as described in the following excerpts from the book entitled "The Third Millennium" :

..Five centuries before the dawn of this present cycle, we brought to the unawakened ones of that age a timetable which they carefully recorded in stone. The Mayan calendar is now recovered from the moss and ferns. In it are chiseled the dates that correspond to the Great Day of Purification, dates that correspond to your years 1987 to 2011. The winter solstice of the last year will see the purification completed, and the era of human history brought forever to a close.

...This wave has much to yet to engulf and utterly change before it has washed fully across the shores of human affairs, yet the greatest effects of this wave will come during the late 1990s and the first decade of the twenty-first century.

...As our present wave of consciousness washes highest upon the shore of this world toward the winter solstice of the year A.D. 2011, a Great Cycle will culminate. The new season that draws then, as the days of the southern latitudes shorten and the North Pole begins its move towards its months of sunlight, will be more than the closing of a season of a single year.

...A moment is coming, after which nothing will ever again be thought of as it was before...a metahistorical moment, an event that is simultaneously Alpha and Omega to your species and to all your species has ever known...
-end excerpt-



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