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The Time Is Now!


The White Star


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


The Time Is Now!

CCC: With this signature ye shall find that which ye are searching for, for it is now come that there is a plan formulated for to bring in the ones which have followed the Law set before thee....those which have been true unto the precepts laid before thee. These are but the beginning of such instructions, which ye shall remember and adhere to;

1) Give unto me thine undivided devotion*, love of truth and Light, which is Truth, for there is no mockery in the Light/Truth.

2) Ye shall have no other God before that which is thine "Source". Ye shall be as one clean of hands, and mind...devoid of all covetousness, hate deceit and rebellion against me, the Lord thy God* ...this is that which shall bind thee in bondage...I come that ye be unbound, freed from all limitation.

(* The meaning of "Lord God: "The Lord God, for he is "Lord" of, and responsible for, that which he has brought forth. *"devotion/follow me", that the meaning thereof is; "follow me back Home, I am the Wayshower" )

I have called unto thee, man of Earth, come out of the pit! Know ye that ye are in the pit? Ye have, as yet, not seen that which I have for thee when ye give unto me credit for being that which I Am...Thine Benefactor, come that ye be lifted up. Yea, lifted up, out of the world of illusion, which is that which ye have fortuned, unto thine self in the time of the dreaming.

I am now come that ye be awakened, and for that shall ye be prepared. For there are many which come with me, and each one is given a part to play in this great project of this awakening. We know our part in the process...we understand that which is allowed for us to do. And there shall be no mistakes, no guess work, for in unison, as one mind, one plan, with no division of mind, for we have but one purpose.

We know that which is necessary to bring about the fulfillment of this greatest of missions. Be ye as one which can hear that which is said for thine own good, for thine benefit.

While it is foreseen that there are ones which have not the will or mind to hear, we shall give unto them cause to awaken, for we come not to fail! We are the hands of the Father Mother God made manifest upon the Earth, and no man shall set himself against us, the Host...for we come in great power, in strength, which no man knows.

Let thine heart be softened...thine eyes open...thine ear be made to hear...and ye shall be able to understand that which hast been given unto thee as thine inheritance, which hast been kept for this day. Why wait ye the morrow which comes not. This is the time of action, this is the now...there is no other! The day of action is now, for there is no time within the realm of Light.

Time, as we know it is that which signifies such changes as necessary for action. Let it be that which is written within the heavens which give the time precisely, for the movements of the heavens are the perfect "time peace", for they are the precise ones which no man reads in his dream state.

Who knows that which is written in the firmaments? We do! For we of the Host are not bound as man of flesh. We know no bounds, for we are "One" with all creation. The Father, the Cause of our Being, hast given unto us to be Creators, even as He. For we are ONE, and know ourself to be One in Him. And with Him. So be it and Selah.

The White Star

This shall be seen by all peoples of the land in the time which is now come, and it shall be as the announcement of his coming. Think ye not, O man of Earth, it is not so! For long hast it been said, "prepare thine self, for it is at hand".

There is a plan, and it is truly a grand one indeed! It is not finished within a day of your time is not finished as ye might imagine. This plan is one of cosmic is the "Greatest Show on Earth", for it includes both Heaven and Earth.

So let it be as mans awakening! It shall not fail, for long hast it been planned within the Inner Council of the Heavens from which cometh thine freedom.


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