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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: Mine word unto thee this day is for the good of all. When it is come that there is a mighty shock wave which brings great destruction and chaos unto the people, there shall be an onrush of the light from the Source, which shall be as a magnet unto the mortals which are caught up. This beam of light, or ray, shall pick up the 'victims" as they are, or shall be.

I say unto thee, none shall die as ye know mortal death, for it is now come that a new order is now brot about for the good of all. These ones shall be as ones which shall feel no pain, for so swift shall they be removed from the scene of destruction that when they awaken in their new place, they shall have no memory of the experience.

Therefore I say unto one and all: Be ye not grieved or saddened, for it is now come when many shall be gone from such earthly scenes. Too, the fires shall take their toll...and many drownings shall swallow up the ones which are unaware of their portion...these too shall know no pain...each one shall be placed in a proper and beautiful place wherein they shall find themself with no memory of their past.

This is that which is the will of our Father, for it is now come that there are many changes which are to be made, even in the realms of the light. However, these provisions are made aforehand, for we see with the greater vision aforehand. It is written that we of the "Host" are prepared for any occasion or event...'tis so! So be it for the good of all.

By the will of our Father which hast sent us forth, he hast fashioned a plan for all creation. He has not left unnoticed one living creature...each is provided for with loving care, for his will is Love. Each one, be it mortal man, bird, animal...all are safe within his loving care. I shall speak upon this plan at a later date/time.

While I say unto one and all: Be not hasty to speculate or image the plan of which I am speaking, for it would avail thee naught. Too, I say, be ye aware of thine time...use it well, constructively, that ye might be as one prepared for any occasion, for this is the time of change and swift they shall be,.

I tell thee of a surety, ye are provided for with wisdom and love. Fret not, be at peace, for ye have not the least motion of that which is in store for thee on the morrow. Remember well, these mine words, and let them be thine in the time of change, for change there shall be.

This shall be thy preparation, which shall prevent panic. Be ye mindful of these words unto each one...all which are fortunate to find them. I am he which sees and knows the mighty plan fashioned within the Light for the good of all living creatures.


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