"Behold Me-see mine hand move, for am I not there, am I not within the manifestation, am I not the unmanifest, am I not the ever- present all powerful-Omnipotent Father which has given unto thee being? Were it not so, thou wouldst not be-for from Me hast thou gone forth as a perfect being.

While I say unto thee: Thou has divided thineself many times, yet I say unto thee: Thou shall return unto Me made Whole and Perfect, even as thou went out. For this do I say unto thee: Give thanks it is now come when thine days of wandering in darkness shall end, and it shall be a glorious end-for end it shall, and it shall end in thine Victory, for has it not foretold thee? I say: Ye shall return unto Me the Victor. While I say: "Thine waiting hast been long and hard," I say: It shall end victoriously.

Arise Mine Children, Come, sing ye praise, the day of thine deliverance is come-sing ye praise it is done. I say unto thee: Give unto thineself credit for being Mine blessed Children-for have I not given unto thee of Mineself that ye might be called Mine Children? The Sons of God art thou-I say ye are divine in thine origin, and ye shall not forget this, for I say unto thee: It is the way of man to forget his Origin; too I say: Ye shall remember it, for One shall touch thee, and thine memory shall be restored unto thee, for I have willed it so-so let it be for.


Hear ye! Hear ye that which I say, for it is now come when the Word shall go forth which shall call all men to the front. I say, all men shall be called to go forth that this day might bring forth fruit of a new kind.

I, too say that this day shall be as none other, for it is the day for which we have waited. Now, they shall go forth as warriors anew, warriors for the Mighty Cause, for Truth, Light and Justice. These shall stand as upon the Rock. They shall not be moved, for it is come when the call hast gone out: "Surrender up thinself and give unto Me thine whole heart, thine will, thine life, for it is Mine." I have given of Mineself that ye have life. So be it I AM the "SOL," I AM HE which hast ENSOULED thee within my being and I ask of thee: Be ye as one with Me and ye shall go forward into battle with thine whole armor of light, which none shall take from thee.

I say: Ye shall hold high the Lamp of Truth and Justice, and no man shall put thee down or tread upon thee. I say stand ye high among men and resist them not, for they are but the ones which shall go down into defeat. For no man shall stand against the Warriors of Light. Hear ye Mine words, for I have sent forth a Fiat which shall protect them which carry the Banner of Truth and Justice. So be it I speak unto thee as thine Father Eternal-such am I.

And I AM thine Father, Solen Aum Solen


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