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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



This is the time of coming and going. The populace is restless...the time is short for the finish of the old ways. The new ways are forming within the Matrix...and many are frightened. This is that which hast been spoken of and recorded, when many are going mad...for the deceiver is abroad in the land. He comes into his full existence these end days.

I am warning each one which has a mind to reason. Take note of mine words, for ye shall see and wonder at the crying out. Fear shall consume the ones without reason and knowledge of the truth of their inheritance, the Truth of Mine Being, and that which I bring.

I am the One which is sent of the Source of all light, in which we, All, have our Being. While there are many which have fallen into a deep sleep, these have walked into the trap of the Master of Darkness, the "evil"that is only the underside of the light...the shadow world wherein the ones which are "ugly", unaware and dangerous, have their time of existence, which shall end.

I have said aforetime, that the pit of darkness hast been opened and the demons are coming forth. These shall bring about such horror and sorrow that no mortal man can stand against it alone. For this have I come to warn, to council, to lead and assist all which are prepared to receive his inherited true estate.

I am sent to awaken all which have the will to accept and follow me ( I am the wayshower). These shall awaken unto their own light. They shall walk with me and do that which is given unto them of the light benefactors that they be brought out...wherein they shall be safe, and sure of their inheritance willed unto them of the Father, the Source of their mortal being...which shall be as mortal awakened to become the "Lighted True Self".

These ones which are bound in darkness are but pawns in the hand of it's pit. I bring with me a Host of lighted ones of Great Power that they be awakened! Freed! and brought out into the light of their own existence, their Oneness with the ALL LIGHT...then the dream, the mystery and unknowing, shall be no more.

Now it is come when I shall move mine hand. I have cried from the hilltop, "Come Ye Out"! Have ye heard? Have ye believed? Have ye accepted that which I have brought for thee? Have ye reached out mine hand?

Ye have only to answer mine Call, and give unto thy hand which is One with mine, and a Host of Light shall stand guard for thine safe passage. I ask for thine attention! Watch! Look and See! Listen and hear! And then ye shall rejoice that ye have accepted mine gifts which shall surpass anything mankind could give unto thee. Blest art they which abide with me, for I am the light which never fails...

* * * * *


At this time I speak unto the populace as a brother of light. By mine armor ye shall know me, for I Am of the Light. I am the ALL, the Totality of the Light...for this am I as ONE with the ALL. I know the entire creation as it is...the reality of it' s creation. I am not a dreamer, a poor copy of the real which hast been given the power to create.

Know ye that which I say?... No! Ye know not! For ye are not so learned that ye know of such as I now speak of...the soulless ones. These are the ones which move, as ones which have life and form, yet they are as one which have not the power to recreate alive the Eternal Being. Their creation is as of the moment. Their creation is as of the moment, the shadow world. These have no knowledge of the light of Life or their origin, for there is no commonality within them. The way before them is nonexistent.

These do as they are given to do, as suggested by the dark ones. These exist on the energy of others which know not that which they do. I say, these are not of the light, brought forth as everlasting. There is no eternal substance within these, which are but creations of the shadow world. Have ye seen these which have moved as man, spoken as man, and caused thee to fear Me and the light I bring?

Now, let us consider thine own part which ye have played in the dark...when ye have been as one frightened by their threats of eternal punishment, and the awful suffering ye must bear, with no escape! I am come that ye might learn the Eternal Verities. Of the light I come, of the Light I AM...while ye have given of thine power unto the dark ones which live by the energy which ye give unto them. They simply are not of the Light Eternal! Know ye the difference! For this am I speaking unto thee thusly!

I hear ye say, "All things are of the light"....Yea, ye are but poll-parroting mine words. These ones in the shadow world have no substance except that of man's energy, which he gives them in the unknowing. Examine well thine self. Watch that which ye do...say...think...and examine the results therein with that which hast been thine harvest, the results of thine sowing. Study well, and learn the truth of thine own power to create for weal or woe...for ye are Master of that which ye create.

Listen unto the words that ye speak. See the things ye do in the time ye are unaware of the Law by which ye have thine being! Give unto thine own self credit for being the creator of all thine own torment or tormentors...

* * * * *


Sori Sori: I am now speaking for the good of all, yet I am giving this "Word" unto them through thine hand, as mine hand made manifest. I say, this is the time long foretold, that there shall be greater fires, greater winds, greater floods and sorrow. The ones from the pit of darkness shall come out as mad and horrible creatures...such fear mankind hast never known! These are the demons which have no mind or intent to become as changed in any matter. These are the ones which hold the "Scythe of Death"....they go forth to destroy in any fashion possible.

They "possess"the unwary, the ones which are exposed unto these creatures of darkness, the ones which inhabit the places of darkness wherein the debaucheries are committed willingly by the ones weak of character...with no thought of the "Light of the World"which I Am, which is now come to give of mine self that they be as ones to see and know that which they are exposed to in the places wherein these beings from out the pit linger. They (these dark entities) have no sense of morality or love...they are creatures of the underworld.

I am now calling unto each and every one which has the will to be free, to learn of the way in which they shall go to protect themself. Iam now speaking unto the ones which give of themself in the practice of sex amusement and fantasies, of "black magic" entertainment, which is so fashioned to entrap the unwary one, old and young alike.

These are ones which contaminate the very air they breath! I say, these dark ones have no scruples, no morals, no thought of the result of their future. It is foretold in the tomes of thine literature...know ye of these! Take heed, for they have been given for thine knowledge, that ye be as ones on guard...not for thine entertainment to appease thine evil intent.

Be ye as ones alert! For this do I cry out unto all: Give unto thine self credit for knowing that which ye do brings unto thee the results of thine acts. As ye sow, so do you reap! I have said many times, "Come ye out from these dark ones which know not the light". Have ye heard the warnings? Have ye given thought unto these...unto thine tomorrow? Remember...there is no death! Life goes on! .... ye choose in what state or condition!

Be ye not deceived by the ones which have been hoodwinked, the ones which have not given unto thee the truth of the conditions on the dark side and the Light side. Which side have ye learned of? What have ye learned? What are ye doing for to enrich thineself as ye prepare for thine tomorrow? Ponder well these mine words, for ye have free will to choose!

I am come that ye might be spared. Think not that I am a traitor come to set a trap for thee or to pick thine pocket. I need no such as ye have to give. I am the wayshower unto greater heights, greater light, where there is eternal freedom from want.

Be ye as one whose shoulders rests thine own responsibility. When ye are of a mind\intent to hear me, to answer my Call, I shall give unto one and all my hand as an Elder Brother, in love, compassion, and wisdom...for I am sent from the "Source" of mine being, even as ye. I say, Awaken! Awaken unto thine True Being! I am come that ye be spared.

I am the be it and Selah.



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