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From the newsletters "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: I am speaking unto thee at this hour that ye be as one prepared to come with me into mine place of abode. This is the place prepared for thee, wherein ye shall do greater things. Ye shall be as one to write the story, as it was in reality, at the time of mine existence in the Earth. Long have I waited that this be done as ye shall do it. It is so seen, and the plan is perfected. The time shall at hand when this part of the story shall be made straight. It has been changed many times by many people for to please their wishes or limited understanding.

This is the New Day. This part of mine plan shall be a part of the great awakening. For this ye shall be as one on whose shoulders shall be placed the part of bringing forth the true record of the one called by the name which I was given by my Father, also the one I was known by in the Temple of man as it existed at that time, and that which I did and taught. Be ye blest to be the one given this is so given unto thee for thine steadfast loyalty and honor.

This is that which ye (Thedra) have not remembered in the fulness of it, thine time with me (in Galilee). Yet ye shall be as one with me, without any doubts, for ye shall know as I know. There shall be a clarity, and it shall be as presented unto the populace as a book of books, which the world of man shall understand in their own tongue...for this shall it be the first of the kind to be known as the Day of Awakening.

This shall be as the the book long promised, while it was not yet time for the fulfillment. It is now come when mankind is crying out for Light/Truth. It is now come when there shall be great changes, when man of all nations shall gather themself about their council tables and agree upon the plan I shall set before them...for their hearts shall be cleft, their eyes made to see, their ears made to hear. They shall walk in the way I have planned before them, which hast been desecrated!..made unholy!

Now it shall be changed, when man, woman, and child, shall live in peace and safety. So be it, it is come when each head of state shall bow down in holy contrition and see the way which he shall lead these ones, by the light of his wisdom and love which he shall live by, as it is given unto him as his calling within the light. There shall be no more tyranny, no war...every man shall be as brother to brother, one and all!

This is what I foresee. The plan is in place and the awakening now in motion. Be ye as one to see, hear, and act it so, so be it and Selah..

I am the overseer.

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