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"The Planes of Spirit"

From "A Call to Arms" newsletter
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara

It might be helpful if we understood more about these planes of spirit. Too often we think that there is the earth, and there are the higher dimensions apart from the earth, but life has no such separation. Life has expression throughout all of creation, and that expression is the Light which IS life itself. It is only our own thinking which sees a separation, and it is our own thinking which continues to limit that light within the many planes of spirit. Perhaps this newsletter will help us to see beyond all such separation...

In a previous newsletter we read a series of communications from Judy, who had diligently studies the scripts of Sananda while here on earth, and who had then made her transition into the higher planes of spirit. She described her new place of abode in glowing terms of the light and the freedom which she now knew, and also shared some of her in her new place of abode.

Her joy and freedom were more than she words, yet her ongoing desire was to continue to serve the great plan of the Father, in helping those still struggling within the limitations of earthly existence. Since her account was received 20 years ago, she has no doubt completed her time within that plane and moved on into yet higher planes of learning, yet such accounts inspire us to want to know more.., to know the pure joy of life in ever greater light.

Many accounts have been recorded over years concerning life upon the spirit planes. These accounts often vary in their portrayals, for there are many spirit planes, and also many regions within each plane. Most accounts reflect only the perspective of the spirit giving the account and that has personal knowledge of, which usually includes only the region or plane which he is now on and those planes below him.

Very few accounts actually comes from the highest and brightest spirit planes, for it is easier for us to comprehend and to accept the communications from those within the intermediate planes, which are a closer reflection of our lives upon the earth. With so many varying accounts it is often confusing, so for those of you who have not read these numerous accounts, I will try to present an over-all perspective.

Realize that this is only a very brief sketch, for the vastness and diversity within all of the spirit planes is far more than can be conveyed in a single newsletter.

Spirit Planes - Thought Planes

Realize, that the spirit planes which surround the earth are all simply reflections of different levels of light within the human spirit. Each spirit plane simply reflects the light (or lack thereof) of those who dwell therein, each within their own environment, with others of like nature.

In the last newsletter Judy told us how these were "Thought Planes", where ones thoughts created and reflected within that which existed and around them. Unlike the earth where the laws of nature govern the expression of dense matter, the spirit planes are comprised of much finer matter, called ethers. Etheric matter, unlike dense matter, is not defined by the laws by the laws of nature, it simply responds to thought, creating an expression of the thoughts of those who dwell therein. While those within the lower planes may no longer be bound by flesh, they continue to be bound by their own thinking, for they do not yet understand the power of their thoughts.

If we are to understand the higher spirit planes, it is important that we first understand the range of spirit planes. Just as all spirit while on earth do not express not light, so too, all spirit planes are not of light and joy, yet it is important to understand that these too are an integral part of man's development

The Darker Planes of Spirit

To those who have (light), more shall be added.., to those who have not (light), what little they have shall be taken from them..

We can all bear witness of the many violent or criminally minded spirits expressing themselves upon the earth, both the obvious ones and also those who hide their motives behind a outer facade of respectability. We have also witnessed ones who invoke the name of God to carry out acts of terrorism and violence…ones who speak of God, yet whose hearts remain filled with the blackness of hatred and revenge. While Judy spoke of how the love and the joy her own heart was reflected in the environment around her, so too do those whose hearts hold thoughts of hatred, revenge, arrogance, greed, etc... create their own environment

These are the darker planes, the "compounds" spoken of by Sananda, inhabited spirits whose thoughts and motives have become obsessed with their own destructive natures. To give you some idea of the environment of these dark planes I would like to print an excerpt from a book which is now out of print, entitled "A wanderer In The Spirit Planes". It is a factual account from one who wandered these dark regions helping those who were beginning to ask for light.
He relates the following:

….As we emerged we found ourselves in a land of night. It might have seemed like a bottomless pit of desolation had we not stood on solid enough ground, while above us was a dark sky, like blackened smoke. How far this country extended it was impossible to know, since the heavy atmosphere like a black fog shut out our vision on every side. I was told that it extended throughout the whole of this vast and dreadful sphere
-end excerpt-

Consider too, the following excerpt from the book entitled "Excursions To The Spirit World" concerning the lower regions:

…On one occasion I was taken into one of the spirit planes where the vibrations were low and miserable. Suddenly I was struck by a whole host of vicious and vengeful thoughts, and saw a group standing about twenty yards away within a lurid and dirty orange glow. Some had sneering grins on their faces, others absolute downright hatred. I sensed that they knew where they were and had been there for ages, and would probable continue until the futility of such a state dawned on them..
-end excerpt-

We need to realize that these darker regions were NOT created by God as punishment, but are created and sustained by the thoughts of those who dwell within them, and each willfully chooses to remain bound therein by the very things which they continue to hold within their hearts. While such spirits are not bound by the limitations of flesh, they continue to be bound by their own thinking, for they have not yet learned that life and light are synonymous. Such glimpses are not very inspiring, yet I would like to print one last excerpt from "Excursions To The Spirit Planes":

…One of my more distasteful visits was to a town inhabited by those unfortunate spirits with quarrel some habits. I was put down on a street, and as I looked around I saw people violently quarreling. As my awareness became more acute, my spirit received their thoughts, which were more vicious and pitiless. It was a hopeless place to be in, as each individuals nature was worsened by the collective thoughts of all the others within that dreadful place
-end excerpt-

The Lower Planes-The Dull Planes

Above the darker planes described above, begin what are called the normal planes of spirit development. It is often said that there are twelve of these spirit planes surrounding the earth, each progressive brighter, each a reflection of the thoughts of those who dwell within them. The lower planes are often called the "dull" states, or the "planes of illusion, for although ones here may not be dark in the sense of being hateful, cruel or vicious…yet they have incorporated very little light or love into their spirit throughout the long sojourn upon the earth.

Throughout their many embodiments they have never cared to look beyond their own lives for any greater light or understanding. Here within the spirit planes they are no different, for in their lethargy they still do not seek light. These are the ones Sananda has referred to as "dullards" or "laggards" In the book "Excursions To the Spirit World", the author begins by saying:

…Many seem to think that every trip to the spirit world must be full of excitement, with many new wonders and strange things to see, but this is not always so. In my early projections I was taken to the low unprogressed states many times, and as these are just like earth and the inhabitants do not know of anything better, their activities were often banal and boring.

….Although life within the spirit planes is based upon projections of thought, I have several times been to a lower region within these planes, where not enough thought was used in any direction. It was inhabited by those who, during earth life, did not trouble themselves to extend their mind beyond their own dull lives, nor were very interested in anything in particular. On entry into the spirit planes they gravitated to this lower region, where there were street after street of uninteresting houses…creating a condition which caused me to feel extreme boredom.

…Once I fund myself outside of a small house, and asked my guide what plane this was. He said: It is the land of the Low Thoughts. He began to show me around, and I saw what appeared to be a dreary endless landscape. Here and there were sad looking people, some walking slowly, some standing still. The vibrations of this place were wretched. I was not kept there long, and as usual, I was taken to a brighter plane before returning to the physical body.
-end excerpt-

Even in spirit, ones continue to be bound by their lack of motivation, remaining oblivious to the light and the love which continues to lie dormant within their Soul. The book "Excursions To The Spirit World", goes on to say:

In these lower spheres are spirits of varying degrees of ignorance, and some have not the slightest idea that they have left the earth. Others have the impression that they are living a different life, but it is dream-like and not very positive. These people carry the same mind-set which they had on earth, and "spirit" is just as vague to them here as it was on earth. May remain contented in their ignorance, therefore their minds do not seek for, or know of, anything better. These can not be "pushed" forward, for in spirit the Law is, that the urge to seek must come from within themselves.
-end excerpt-

Realize that these spirit planes are vast spheres, each containing many regions, which are as diverse as earth itself. They surround the entire earth, and within the lower planes each culture and country defines a region, each according to their own beliefs and thinking. Within the planes which are further removed from the earthly pattern, spirits become more unified in their thinking, and all spirits begin to awaken to a more unified expression of life's greater purpose.

Too often we think that all who leave the body immediately see the light, but this is only true for those who have awakened that light within their own spirit. Those who "Do not want to hear it" upon the earth, still "Do not want to hear it" in spirit, for they are still the same spirit. They do not seek for the greater light, for their own unwillingness to learn has kept them from progressing beyond these lower planes throughout this long cycle. The absence of these lower planes is a reflection of their own lethargy, and since all within these lower planes are of the same nature, the overwhelming apathy there provides little inspiration.

It is only in embodiment on earth that they are exposed to the diversity of spirits from all of the spirit planes, which allows them to see and feel the light and love in others which they themselves continue to lack. And it is only through
repeated embodiments that they might finally begin to seek within themselves for that same light and love which they see in others. While most within these lower regions remain bound by their own unwillingness to seek for greater light, when one does put forth the effort to change, he is helped to move forward by those from the brighter planes above, as described in the following excerpt:

In these dull astral towns I saw often ones neatly dressed in ordinary cloths, but their features and eyes had a brightness that made them outstanding in such a locality. I sensed that they were advanced helpers on their various missions into these dull planes.
-end excerpt-

So is it with each and every plane, as one reach back to those below them, and give a helping hand to those who have learned to ask for help. The "Summerlands" The bright planes which stretch above these dull planes have often been called the "Summerlands", for although they are still a close reflection of life on earth, the gross vibrations of ignorance and lethargy become far less. Those who come here from the dull planes below move first into the lower regions of these Summerlands, making their transitions more gradual…while those who come here from the earth carry such limitations within their own thinking.

The following excerpt from Excursions To The Spirit World, describes the lower regions of these Summerlands:

Spirit life is the great revealer, as the prevalent thoughts of the inner person always come to the forefront. Ones "self-image" or "thought pattern" during earthly life can become so ingrained that it can delay their progress in the spheres.

I was taken to a lower region of the Summerlands, and at first glance it appeared to be a pleasant park, with ornamental gates set in stonework. There was a small pond and wooden benches here and there, yet I noticed there were no plants or shrubs of any kind in the park.

There were a few people walking about, while others sat upon wooden benches. They were all smartly dressed, but each assumed an attitude which was supposed to represent the height of dignity and elegance that only an exclusive set might have. Those on the benches were sitting stiffly and formally, with set faces, as if fearful of being caught relaxing. All had a look off frozen nonchalance ingrained in their habits of thought, brought over from the earth.

I then saw a man enter through the gates, and I could see at once that he was an advanced teacher from the planes above. He began to speak to some of the people, but he had just began to tell them of other places within this plane which were better than which they now knew, when two men began to escort him out through the gates. They were very gentle with him, but they were saying: "Really old man, park speeches are hardly the thing for our class of people…do be a good fellow and go away."

I should point out here, that all my experiences in the spirit world concerned the British and European states, as being from Britain I could more easily follow the line of thought and way of living of my own kind.
-end excerpt-

Realize that this but one small local within this one region of this lower plane, yet it attests to how our thoughts continue to define our lives, even in spirit. Also, the reference above to the plant life within the spirit plane is very common…for the lower spirit plane, the more void they are of living plants, while the higher brighter planes become increasingly filled with a vibrant array of plants, threes and colorful fragrant flowers.

This is a direct reflection of the abundance of life and love within the thoughts of those who dwell within the higher planes. The upper planes of these Summerlands become increasingly filled with fragrant flowers and trees, for those upper regions are inhabited by those who have incorporated more Love, Light and Joy into their spirits. While life on these brighter planes is very pleasant, ones here still do not understand the need for effort in awakening to yet greater light.

Although they know that they are now in the spirit planes, they do not yet realize that this cycle will come to a close, and most do not yet realize that there are many brighter planes yet above them. They have not yet awakened desire for greater light, for they do not yet understand that there IS greater light. Some here choose to reside in small cottages, amid the perpetual summer-like environment, while others gravitate to small towns or villages, with quiet streets lined with quaint little houses and flower gardens.

These regions are also called the "family planes", for on arrival into these planes most are greeted by friends or loved ones who now dwell there. Once arriving spirits have adjusted to their new home, they begin to relax and enjoy the peaceful summer-like environment, free from the turmoil of life as it was to be heaven, and begin to bestir themselves to seek for answers. For some this happens quickly, for others it takes a long while.
Consider the following excerpt from "Excursions To the Spirit World"

…. Life in the "Summerlands" does not in any way resemble the vague "heaven" pictured by orthodoxy, and though pleasant, it does not have a deep significance for many. Those on earth would not think of attending a lecture on spiritual truth, do not suddenly become enthusiastic in spirit, because the idea of greater truth is not yet in their thinking. Judy spoke of those within the lower spirit planes who had still not prepared themselves to receive greater light, thus they were now having to do in spirit, when they failed to do here on earth. Remember her message telling us:

Think not that your preparation is complete just because one leaves his earthly body and makes the transition to another realm, for your environment here only reflects the degree of your preparation while on earth. Each gravitates towards his chosen environment, which has been self-determined by his own efforts, or lack of such. Many here do not yet understand the necessity of (continuing) preparation, for their false notions and distorted views of "heaven "contribute to an unrealistic attitude.

Just to rid themselves of their preconceived ideas and expectations in this regard takes much work and effort, and may continue to cling to their false beliefs for the longest time.

-end excerpt-

Most within these sleepy planes do not understand that these are lower spheres, for they have no greater understanding here than they did while on earth. The desire for greater light is not part of the prevalent "thought" within these planes of idle enjoyment…such "higher thoughts" become inherent only with the brighter plane above, and only as ones are prepared can they move forward.

Many have not yet awakened the desire for greater light, therefore their learning process eventually brings them back to earth, where the earthly struggles and the limitations of flesh might cause them to seek for greater understanding. Yet once in embodiment, those who sleep on their contentment, soon find themselves back within these lesser spheres, with no greater understanding, and with no memory of their previous times here.
Consider the following excerpt:

After many experiences in the spirit planes, I could see how very necessary it is to gain knowledge of our spiritual nature while on earth, for it is "much easier" to learn it upon the earth than upon entry into the spirit planes. This may seem strange to you, but if the mind while on earth is blank concerning spiritual things, it is blank still on entry these spiritual planes.
-end excerpt-

Realize that each of these planes are inhabited only by those of like nature, therefore the "collective" thought in these lower planes makes it difficult for one to see beyond their own limitations. The earth plane, on the other hand, is inhabited by spirits from every plane, both light and dark, sending forth their collective thoughts. The friction and unrest caused by this admixture of light and dark causes some to put forth the effort to seek for greater light. For this reason is great light sent upon earth, for it is here upon the earth where most spirits progress.

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