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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara

This is mine word unto thee this day: Be ye as one which is prepared, for I say unto thee, there shall be a mighty sound which shall be heard around the is foretold that the people of the Earth be prepared. This does not mean (prepared) with hatred and armaments of chemicals or steel.

Unto "man" of evil intent, we of the Greater Power shall give unto thee that which shall, once and for all time, clear the way for PEACE, which ye have not known...neither have ye prepared thine self and the people. I say unto one and all, that the so-called innocent shall be removed before they suffer.

While it is now come that we of the "Greater Power" shall, for all time to come, put to an end the diabolical acts of destruction, which hast been repeated time after time upon the same soil, by the same entities. This is our decision comes about through the highest Tribunal of the universe, which hast the complete record of man on earth...his coming in and his going out.

There is no mistake in our records, our history, for we are not bound by flesh and bone. We are the progenitors of that which we call "man". When he was created, he was encoded with certain Laws, of which he hast lost sight of in his rebellion.

I say, in his rebellion...yea, this (memory) too, hast been lost, forgotten, in his time while his memory hast been blanked from him.



"Man" of Earth (of evil intent), ye shall be as ones in this thine last stand against the Forces of Light. Ye shall be removed by the Greater Power into a far place, wherein ye shall learn thine lessons well before ye shall find peace. Ye shall come to know that which ye have forgotten, and become as ye were brought forth for to be...then ye shall be as human-kind. This shall be as ye have prepared thineself.

Yet first shall ye be removed from the place of thine dastardly deeds of torture, torment, and destruction...then removed into a far region of the firmaments, wherein ye shall play out thine hatred and destruction upon each other, until ye art redeemed/purged of all thine evil/dark nature.

Then, by the Law of the One, O , ye shall once again arise from the darkness into the realms of light, for it is the Law: "That which ye have sown, so shall ye reap". Ye shall come to know this experience ye shall learn, then ye shall know for a surety!

I say unto ye, O man of Earth, one and all, ye are under a law which is just, and justice shall prevail in all realms of the eternal planes. There are laws governing each plane of existence through which ye move and experience, and in each one of these ye review that which ye have learned in the one past. It hast been foretold in many ways. First and foremost, the plan for thine progress wast encoded within thee, in that which is thine eternal being. Ye which hast gone into rebellion long ago hast lost all memory of thine "Source" which hast given unto thee Being? Life...Life without ceasing ( only that which I might term here as "the pause" between embodiments) it that these forms, as embodiments, are applicable unto the place in which is prepared for them. This applies unto all forms, all life, all species which are self conscious of their being.

We have spoken of the "long and troubled sleep" ...this is the result of past experiences which are to be reviewed and corrected before another embodiment, which is as suitable for the next embodiment for a greater awakening, a greater progress.


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