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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara

I am come that there be light within mankind, for he hast not known peace. It is given unto him, as a company, to be as a warring contentment within. He is a restless lot...we see him like unto ants rushing hither and yon, looking for greater things...yea, things which satisfies not their (man's ) longing. When acquired they are cast aside to become as a burden or torment, bringing forth great illness and much hardship.

This is fortuned unto the poor...a place to live, which gives them employment which is degrading humanity. For the lack of love of the one "Source of their being" they are downcast, outcast. These are the ones which have been as the traitor unto himself. They are the inheritors of that which wast sown in the past, long forgotten.

Now it is come when they shall awaken and be as one to remember that that which they have sown in the past they are (now) reaping...even unto the last morsel of portion, for the Law of Justice never fails. Let them remember that they are the inheritors of their own sowing. There are none which escape this Law.

There is a saying among the populace, "Waste makes want"...Want is now become his is now his nature. It (his want) is not satisfied, giving him no rest. For this he hast lost his way. He fears, he hates, he kills, he lives, he dies...he knows no surcease from his bondage, his torment. He returns unto his dunghill again, and again, groveling for a pittance, crying for relief from his plight, knowing not it is his fortune he hast laid up for this day.

It is now come that there be ones which shall awaken unto their "fortune", and they shall remember how they have accumulated it. They shall accept it as their own, and for that they shall be as ones to make adjustments and starts anew for the next sowing and the harvest to follow.

This is the time of awakening for mankind. It is said, and rightly so, that this is a "New Day". Have ye listened? Have they learned that lesson of Love, Light, Peace and Fellowship...One for all, all for one, in Love, Light, Peace, and "Unity".

Too, it is said, "The dead shall come alive". What think ye is meant by this? I ask ye, O man, look and see, listen and hear, learn and act...and remember, ye are sowing this day for the many tomorrows yet to come.

Discount not mine word herein, sent forth in this midnight hour for them that shall awaken on the morning hours to find they are within a new place, strange and mayhap uncomfortable, according unto that which they have laid up for their "harvest"...for it shall be theirs, as they have sown. No man shall exchange his for another's should he not like what he finds he hast lain up as his reward...


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