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From the newsletters "A Call To Arms" (years ago)
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



It is now come when you shall know us as we know thee. This shall be as no other communication, for there is great urgency that this reaches the populace.

It behooves us, one and all, to alert the sleepers which are a tremble with fear, yet not knowing that which to do (or) where to go. The state of affairs in the East is in no way satisfactory. We see no peaceful solution....therefore, let it be known that we are prepared to do our part, which is within our province. We have made our intent and ability known, yet we have not been accredited any power, or for that matter, any existence.

It is with great regret that we shall be called to such service, for it is not given unto us to be warriors, such as exist within the East. We give of our wisdom and expertise for the good of all, both on Earth, and beyond, far into the element ethers, wherein is great power that Earth scientists has not yet discovered. Such power as I mention is as nothing yet known unto man of Earth. While he goes headlong in his own will and ignorance, we are prepared to do that which we see as the only action which can, by law of the O , be taken for the good of the greater number.

We are not young at this, such as confronts all of us at this hour. We are all concerned for the welfare of all, for this conflict is the most serious of anything Earth man hast ever had to deal with. For there are so many complications; too many counter ideas, unwise counsel, and ignorance of that which they are capable of doing with their diabolic findings, which they intend using.

I say, we are as near as the tip of their nose! Make ye no mistake my brother, for ye are indeed treading on unknown territoty....REMEMBER MINE WORDS!

Bring unto the bargaining tables thine differences and be as brothers. Prepare for once and for all time, a peace pact which shall give unto all mankind equal rights to all the gifts which hast been given of the Source for to share, and share in respect and love, one for the other. Cease thine hatred and oppression! Make no mockery of peace, neither give unto thineself the bitter cup, for that which ye prepare for thine brother, ye shall drink...unto the last bitter dregs.

Think ye well upon mine words before ye reach out in thine hasty decision, O man of little leave, little knowledge of thine surrounding, thine beginning, thine "Source". I declare unto thee, this is the day of ye sow so shall ye reap....'tis the Law of Balancing all things.

We are waiting, with compassion and great love and wisdom.

* * * * *

A Repeat of Old Cyclic Patterns

As the hour grows shorter the conflict grows stronger...there is little likehood that these heated ones which have embroiled themself within the conflict in the East shall come to any peaceful solution. Even though they should sign a pact, there would NOT be peace.

I say this situation is not, or would not be settled by or through appeasement, for it come about through an old and deep hatred, which is not easily dealt with. I too see, that the ones which have gathered themself upon the scene of conflict are not innocent victims, for long have this group of men, and woman for that matter, been engaged in the struggle within these nations. Now after many an age, again they come together upon the same battle grounds.

It is said, "History repeats itself", and it is now come when this is the finnish of a cycle, when each one involved in direct contact with the conflict now in progress, are playing out the scenes of so many ages past. So be it, it hast not been with such as they have within their means to destroy the whole of the planet this day (in ages past they did not have the might and power of tanks, planes and the destructive force of the atomic bombs).

While it is told aforetime in some of our former communications that these are old patterns of hate which have festered throughout the, once again, the pattern is brought such, it shall be as it is written. The ones which shall have within themselves the hatred, which hast no been transmuted, shall again go into this next place wherein he shall be the warrior still.

On the other hand, the ones which have overcome their "pattern" as of old, shall be as finished upon this present battle field. For the ones which have answered the "Call to duty" against their inner most nature, shall be as ones innocent of any hatred or aggression thereof. For them there shall be a reprieve, and these which have atoned for their deeds so long ago shall be as the peace makers for future generations.

Hast it not been said in many places within the annals of thine history, that "the old warriors of hateful instinct and evil desire live on with their progeny"? It is true! So shall they, the "old warriors returned", either finish with their lust and hatred, and transmute it this time, or day, upon the same old battle ground ( or, on the other side of the coin, shall they not cleanse themself of that which is deeply set within the old pattern of Self-Ego), or they shall be forever removed into another place wherein they shall once again meet the same old foes, face to face, without any memory of their past conflicts, for their memory shall be blanked from them, even as of thy present day.

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