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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: I speak unto thee as man, for I am all things, both manifest and unmanifest...I am light! I can do make mineself known as that which is necessary for mine purpose. I bring such as is necessary into the place wherein there is sufficient need for the desired results...for I know that which is necessary for every result that is needful for the present occasion.

I am mindful of every situation and each person participating in it, yet it is with wisdom that I withold mine hand at certain times for the welfare of the subject participating in the particular event. It is for the greatest good for the greatest number. Too, here is to be calculated who shall be partakers or recipients of such actions or action that is to be taken at that particular time...for not all receive from the same cup at the same time. As each receives as he is prepared, therefore the system of sifting and sorting is a system of justice in action.

Let it be understood that not all Earth mankind is prepared to go all the way with me. For this, some shall finish their sojourn upon this planet upon which he finds himself, and he shall then be given a new place within the cosmos to finish his development into that which he has created to become. For it is now come that the "Mother Earth" shall no longer give footing unto a rebellious generation. She shall give unto them no comfort, for they, the rebellious and slothful, shall be removed from her, for she hast long suffered their indignities and disgrace.

Thou Art Not Self-Sufficient

While they know not that we are about, and that we are their benefactors, they hear not, neither do they see. They give unto us no quarter, no credence, for they believe themself "self-sufficient" and alone. While we say: Thou art not alone! Thou art not self-sufficient! Were we to forsake them they should perish, for it is by our efforts that they are able to breath...for by their efforts they polluted the ethers, the very air they breathe...

They have been so bold, so foolish, as to blast the face of the Earth with nefarious machinations. They have been so foolish as to blast the bowels of the Earth (with atomic testings). The depths of the water hast been at their mercy, and they have desecrated the depth and the heights.

Their thoughtlessness and abuse is as an abomination. For she hast brought forth fruit and viands which hast sustained them...the grains in the fields to fill their bellies...the herbs of the field for the healing of the flesh...the blossoms such as to feed the soul. Yet mankind, as the laggards, hast abused the privilege of her they shall no longer be participants in her great generosity, and suffering which they have brought about.

As for the ones which have been thoughtful and loving unto the little Mother Earth, (which was) created to bring forth great and powerful manifestations, to be Mother unto a new manifestation called "Man"...this creature shall be as one made new. From the old order he shall arise purified and made new...for this he hast prepared himself. He hast given of himself that which would bring joy unto the "Mother" which hast given unto him his reward.

Let it be understood, that as one sows, so does he reap. There is a time of sowing, and a time of reaping. It is now the time of reaping for the New Age is come, and the time of sifting and sorting is upon the generations...each shall receive as he hast sown, for this is the day of accounting. Each receive his just portion, for justice is the Key Word at this time of sifting and sorting.

No man can rightfully say he hast been misjudged or overlooked, for he shall find that he hast kept his own record. It shall be given unto him as he enters into his new place wherein he shall fulfill his growth as a lighted entity. He shall find that he hast faithfully recorded each day as he hast lived it and contributed to it..signed and sealed is his record. It is his, and his alone! No man shall read or change one iota for him. He is totally responsible for his actions and intentions.

The Law is just, and works with perfefct precision for both the just and the unhjust. Be it so...So be it, Amen.

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