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From the newsletters "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: I come at a propitious time when it is needful for such service as I can render unto mankind. I come as a lighted being, sent of the "Source." And too, I come as man made manifest, for I Am all things made manifest and unmanifest.

Be ye as One with me and we shall be as One, which indeed we are...yet ye are unaware of thine inheritance. Ye shall become so, for I shall break the seal...I have said it and it is so! The ye shall be aware of thine Oneness with the All, even s I. Ye shall do the things I do, and know that which I do. There shall be no secrets, no pain or fear, neither mystery, for ye shall be as one come alive.

Behold in me in thine self, wherein there is no self. The little particles of light, the portion of life ye call "self", is the limited part of the entire oneness. The no self is the consciousness of the unlimited Oneness with the life/light of existence, which is "thine inheritance" willed unto thee of the "Source". Yet it this awareness, has been confined to such knowing as the 3rd dimension since ye took embodiment in flesh of woman.

It is given unto most entities to loose their awareness as they enter the womb of woman, both teacher and student, the warrior and the victor, for the purpose of bringing the "self" to it's awareness with and of the "no self". This is the war of the two natures of mankind, which struggles so intently to know himself.

Who am I? What am I? What have I done? What can I do? Where do I go when I die?.. These are the questions from the "no self" prompted for the awakening of the hidden "self which sleeps in the flesh.

It is now come when mankind shall be as one come alive, when they shall come to understand that which they have forgotten. Be these blest as One, of one unlimited whole; as one in the light of the so called " The Source/Solen AUM Solen"...meaning, Source of all things made manifest, that light substance yet unmanifest. For it, the manifest, we call "Man", meaning the manifest form of the dense matter, or heavier substance of that which composes the the physical body of the manifest entities, which is composed of heavier particles which shall return unto the natural components when the Light/Life force is withdrawn from the body of the heavier, denser form.

Now it is come that many shall experience this change without going through the stage called death of this vehicle he hast called "Me". It shall be that which hast been referred to as the "Rapture" in time past. Now it is come when ye shall know the meaning of this state of being. So be it and Selah.

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