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It is Long Prophesied


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


It is long prophesied

Mighty is the word. Great is the power thereof. I say unto thee this day that the word shall be made manifest in all the lands of the Earth. For I have sent out mine Host, and I say that they shall be prepared to receive of the Host great and powerful manifestations, for therein is the fruit of thy labor.

I say the fruit of thy labor shall be the manifestation of the Word, and it shall be made manifest in all the lands, unto all peoples! And I say, it shall bring forth the harvest which has long been prophesied. For I say, it is now come that a great wave of Light shall come upon the Earth, and great shall be the power thereof. Yet I say unto thee, my beloved, some shall go into yet other realms knowing not it is come. They shall go into other realms yet filled with their preconceived ideas of me, and they shall be as ones unprepared! And these shall wait another day (age) when they shall be as prepared for the New Day, yet another day.

I say, they have waited for this that it is come they still wait! WHY? What do they seek...signs and wonders? Miracles? I say unto them, they are as children, knowing not that this is the time of awakening! I say: Arise! Cleanse thyself and be about the Father's business, and great shall be thy revelation.

Too, I say, ye have slept through many days (ages). While thy waiting has been long and painful, it shall end and thy joy shall know no bounds. So be as ones which has prepared thyself., for none other can do it for thee...for there is no vicarious atonement. And when ye are so prepared, ye shall be brought out of bondage forever...I say, ye shall be brought out of bondage forever! I am thy Elder Brother which has come that ye may know the law and have assistance, yet ye shall prepare thyself to receive us and of us., thy brothers of light. For I say, we are sent as the Host, which has come with him, the King of Kings...and I say, we have come according unto the scriptures, and that it may be fulfilled according unto the law. And at the command of the Father Mother God have we come that it may be accomplished.

Too , I say, all which are prepared shall be caught up with the Host, and they shall be free...forever free! So be it the Father's will that will be brought out...yet I say unto the sleepers: Alert thyself, and give unto me credit for that which I am. And give unto me credit for knowing that which I say unto thee, for I know, while thou are asleep and know not! I say, thou art living in a dream...thou art living in the world of illusion! I speak unto thee that thy illusions may pass.

Now I say, seek thy salvation in, through, and of the Father Mother God, and it shall not be denied thee. I am thy elder brother, and I have gone before thee to prepare the way before thee. I Am Sananda


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