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From the booklet "Prophecies concerning our Earth"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


And in due time shall he return unto Me as the sons of God. And there shall be much rejoicing, for it shall be as nothing man has ever experienced. For there shall be much rejoicing and weeping, for it is given unto man to be purified by his tears and his sorrows. So be it that he shall have them so he may know joy...and therein is wisdom!

And wherein it is said that "I am his joy and I am his tears, and by his tears he shall come to know Me." And with my own hand shall I wipe away the tears from his eyes which he has shed in My name and for my sake, and he shall be purified!

When it shall come upon the Earth that which shall be, it is said that there shall be great suffering...and there shall! Of al (the suffering) the fire and the winds shall be worse, for it shall be mighty spouts of fire and molten lava, and it shall be liquid and white. And the winds shall fan it and it shall not cool, nor shall they put out the fire, for it shall burn all it touches and it shall sear the Earth for miles. And it shall be of a great velocity, and with the blowing of the winds the heat shall be carried unto various parts of the country. And it shall be within the place wherein ye are that this shall occur.

And it shall be that another shall be within a short duration of time within the place wherein is now the Pacific Ocean, and the third within another shorter period of time within the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean. And it shall not be in the confines of the land which is above the water, and it shall force that which is now the bottom of the Atlantic to the surface of the water and there to tower above.

And it is fortuned unto man to be within the law, yet he is not a worker in the Light. And with the Light which is given unto him he has been unmindful of his source and his Oneness with Him (the Source)...he has cast himself into utter darkness. And for the first time it is said that he shall be most mindful of his Source within these times, for it is only the beginning.

For it shall be that many things shall come to pass within the time which is allotted to the present generation. And they shall call out and they shall seek peace ...and they shall find it and they shall not find it. And to them which shall find it, they shall be delivered up and they shall be in a place wherein is peace...and unto them which find no peace, they shall be put into a place wherein the may labor for their bread and wherein they may begin anew. And they shall have for their tools only their bare hands, and they shall be as in the beginning. They shall learn that which is lawful and that which shall profit them, and that which is eternal. And from the first day they shall not remember their past nor shall they know their shall they work from day unto day in their blindness. For it is the law that "EVERY MAN UNTO HIS OWN", and with his own hands shall he build up his temple or he shall tear down. And now for the first time it is said, that they shall be as the beast of the fields, for they have not prepared for the day when they shall be brought in. They have wasted their inheritance, and they have been unto themselves traitors.

Now for those which have been mindful of the law (the Light) and worked therein, they shall be brought into a new place wherein is light. And they shall be in no wise under stress, for it is lawful to say that they shall be brought into the place wherein is the Father. For he has prepared for them a place and He has provided well, and for this day has He provided. And at no time does He forget the "little ones" in darkness, for he has reached out within the darkness for them and they have not responded unto Him.

And not a person shall deny that this is so, for they have been foolish! And so be it as it may. He has not forgotten them in their slumbers and in their drunkenness. It is said that which is wanton, and they remember not from whence they come, nor do they know whether they goest. And so be it, and be it so...Beleis.

Nor shall they work into the light until they awaken and until they have been true unto themselves, for it is the law that it is not revealed unto the imprudent and the wanton. For these things are hidden from them and they shall be guarded well. And not a secret shall be pilfered from the Father, for He has many which guard them, and they have been put to the test and they have not been found wanton.

And so shall they prove themselves, and so shall they grow to the age of accountability...then shall they receive their fortune which is of the Father. And none are so foolish as those who deny Him, for He has brought them forth and He has provided for them. And He has not been a puny provider, for He has remembered them in their suffering and forgiven and forsook them their wanton. So shall they remember Him in the coming days ahead...and none shall deny Him.

And when it is done they shall be wiser and stronger, and they shall be glad! Wherein is it said that "Whom He loveth He chasteneth?" And so be it, for none are so blind as those which cannot see! And so shall they learn to see, and it is for the good of all that these things are to be. And so be it, and be it so! Beleis and Beleis...

With them shall be the workers in the light, and they shall know each other by name...and they shall be called one by one and they shall answer. And they shall be asleep, and they shall not hear their names And those which do hear shall be given that which is to do, and they shall be workers in the light. And they have with them which have not heard, and they (workers in the light) shall be the guards (guardians) of them until they awaken. And they shall give of themselves unto the slumbering, and they shall be as the ones to awaken them. And it is not an easy task, nor is it a mean task, for it is to be remembered that those which have been sent into the Earth for to awaken them of the Earth have not all responded nor have they begun to stir.

And now it is the law that those which have heard shall be unto others a lamp, and therein shall be oil-a-plenty! And they shall be as the ones to awaken them. And it is given unto man to know that when he receiveth he shall give out, and yet ye may give out only which is lawful and wise.

So be it that there shall be a plan for them to awaken, and they shall not awaken in the same place wherein they have slept, for they shall be removed into another. And they shall be in no wise in the same place, for it shall be new and it shall be as none ever inhabited before, for it is a place which has been prepared for this day.

And within the time which is allotted unto them, it is wise to see that which is obvious and to bestir themselves. It is the Father's will that all might awaken, yet He knowth they shall not. So be it!

And it is lawful that they be given these things and they shall be forewarned, yet they shall mutter within the dark places and they shall say "It is the ravings of the mad." Yet I say unto thee, "lest ye perish, be ye alert and about thy business, which is to awaken unto the Law which has brought thee forth, and which has kept thee and which has provided for thee!"

And now it shall be fulfilled that which is written, and they shall know the truth and the truth shall make them free. And so shall it be. Beleis, and Beleis.

With that ye shall be blessed and ye shall know that which is written. And the priest is not the source of all that is, yet he has not told thee these things, but from the hand of one which has gone into the place wherein ye may go when ye have awakened, has been given these truths.

And that which has been recorded is from the one which has watched and cared for them as little children...and for this have ye been better. So be ye as one which shall know the truth and it shall make thee free, And so be it and beleis!

Mighty are the words of the Father, and they shall be heard even unto the ends of the Earth and the heaven thereof. And there is much mystery yet to be revealed, and it is now time that it be revealed unto them which follows within the law. And not a place shall be hidden from the eyes of the prudent and those which seek first the Law, for it is given unto them which first learn...that there are none so foolish as those who think themselves wise...and then, that there is too much to be done to waste time that is precious...and that there is no place wherein they may hide...and that the secrets are not revealed unto the imprudent, which know not how to guard them. Such is the Law!

And fortune thyself for that which shall be revealed unto thee, and be it such that shall profit thee. And it shall be for the good of all that these things be revealed unto thee, and be it so.

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