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From the booklet "Prophecies concerning our Earth"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


And within the time which is allotted unto the Earth, which is in the present part wherein she is, there shall be a great and mighty change upon her surface and within her bowels. For she has been in no wise quiet within, for she has been seized with convulsions within her bowels and she has belched forth that which is from her interior. And she has been in no wise without pain, for the Mother Earth is not without her travail.

And therein is the pity of it, for man has been unmindful of her...and as she has nurtured him and mothered him he has been unmindful of her. And he has been unto her a wanton son, for it is with the male mole (which is blind) that he has taken from her and given nothing in return. And he is blind in his wanton, for he has been unto himself the traitor. For he has wasted his substance, and he has had no thought of that which has nursed him and healed his wounds. And so be it that he has added suffering unto insults which has been given unto the Mother Earth, wherein man has had his birth into the physical parts of me.

And therein is the pity of him which is in darkness. They see not with the eyes which are bound, but they see only which is unreal and unholy. For I am whole and I can see that which is complete...and I have not want, for I am unto myself all that I need.

And in the time of casting off I rejoice that I shall make myself new and I shall begin again. And unto this end do I create. And for that I have brought up races of man that they might become gods and that they might become wise creators, and that they might be One with Me, which is every man's inheritance.

And they shall be in no wise the poorer for having gone into the dark places, for I am the Creator and I have created wisely. And I have sent them into all the worlds wherein there is life...and be there many! And they have returned unto Me richer for their experience.

And not a place is there wherein is the form wherein in not the parts of Me. I have divided myself into parts, and I have endowed each part with the part of Myself...that which is eternal. And that part of Me changes not, and it remains ever unchanged by anything which is or shall be.

Yet the part which ye see (the body) is the part of Me which is subject to change and which shall return to the elements from which it came. And not a person shall change the law, nor shall he bring unto me one part of himself which is of the Earth. For I bring back that which is eternal and that which is of the Earth I shake off.

And it gives Me great joy to bring back that which I send out, and for this I have provided. And in my own sweet time shall I bring them all in, and they shall become One with me and they shall be made whole. For from the body of Myself have I created all things, both of the land and of the sea and of the air. And therein are the things, both of the land and of the sea and of the air, which are yet to be created, for I have but to speak and the words become manifest. And the things which I command appear and they have form, and I give them life and they are the animated parts of Me. And they cannot be less than the gods, because I have created each after a likeness which I have conceived within My own being. And it is the positive that I am, and My creation is the negative.

And there is a day and night, and there are the two poles of force called life, or darkness and light, or soul (spirit) and the body, Life and Death, and the many place tags, which are put upon the positive and the negative. Yet there is but ONE and that one is all-inclusive, for it is of Myself and from Myself that I have created all things, and from One Substance have all things come into being.

And so shall they learn of Me, and so shall they be made to sit in the same council chambers with Me, and we shall be as One. And there shall be a New Order upon the earth, for I have created wisely. And when any part of me offends Me I cast it off and I begin anew. And I shall bind up my wounds and I shall heal Myself and I shall be as whole again. For it is not without pity for Myself but (pity for) that which I have that they know not that which they cut themselves off from nor do they know there own identity. And for this do I weep, for they have blasphemed against me.

And I have wept that I have created man, for he has become foul and he has become as the stench of the Earth. And he has poisoned his own food, and he has given unto his own brother the poison of the asps. And he has been unto himself traitor, for he has not kept his covenant with Me. He has not been an honor unto me, nor has he been in the place perfect. And as I sent out he was perfect, and he has committed that which ye call fornication. For in no time has he become as blind as bats, for he has denied his own birthright and he has forfeited his own inheritance. And I am ashamed of that which I have created and called man...yet that which I am ashamed of O love, for him have I created and him have I sent out.


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