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From the booklet "Prophecies concerning our Earth"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


And she shall shine in all her glory, and she shall be peopled with the ones which have awakened and those which shall remember that which has been. And they shall know that which shall be, for they shall be One with the Father*. And they shall know that which is of the Father and that which is of the Earth.

And therein shall they abide within the Law which is of the eternal verities. And they shall not be bowed down with the pity of the Earth as it is now upon the Earth, for it is indeed pity to see them which stirreth not. They walk with eyes which see not, and they are deaf unto the call of the Clarions, which have been sent for their own sake.

And within the time which is near they shall see and they shall hear, and they shall be as one which knows not what he sees. Yet he shall call out for learning and it shall not be denied him, for many are among them for the purpose of bringing the light. And it shall not be denied them, nor shall it be forced upon them, for it is unethical for them that would be so foolish.

And within the time which is come they may be as the children of the Father*, yet they have forgotten the way unto the Father's house. And they shall cry for help, and it shall be given to them freely and without price. And not a person can comprehend the fullness of the Brothers love, for from the Father* have they come, and to the Father* they return.

And now it come upon the Earth that which man has feared and that which he understandeth not, and he cries out in his delirium that there is no place to hide. And so is it that there is no place wherein he can go that he cannot be bound nor a place wherein he can hide. For the Father* has sent them which have guarded the earth for her duration, and they have not been asleep nor have they forgotten their identity, for they are trustworthy and they have been entrusted with the guidance of the Earth and her destiny. And she has not gone awry for naught, nor has she been on an orgy, for she has gone the way of her ORDAINED course. And it is for the good of all that she shall move out into a new berth, for from her solar sun shall she run, for therein is danger within the future. For it is given unto the orb which ye call the Sun to explode within its orbit, and therein is wisdom, for she has fulfilled the cycle which was ordained unto him.

And not a person shall say it is not so, for therein is foolishness! For it is the law: That which is created shall fulfill its cycle and return to its native state...and it is so! And so be it that the time is come when the Earth shall move out into a new berth, and she shall have a new course and a new sun and a new moon (see "Mine Intercom Messages"). And so shall she rest for three thousand years, and she shall again be peopled and she shall be as new. And there shall be a new people, and they shall know that which is of the Father*. And there shall be a new Garden of Julian, and there shall be the Father's Kingdom upon the Earth. And it shall be for the good of all that that shall be one who shall reign supreme, yet they shall work as one man.

And there shall be peace and each man shall be peace unto himself, and he shall be as the keeper of the peace. And he shall be as the lawgiver and the keeper thereof, for he shall know that which is ethical and he shall abide thereby. And there shall be none among them which shall covet another's possessions, nor shall they know hatred.

For it is established that the new Kingdom shall be established upon the Lotus which now lies within the bed of the Pacific Ocean. And it shall be that there shall be peace and harmony, and it shall reign for the cycle which shall last for twelve thousand years. And again she shall be in a new cycle which shall bring another Order...and therein is another story.

And for the time being we are interested only with the next decade which shall bring about many unbelievable changes, and they shall be as tragedy at the time...yet considering that which is eternal, which has no beginning nor no end, what is there to fear? And why is there anything of thy apportioned lot that ye shall fear?

And blessed is the man which can be his own carter and say: "Thy Will be done. I am as thou art...and I am not of the earth, yet I am in it". And he shall see the glory of the dawn, for it is given unto him to know wherein is his strength. And not a place shall he seek to hide, but he shall go forth to meet that which is appointed unto Him. And he shall know the truth and it shall make him free. And not a person shall set foot against his door and not a person shall keep him out of the Father's* house, for by his own hand shall he open all the doors which have been closed unto him.

And so shall he find his way unto the Father's* house from which he went forth, and so be it that he returneth triumphantly. And the Father* shall be glad, for it is given unto Him to wait that his offspring go out and return. And therein is wisdom, for it is the law: So above, so below...and for this do they wait that they fulfill the law which has sent them forth. And it is the fulfilling of such law that they return and that they be made new and groomed for another new day. And in that day they shall now peace and have rest from the turmoil which has beset them.

And it so ordained, and there is not a law of Earth which shall stay the law which is established unto these things. And so be it that it shall come upon the Earth that which man feareth and that which he cannot comprehend.

And for the first time it is told them that which shall be. And they have not heard the Clarion Call, nor have they heard the trumpets which shall sound...and it shall not be symbolic, but as literally true as the "bells of St. Mary's"' for they shall sound.

And there shall be a day when the Sun shall not shine, and she shall be as a bowl of blood, and she shall give off no heat. And then as if in a twinkling of an eye shall there be a great gulf of flame which shall be forged from within the Earth, and it shall be as the earth has flipped her axis. And she shall reel and she shall be in the throes of agony, then the words of comfort shall be spoke which shall settle her down again upon her axis. And she shall be as the newborn and she shall be as the babe within the bosom of its mother, and she shall find comfort and peace and she shall rest. And be it be it and Beleis!

Neither man nor woman shall know the hour that this is to come upon the Earth, yet there is but little time for the fulfillment of these laws and that which shall come. For it is said that the handwriting is on the wall and they see it not, for they are as drunken with their own vain glory. And they have not seen nor have they heard, and therein is the pity of it...for it is given to man to look backward, and for this does he stumble and fall.

And so shall he have many bruises, and no place shall he find rest for his looking backward, for his looking backward shall bring him much suffering. And he can only be the bearer of the past and that is the pity of it, for therein is not wisdom!

Whence came the past? And whence came the present? And whence came the future? And fortune thyself that which is NOW, for it is the only time, and that which thou hast...and for that give thanks.

And when they have learned well this lesson they shall be wise indeed, for there is not a person who has the promise of tomorrow. And the past which is gone shall be unto him as a bundle upon his back if he but allows it to weigh heavy upon him. And with his own hands shall he break up into small pieces of the bundle, and he shall power them into dust, and they shall blow away as the dry ash from the soil. And they shall not drag their bundles after them, for they shall be free of all that holds them in bondage, and they shall begin anew.

And when it is near the fulfilling of these things, it shall be that there shall be great shipwrecks, and the ships of the air and the ships of the sea shall go down, and the fish of the sea shall seek new places wherein to spawn. And there shall appear upon the Earth new people which are not indigenous of the Earth, and that which has not been seen before...


(* Father = Father/Mother God = The Creator of this Universe = The individualized form of the formless All that Is, Universal Mind)


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