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From the booklet "Prophecies concerning our Earth"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


And within the time which is allotted him upon the Earth, he shall prepare himself for that which shall come unto him. And he shall be as one in the dark, yet there shall be beacons of light which shall appear unto them. And they shall learn much which is new unto them...and for that has there been many among them which have been sent for to be the beacons. And they shall be as my lamp unto the feet of the weary, and unto the world shall they light my lamps where they find them from the tapers which I have given unto them.

And it is said that "I Am The Way". and it is so! And none can come save by me, for I am the keeper of the gate and I guard my secrets well. And not a person is so foolish as those which plunder my secrets, for it is given unto man to take that which he can pilfer without paying the forfeit. And therein is folly, for it is the law...that which is earned is for the best part worth the effort, and that effort is within itself that what is most profitable.

And for that reason is much kept from man's grasp that he might wain and wax strong, and that the may learn to stand alone within the time when there is no help. And yet there is no time when help is denied, but the wisdom of withholding it is the greatest of all good deeds. Within their wanton would they purchase their fare into a place called heaven, where they might have a life of ease which should profit them nothing. And that which is not profitable unto eternal life is denied them by the Father*, for He knows before they call that which they need and that which shall profit them.

And it is now time that they arise from their sleep and shake the dust off their garments. And they shall awaken and they shall become alive, and they shall learn that which is within the law. And they shall become aware of that which is is real and they shall not be bound by the garments of the flesh, for it is the law...that which is eternal is not surpasseth that which is flesh. And that which is eternal is not bound within the flesh, and it has never entered into the flesh, yet flesh has its being in that which is eternal, without beginning without end. So it is that the pore shall pass, and the ONE WHICH IS shall be no less for its passing.

And so shall it be in the days which shall come...for it is said that there shall be great famine and great pestilence and great suffering, and yet it shall be as nothing seen before. And not a place shall be left untouched...but that is but the outward manifestation of that which shall be, for it is the law...that which goes out must come back. And it is given unto man to be the part which has gone out from the Father*, and to the Father* he must return.

And in the days which shall come there shall be a great gathering in. And they shall be separated one from the other, and they shall be as the ones of old. They shall be as the sheep, and they shall be herded into places as the flocks of the fields, for it is given unto men to follow.

And there are few which dare to be their own carter, and the carter is one which can say for himself that way which he shall go. And he shall find his own way, and therein is wisdom. For there are none so foolish those who wait for the herd...therein is folly!

So in the days which are to come they shall be gathered together as the flocks, and they shall await one who dares assume responsibility for them. And it is poor poison, for there is not a person which has profited thereby. And when it is given unto him to prove himself, he has not the metal to withstand temptation and the tribulations which come. And he has been unto himself traitor by passing on unto another the responsibility which is rightfully his.

So shall they learn the hard way, for it is the law that each in his time shall become that which he was created for to become. Yet there is no time, for it is not within the law (that which ye calculate as time) for it is an illusion of man and therefore unlawful.

And within the place wherein the Earth shall move shall be a new solar Sun and a new orbit shall the Earth have. And she shall have no darkness, for it shall be a new field within the firmaments. And a new birth shall she have, and the time element shall be new unto her, for there shall be no shadows within her, for she shall have a new sun and a new moon. And she shall have no pains, for she shall be as young again, for she shall have rest.

(* Father = Father/Mother God = The Creator of this Universe = The individualized form of the formless All that Is, Universal Mind)

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