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From the booklet "Prophecies concerning our Earth"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



And it is said that there will be winds, and there shall, and they shall be in the time when it is winter. And the trees shall bow down their boughs and the winds shall sing with the cold, and there shall be great suffering among the people and they shall fall down and cry for mercy...

And there shall be a mighty earthquake and it shall split in twain the country of North America. And it shall be as nothing the world has known before, for it shall be that there shall be a greater part of the great land of the north continent go down, and a great sea shall form within her center part from the dominion of Canada into the Gulf of Mexico. And there shall be great ocean liners, liners which shall travel within its waters, which shall be propelled by solar energy of the next age. And with this they shall be unable to travel east to west or from west to east, through what is now the Atlantic Ocean, for it shall have a mountain range which has been thrown up from the bottom of the Atlantic, and it shall be extended into the air to the altitude of 18,000 feet. And it shall be as the Sittur of old (Atlantis), for it was the Light of the world that this land once took her place in the sun. And she went down amid a great shock and a great wave, and it shall be that she shall come up the same way as she went down. And it is so that it has been (symbol) and now it shall be as (symbol)...

And the west side shall be as the sheer of granite, and it shall be without foothold. And the way shall be as the eagle flies from the place which is upper Virginia three hundred miles due east...and at this point it shall be one thousand and eight hundred feet from the waters. And not an entrance through the land shall there be unto the east, for it is not for them which are to be the remnants to communicate by water. For it shall be with a new science and a new method which shall be given unto them, for there is not a place which is (now) that shall remain the same in it present state.

And not a person shall be left which is not prepared for that which shall be< And there are many called but few are chosen, for there are none which have been chosen which have not been carefully prepared, and they have been unto themselves true and they have given credit where credit is due. And now it is given unto them to be the seed of the new civilization which shall come upon the Earth.

And within the time which is left before this shall come upon the Earth, it shall be that many will be called. And they shall doubt and they shall fear, and they shall faint and they shall fall by the way...and they shall be in no wise wise, for it given unto man to fear that which he does not understand - and for that does he wait...

And now the time is upon him when he waits no more. He either moves on or he is left unto the elements of the Earth, and they shall consume him as the pore (the flesh). And that which is eternal shall take upon itself another bound and it shall be sealed, and he shall have no memory of that which has been, and the experience of the past shall be blanked from his memory. And not a person shall be as he is, for he shall take upon him a new garment and a new name, for it is given to man to be as the little ones. And he shall grow into that which he knows not of, for he has not yet become as God. And he shall be within the law when he proclaims that which he shall become.

And within the time which is allotted unto such things, he shall become God and he shall be as God. And he shall declare (symbol) and he shall know whereof he speaks, for it is given unto man to mutter the mutterings of the unlearned and that which is full of spurious spores, and it profit him nothing.

Yet he shall learn that which he has said shall be as his bound, and he shall be bound by his (own) words until they have fulfilled unto every jot and tittle. And he shall be as one which has in his hand the scales whereupon he may weigh them...word for word shall he weigh them.

And not another shall be responsible for the words of another, nor shall any man take upon himself that which is done by another, for it is the law that no man atones for another. Yet it is the law that each shall "love his brother as himself, and he shall not be his sice, nor shall he be his grouse", for it is not given unto man to know one from the other while in the time of thinking for he under a spell. And it shall be removed and he shall awaken.

And he shall find that he has descended into the Earth which is dark, and he has taken upon himself the garments of the Earth, and he has lost his identity with the Father which has sent him forth. And he has not only been dreaming, but he has been worse than asleep...he has been dead! For it is given unto man to believe that which he sees, feels and touches, to be real...and yet he knoweth that which he cannot see to exist, and without question does he enjoy the benefits thereof. Yet he has not been in the least concerned with that which shall profit him most, for it is for his own good that these things have been given him. Yet he has not looked for that which is eternal, for it is given unto him to be as the pore (flesh).

And the pore sees, feels tastes, and hears that which is of the Earth, and that which is eternal and without the pore he sees not, neither does he hear. And so shall he be blind and deaf unto reality until he has grown to the age of accountability whereupon he shall receive his inheritance, which is sight and sound.

And ye shall see and hear that which IS and shall remain ever of the eternal verities. And not a person shall deny that which he does not understand, for therein is the greatest of folly. For it is said that "There are none so foolish as those which think themselves wise." And it is so!

And now, within the time which is near, they shall learn many truths which are new unto them. And they shall say that it is the ravings of the foolish, and they shall say that it is not possible, yet they reckon not with the law. For it is in no wise the work of men (which shall be as nothing) that shall bring about these things. For he has been UN (the animal mind, the mind of man, the goat mind) and he knoweth not that which he doeth, for he has been within the darkness and he is not accountable for the things which he has said in his sleep.

And yet he stirs within his sleep, and he stirs within his slumbers, and he has but begun to stir. For in the days which are to come, he shall awaken from the deep sleep which has fallen upon him, and he shall stand within the place wherein he shall go as on come alive! And he shall walk knowing whither he goeth and from whence he came, and not a place shall he fall nor shall he stumble, for it shall be his inheritance to talk with surety and he shall not be afraid.


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