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From the booklet "Prophecies concerning our Earth"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



And that there is not a place within the State wherein ye are (California) which shall remain as is, for there shall be great purging, and a great seething of the land which is under the waters, and a great sinking of that which is above, and not a place shall be left untouched within the Earth...

And many shall find themselves in their wet beds, and the whirlwinds shall gather them up. And it is so...And wherein they may turn for safety in the days of the "great coincidence" which will be no coincidence, but it will be the greatest of all Earth upheavals which the world has yet known and it shall be within the timer which is allotted to such fulfilling the law. And no person who has gone the last mile will be mid the great cataclysm, and therefore no person will be in the wrong place , nor shall he be in another other than his own, and it shall be the right place.

But there shall be a great rush of the winds and a great upheaval of the Earth and the greatest of al the fire from Earth within shall leap from beneath. And it shall be as a molten mass. But within the ocean bed lies the cradle of the next generation upon the Earth.

It is told thee that which shall be... a storm within the country wherein ye are (Los Angeles, California), and therein shall be many who are homeless -- and which shall be a great tragedy unto them, both in the South and in the West.

And there shall be a great force from within the Earth which shall be as a parting of the land, which shall be from the North to the South; and it shall be between the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico; and it shall be in the time when the trees shall bow down their boughs unto the ground.

There shall be a mighty wind, and she shall wipe away all the places which are now standing within the radius of the great open spaces which are known as Washington and Oregon. And it shall become greater until it hits the mountains of the Rockies. Then it shall swerve into the land of Texas, and it shall destroy most of the towns of greatest size within the place wherein it shall blow, taking many lives...many of them have been unto themselves traitors.

And so shall the Earth be renewed, and she shall be made new; and she shall be within a new position; and she shall be in no wise destroyed. She shall be in in no wise the old Earth, for she shall be made to shine in all her glory for she shall be washed anew.

And she shall be gorged from the Hudson Bay to the Central America. And she shall be as the great continent of the North which has been cleft in twain. And she shall be in no wise as she is today, for she shall be dipt and she shall be turned asunder. She shall go under and she shall come up. And she shall rock with mighty words which shall be spoken which shall settle her down once more on her axis.

And before it is dawn it is darkest, and which is more -- there shall be a great light and it shall be as none thou hast seen for it is not of Earth. For there is nothing which is of Earth which can compare with the light which shall appear within the heavens and that which can be unto the earth her undoing or her reformation...

And there shall be a mighty wind, and it shall encompass the Earth. And it shall be that there is none who shall not feel the results of that which has passed over him...

"Yet they have not known that which shall be, for it is written that they shall have pestilence! And they shall have famine! And they shall call for peace! And they shall be as one which has no place to lay his head! And they shall make their beds in holes, and they shall be as the foxes..." And they shall be within the time when there is a great rushing of winds...

And there shall be the winds and they shall blow the waters, and they shall blow the sands and they shall mix them, and it shall be within the time when it is winter, and it shall be without the warmth of the sun...


And it is said there shall be winds, and there shall be mighty winds, and they shall blow North and they shall blow South and there shall be no place where they shall not be felt...

And which has been shall be again. And when it is come upon the Earth that which shall come shall be as nothing which has been before. Yet it is but the more, for it has been that there has been great wind and great earthquakes and great floods, but they shall come as one. And there shall be a great earthquake in the place where ye are (Arizona), and it shall give up some of the secrets which now lie hidden within the Earth...

And it is said that there shall be winds, and there shall be the winds, and they shall be as none the Earth has known, and they shall be as the winds from the sea and from the land all rolled into one great tempest. And they shall be as the winds of the North and the South and the East and the West, and they shall tear that which is in their path and they shall be as the reaper who mows down that which is in his path. And they shall sing with the bitterness of the cold. And they shall be as the elements of the Earth, for they shall contain both rain and wind. And the hail shall be as big as bird eggs, and it shall split that which it hits.

And it shall be that the suffering shall be great upon the Earth, for it is given unto man to know suffering. And he has not known such suffering before, and when it is come upon him, he shall fall down and he shall cry for mercy...

And it shall be that the winds, too, shall be great upon the Earth -- they shall blow East, West, North and South and not a place shall there be upon the Earth which shall escape the winds which bloweth. And when this tribulation has come upon the Earth, it shall be that there shall be many who have kept within the law...

And with the coming of the winds and the belching of fire from within the Earth there shall be... Think ye not that there is no more!


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