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From the booklet "Prophecies concerning our Earth"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



(The drawing was drawn from directions that were given to Sister Thedra at the time this text was recorded. The four points of the cross were to connect the four points upon the planet which hold a connection with the School of the Seven rays through the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. They are; Mt. Shasta, California - Lake Titicaca, Peru - Atlantis - Lemuria)

We are preparing to come in great numbers as the war preparations are being formulated. We are standing by in readiness to loose the ones who are of other time bands. They will be gathered up and relieved of the holocaust of coming events.

And there shall be a mighty awakening in the days ahead, for the cyclic time rushes in with mighty laughter and mighty weeping. For the cast of the U.S.A. is that it is to break in twain in the area of the Mississippi in the region of Canada, the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, into Central America will be as changed.

The great tilting of the U.S. to the East will throw up a mountain range along Central States, along the great new sea, to North and South. The new mountain range shall be called the Argone Range.


The face of Egypt will be as new. The desert will bloom. The grapes will enrich her valleys. The pyramids will be as a cast of the dead no more. The land of the West will be as the great sea of Khar in which the Lotus will bloom again. The times of the fulfilling of these things are to the cast of their fulfilling. The "land of the Lotus"is meant the great land which was submerged as three times, then remained beneath the water of the Pacific. As one cast into the fury of the deep, she will raise in her glory to the new dawn as a fertile land of the New Order.

When it is accomplished that the Lotus blooms, this land of yours (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A) will be as the Lotus now is. Only the three mountain peaks will be the islands of the Atlantic.

The uprising of the Atlantic bottom will submerge the land of the Atlantic seaboard. The cast of the risen land will be as the new mountain range of the east, though rugged to the cast of forebearance, the type of the Himalayas. At the high point they will stand 18,000 feet, and the land will bear the city of the Sittur of old for the coming sibes (scientists) to explore. Yet the way shall be to the tops of the land which will be cold as Rainier and as the rugged place of Nepal, which is uninhabitable at present. The mountain range will extend to the Equator.

The land of England will be as nothing seen; the land of France to the bottom of the Atlantic; the cast of the great Russia will be as the sea of one which is now called the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and to the north it will flow as one into the ice land of Siberia.

The planet Earth shall rest for 3,000 years. The cast of Peace shall be as the silence of the Com (calm) upon the surface of the Earth to the end of the Cycle, which time she will again be peopled as from the first with the ones from the planets from the Solar System. There are solar systems within solar systems in the Omniverse.

There is no law which is of the Earth to cause this thing to be as stayed, for upon this thy city (Chicago, Illinois) shall be the very lake that is now in its bed, but the bed shall make a new course, and a new river shall flow from the Lake through to the Gulf of Mexico...

There are to be the ones who awaken to find their beds soaked with the water of the Pacific, and the place shall be from Seattle to the coast of Chile whereupon the great caps shall roll back unto the Rocky Mountains...

To them say that the sands of the desert are to be as white with the flood of the Guards in the time of the casting in which time the land will be as the (symbol) of the rolling into the mountains of the great Rocky Mountains, the great tide of the Pacific. The land will be as drenched though not as sunken... The great places of the coast of the Pacific will be no more.

The place of the desert will be as the open place for the Timeless Ones to take their charges up, for they will be as the flock of birds -- wither they goeth they know not -- for they are herded into the mighty Atavans, which you have called "Saucers', they will be as the dead of the flood, and the dying shall cry out in their delirium to the Christ...

The rescuers will be as well trained to do the work. There will be many welfare workers... To this we are given the (unmechanized light beam) light forces, for the light forces which we use as a magnet impulse to bring into such impulse as the frequency this is given the degree of cosmic light forces which is necessary for such carting as it is necessary in this cast.

This is the very sibe (science) of the Craft we use. Though your sibes of earth comprehend its function, they do not comprehend this law which operates this timing of the light forces.

As one who calls himself the Elder Brother -- Sananda -- has told, he does the timing of these bands unto the various densities...


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