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Prepare Thine Self


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


Prepare Thine Self

Sori Sori: Mine words are plainly recorded for all which have a mind to follow where I go. It hast been said, and truly so, that none come into mine place of abode unprepared. None mock me, for I am aware of their intent...their hands shall be clean.

I say, clean thine hands of all thine greed, all thine hypocrisy and deceit. Rid thine self of thine shame...turn from it and seek the Light, and ye shall be made as one made new. Then ye shall give of thine self unto the Source of being, the Light which sustains, the ALL, the life of which ye are part.

So be it I am come as one sent of mine Father that all mankind awaken unto that which they are, the Sons of the Eternal Source of life, in which all living creatures have their being. For this are all things kin, all creatures great and small. For this there is no death but change.

It is said; "fear not change, for change is good" ye as One with it, for certain doest it come with rapidity. Be ye at atonement with the Light which I Am. Be ye not fearful, neither anxious for anything. Be ye as one blest to hold the lamp which I bring. Let not the ill winds blow out thine Light, for the darkness is not of me.
I bring the Light that ye find thine way...anchor it safely that ye be not found wanting.

The time come swiftly when ye shall be called out; What shall ye be doing? What shall thine answer be?


There is great stress upon the people of all the lands, and they know not whither to go that they might find peace. Yet it is said that they shall find no peace until it is established within their hearts. They have not established peace within themself. The transgressors are the transgressors still, and yet they are the ones which sit in high places and talk of peace! I say unto them: They shall obey the Law first and last, then they shall find that others shall find their way unto the council table.

First, I have given unto them the Law that they shall abide by: "Thou Shall Not Kill." They have gone their own way, heeding not the law - yet I say the Law is exacting; it IS the Law. They which take up arms against their brother shall perish by their own weapons. So shall it be, for it is the Law. Let it be said that when a man speaks of peace, yet he hath no love within his heart for his fellow man, is no indication that peace is established within him, for he fears his enemies - his part, which he has fortuned unto himself.

It is clearly written: "That which they send forth shall return unto them, as bread upon the water, and it shall either bless or torment them." "Let it be known that when one takes upon himserlf the resposbility of depriving another his/her right to express thru the form of flesh, he hast transgressed the Law and he/she alone shall atone for it - none other. Too, it shall be stated here that the ones which stand witness bear testimony of their actions and raise not their voice in protest, are not innocent of quilt; they are likewise accountable for their part.

For I say: To uphold the Law of Justice is the part of all men which expect justice. Now let it be understood: no man shall take the Law into his own hands - he shall not kill. I say, first seek ye the Light, and no man shall close it out. I say, no man shall deny thee. Let it be as thou prepare thineself, thou shall receive. So be it, I say. Seek ye the Light and let peace be established within thee, and no man shall take it from thee. So be it. While it is not yet come that they have found peace, let it be said that peace only comes from within. No man finds it from without, for it is his own inheritance and he pilfers not that of another.

I say, when they hold subject another or impose upon another that which they have fortuned unto themself, they shall pay, for the Law is clearly stated: "Ye shall not trespass upon the will of another. "That implies the countries, the nations, and the single individuals. Now, when a plan is established, that each one has his/her own will granted unto him/her, he/she shall solely responsible for the weary in which he/she goes. Each country, each nation, or individual - each shall take upon itself/himself the responsibility for its being, or that which hast been brot into being.

While the nations of the Earth are battling for supremacy, I say, none are sufficient unto themself. Let it be understood that the time draws nigh when the way in which the greatest of all nations has chosen to go shall be cut off - it shall be closed and their progress shall cease. For it is not given unto the Light Forces to be still, without movement - they move with precision, knowing in which direction they go. Let it be said that the hostilities shall cease - for this have I spoken out. Yet there shall be a great conflict ere it ceases. Let it be, for this is the cleaning away for peace. I say, they shall learn to love one another and have peace within them. They shall learn from their suffering - so be it the Law that they learn. So be it

We shall not deny them that. When it is come that they have learned, We shall then give unto them a hand, and it shall be for the good of all, so let it be." "I say, as they have sown so shall they reap - so be it the Law, and the Law is Just. For this is it written that they shall be warned. Let them which have ears to hear, hear; them which have a mind to learn, let them learn - so be it; I have spoken that they be spared. This day let it be written that when one asks of the Father, Light, it shall not be denied him.

Yet when he seeks of men he shall become confused, for men are within the realm of men within bondage and they are, too, working in darkness, knowing not. While I say unto thee, there is a Host which stand by to assist when the Word goes forth: "Let there BE LIGHT!"- I say, it goes forth as a mighty trust and CAN NOT be intercepted by the forces of darkness, for it is direct within its course and straight to its point of direction. So be it I am One of the Council


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