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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: This day I speak unto thee of power. Much is said of power. The "Power" of which I speak is the Power of the Almighty God, our Father/Mother, the force of Light which is the First Cause, the Light Force which hast created all thing perfect in the beginning. And at no time shall they be given such power as to destroy that which He/She, the Father/Mother, hast created perfectly. I tell thee, it shall not be given unto man to destroy the Earth which gives unto them footing.

Ye shall see great changes, and great sorrow shall be upon the people, yet I say, the Earth shall not be destroyed, for she shall be unto the "Remnant" comfort. And the Remnant shall be glad, for they which shall make up the Remnant shall be as the inheritors of the Earth. They shall be given the part to bring forth a new form of government, which shall be like unto that which is given unto us wherein we abide in love and oneness.

There shall be no need for wars, boundaries of countries, armies, doctors, lawyers. Yet every man shall have the right to call himself a "Lawyer", for he shall know the "Law" and he shall live it according to the precepts which hast been handed down from the Great Tribunal...and he shall not know greed, neither hatred.

So be it that they shall have the power to create, and they shall create within the governing body that which shall be for the good of all. They shall not be given unto jealousy, neither shall they envy their neighbors...and they shall be each unto themself true, true unto his calling. No man shall impose upon another, neither impose upon his free will. He shall respect his brother as himself. He shall at all times know that he is One with his brother.

I say unto thee, when ye pray, "Father, Thy Will be done upon the Earth as it is in Heaven"' remember, there is a Plan, a perfect Plan, and it shall not be aborted. So be it ye shall remember that, and at no time shall you fear! I say, to fear is to doubt the Plan. Let not thine fears be unto thee thine undoing.

Too I say, that to say "Father, Thine Will be done", and to know there is a Plan, is to be ONE with it and to align thineself with it, and to be one of the servants which helps to bring about the Kingdom upon the Earth.

I say unto thee, be ye not a slothful servant, for I have called thee out and given unto thee the Laws. And I have provided a way for thine return unto thine abiding place, and ye shall do thine part that it be accomplished this day. Waver not in thine ye as the Rock, that no ill winds beset thee nor turneth thee aside. I say, let not thine foot slip!

It is mine part to remind thee of the pitfalls and to guide thee aright...thine part to be alert and to hear that which I say unto thee, that ye might attain unto thine Victory. It is mine part to hold thee fast so long as thou art of a mind to follow me.

Now I say again, be ye faithful in little things and I shall make thee keeper of mine precepts. Of mine power shall I endow unto thee great wisdom, and ye shall be given the power to put thine foot upon all things of the dark and that which is less than perfection. I say, Behold the power of God - see that which I shall do, and know ye that I do not make idle promises, for I am the Lord, thy God, Sananda.


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