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From the newsletters "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


Sori Sori: For this day let us speak of the days ahead, in the near time. This is the most precious time of thine life, for it is the finish of a cycle in which man hast been as a traitor unto himself. Too, he hast gone where no mortal man hast gone. He hast done that which I had not done, even as I foretold long ago. He hast gone so far as to bring life unto the dead, for it is given unto some to be the Light which I AM.

Ones which work in mine will, knowingly, have done as I have done...they are as mine hands and feet made manifest. Have ye not noticed these ones? They walk as man, speak as man, and do as I give unto them to do. They speak not of themself as great and wonderful...they know from whence their power comes to heal. These give unto me credit for being that which I Am and ask naught in return for their loving service. These speak softly and peacefully...speaking only truth and encouragement.

Now let it go on record: The false ones which claim to be me are boastful of his prowess, and he shows and displays his ware as a piece of pottery, as something to be given...bartered...sold. While the one which does mine work as through him, goes about in humility, telling not of his great work for to attract attention unto himself. He gives credit where credit is due. He calls not himself great...he boasts not.

Now let me say as one qualified, that this one which has the gift of healing hast come by it as a "gift" for to use for the good of all....without recompense. He is given the gift that he lift up his fellow man, his brother, and set him firmly upon the path of Light, that he too might do mine will.

There are ones which forget why they have been given the "gift" of healing. They have thought to get a job done and collect the fee. O, my dear children, what about the ones which are crying in pain and poverty? Do ye rush unto them as ye do the ones which insure the recompense. Have ye used thine courts of justice to obtain the fee at great pain and sacrifice...even placing the victim in bondage unto thee.

I hear someone say, "How foolish! Of course we have to get our pay; we can't work for nothing...they understand that." I say unto these ones; "Wherein have ye been given the understanding, the mind, the "gift"....and for what purpose?"

Give ye thought, O physicians, of mine word. Ponder these words when ye hear the cries of the poor and the pain racked homeless one, for it mayhap be thee in time to come. For the time swiftly approaches when ye shall have only thine bare hands to heal with, for it is foreseen that which ye have shall taken away, for it is the time of sifting and sorting...accounting. Remember these words.

Now should ye find thine great edifices of mercy (still) standing on the morrow, be ye not so foolish as to deny these mine words, or say that I do not know that which I say. Ye should know as I know...Ye are not so wise as to challenge me.

I take no challenge for I am not playing games. This is a grave mission I am unto this Earth plane of yours. While I say the Earth and the fulness thereof is mine, man is subject to his free will...he is allowed that. The only creature that hast that gift and privilege upon this little orb.

Be ye as one to know thine responsibility unto thine fellow man and there shall be great things in store for thee...and thine hands shall be used for the good of all, to the glory of the Father which hast brought thee forth.

So let it be....amen and amen.

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