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This is our part


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


This is our part

CCC With this signature ye shall know me as one of the lighted Orders which make up the whole of the powers which oversee the planetary system. These which make up the total of the overall system are responsible for the safety of the singular planets, meteors, etc...for keeping the planets in line, in orbit, etc.

This is no small job. We, as a many faceted and learned whole, are invested with such power as no singular man can ever image. For the great power which is engendered by the "Source of Being", which we as a whole are one with, gives unto us, as creators, the awesome responsibility of caretakers of the system in which the earth belongs. Therefore we are at all times at our place responsible unto each other for the safety of each and every lesser system.

Man in his present state of development has not as yet envisioned the least glimpse of our part of the great and grand plan which holds his universe in order. For this he questions and wonders...denies his "Source", his part in the whole of the great mystery, which he understands nothing of. While he (man) makes his rounds, shall we say, through the system as transients, he learns bit by bit by experience. Then he forgets, and there are periods of forgetfulness....(and) again he awakens and arises unto his rightful estate.

Eventually he becomes, as a responsible member of the confederation of many planets which are responsible for the works they perform within the system. No man of Earth knows such power. Not all together do they have such knowledge or power. Mankind hast, as yet, not been able to live as one body, one family unit, for the good of all. For this are we at this time making known such as we are...."the overseers and guardians" of Earth and her relation to others within the system. This is our part at this time, and our bring into line the Earth as a whole, made clean and pure, purged of all contamination accumulated by man's willful acts of destruction.

He hast polluted the ethers and the fields he hast despoiled. The waters he hast poisoned that no longer shall he hold power to destroy an entire population or planet.

The fiat hast gone forth...."STOP" ....and it shall! For it is decreed. Let all and sundry take heed. Unto the one which thinks himself wise...Let him be warned. I say, he be the greatest of the fools, for he knows naught of the power, the course, or the plan, with which we of the greater knowledge and power are empowered with.

Let him first learn that which sustains him and gives unto him being. For this are we in our right that we make known the power which is empowered unto us of the "Source of our Being". We are the custodians of this awesome power, which man so desperately strives to "tap". Let it be said again, never shall he "tap" such power as he hast imagined himself doing, for he, as yet, singularly or collectively, hast not been found worthy of such responsibility.


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