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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



I speak unto thee this day of the "Opposing force of the ruling mass." It is the mass which serves the "ruling opposition", the opposition which holds them in bondage. I say that the ruling force which hold them bound shall be dethroned and they shall no longer be bound.

For this do I speak out this day, that they might know that they are bound...and they shall arise and be as ones prepared to do battle against the ruling force. This force is not of is of the World of darkness, of the lower astral as you put it. I say, the forces of which I speak are not of the Earth, yet they have been, for they are the accumulated mass mind, which has held in bondage for ages past the mass consciousness of the Earth-bound.

It is a mighty power which we shall call the "black hood". It is the black hood of the unknowing, of despair and failure. I say, it shall be removed and with it shall go the ones which refuse to be disentangled from it. I say the ones which Will to be disentangled shall be brot out and freed.

Let it be understood, that this is not a war of principalities, of countries, or is a war of powers - The Armageddon. It is the "Great War" of which it has been written, and of which is said, "The war to end war". So shall it end! For this I have come! I bring not the sword...I bring not peace...yet I show the way unto all which have a mind to follow me. I say unto them, "Come, follow ye me", and hear my voice and they come. These shall I deliver out.

While they which hear me not shall sleep on and be as ones under the "spell", the illusion of sleep...they shall dream terrible and horrid dreams, knowing not the reality of their being. So be it that they shall awaken in due time and cry out for mercy...then they shall be heard and answered. I say, they shall be heard and answered, for mercy shall be extended unto all alike, yet they shall Will to accept, and be glad for their acceptance.

So be it that the war shall end with the removal of the cause...the dirty black cancerous cause shall be removed and be as the fortune of the ones which have perpetuated it! It shall be the responsibility of each and every one which has added to it, and it shall be given unto each to assume his part of his own responsibility in the cleansing.

Yet we, the Host, come in force that this power be put into a place, much as the men of Earth might move a mighty river into a valley and dam up its water in a far removed place until it could be used for constructive purposes. I say, these powers shall be channeled into a place and held back until they are transmuted by each and every one which has added unto it. It is a "Bank", a deposit of misused energy. It has taken the form of the black dragon. It is the "offal" of man's own mind, his own creation which he shall assume the responsibility for!

Now I say unto thee which hear mine voice, or unto thee which see the word: Let not thine energy be spent unto darkness. Seek ye the light, for it shall not be hidden from thee. I say, the clouds shall be rolled away and ye shall see.

I have said, I shall come in a mighty cloud...has it not been a dense one, a black one? I have entered into thine world under the blackness of the cloud as an unexpected guest who walks within thine midst, unknown for the most part. I seek no favors of men. I seek naught save mine own which have covenanted with me even before the world was. I come to find mine shall it be done.

I am the one sent of mine Father "this day", and I shall gather up mine own and I shall be prepared to return unto mine Father with them. We shall join the Host on that great and glorious day when the mist hast rolled away...and then all eyes shall see and all shall sing a glad song, and they shall be glad for their freedom.

I too say, there shall be some left...these shall be the ones which have refused me and have chosen the darkness rather than the light which I Am. And these which are left shall fall upon their faces and shall cry for mercy. And they shall wait, for I say unto them, there is a season of coming and going and none shall know the hour of mine going. I say, "Come, Come this day"- and they which shall come shall be glad.


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