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One Step a Time


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


One step a time

For this our let us speak as one voice, for many are gathered together that ye be appraised of thy new part. For it is now come when ye (Thedra) shall be given great comprehension of the work which ye shall do. Time is come when events are coming swiftly. Now be ye as one to note these changes, for we are not asleep...we are aware of the sleepers and the traitors, the evil doers which have brought about such confusion and chaos.

Now for this hour we are closely monitoring the events of the East, for it is of great concern unto us. We have said in the previous pages that our intent is to prevent great destruction. We have clearly accounted for ourself and that which we intend to do to spare the greatest number possible. As for the (crop) circles...As ye have noticed, there is a large amount of these within the Earth, yet man has not found the reason or the source.

The source shall be revealed unto thee, and the means by which these circles are created. This would only add other mysteries if we should take thee too far...Let us say, one step at a time is the better part of wisdom.

When ye have given thine ALL, all things shall be revealed. Yet I can tell thee of a truth, these are carefully, and purposefully, planted or placed for the new Order, the Order of the Council of Councils, the over-all Council. This Council is setting the stage for the generations yet unborn.

These circles are the work of the enlightened ones., which we might call our "Engineering Staff", the planners and designers of the new circles of light. Have ye heard? Have ye followed us in our time of exploration and plans? I say, draw ye nigh and I shall tell thee of many a strange thing on our drawing board, for ye shall be as ones prepared to go forth as ones well prepared to take thine place within this new Order. For this art ye being prepared.

It is of great concern unto us that ye come to know that which ye are to do...yet we wait for thee. "As ye are prepared, so shall ye receive". Be ye blest to look and see, watch and wait, listen and hear, learn and do.

Awesome Crop Circle formation in England



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