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The Oneness of ALL That Is


No Light from the sun for three days


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


The Oneness of ALL that is &
No Light from the Sun for three days

Sori Sori: It is now come when there shall be no light from the sun for three days. Now I say ye have heard this beforehand...yea, ye have been told this before, for it hast been aforehand seen and known. While no man knows or knew the day, it is (now) closer, near time, it is easier to calculate the time. I say it is nigh upon thee. For this I speak that ye be as one prepared for such as shall come upon thee.

There is wisdom in preparation. I mean ye shall prepare thine self and give ye heed unto thine time, and how ye spend thine hours...even unto the minutes, for minutes make up the hours. When ye put thine hand to mischief it is given unto thee to go headlong without thought of consequence. Yet each minute is accounted unto is it spent, and for what is it spend, and what ye profited there by?

Each act or word is accurately recorded, weighed and balanced...know ye this? Ye have been told...did ye not hear it? Think ye are alone in this little world of men, forgotten by thine "Source"? I say unto one and all, Ye are never from sight of the Source of thine Being. While ye have forgotten It/Him, ye know not that which goes on about thee in the Cosmos....yea, through out the cosmos...for ye and I are part of this whole of Creation. This creation of which we are part knows every entity, each being, male or female, which lives, breaths and hast his being in It/Him/Her...."One", inclusive of All life, for all is one in It/Him/Her. Ye have called this Oneness, "Source", or "God", knowing not that what is meant by either expression...for no word in any language, any means what so ever, can convey unto man of flesh that which is the "All" - capable of comprehending the totality of "Allness", for he/she is but part of this "All"...complete in Perfect Wholeness...It's Everness.


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