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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: For this time let us speak of obedience, of loyalty. This is for the most part the greatest of the training of the neophyte, for he has to first learn obedience unto the Law....he has to learn from whence his blessing cometh.

He gives himself in honest preparation and service, asking no reward, no glory, no honors, for this honor cometh from his honest service rendered selflessly, without thot of self. For when a man works for "self", he is as one on whose head rests the crown of thorns...he hast placed his hand upon the scales that they balance in his favor. He hast been in no wise ware of his fellow's welfare. He thinks to deceive his fellows and gain favor in the sight of his neighbor...for this hast he betrayed himself and his trust. He hast betrayed himself, hast he not? Let us say he has short-changed himself, for it is so!

Now it is said, he shall walk upright and obey the Law. He shall do unto others as he would that they do unto him. He shall walk as he would have them, for he shall find that they are but the image of himself. And he shall be as the recipient of that which he hast sent forth, for it shall boomerang upon him and he shall find that he hast profited naught by his deceit.

So be it that he shall learn the way of the neophyte...then when he hast proven himself worthy, he shall be given greater things to do, greater parts, greater responsibility.

This is but the beginning, for it is seen that they have not as yet comprehended the fulness of the plan. They have not been as the one with the greater vision. They have not been as one which stands on the summit and sees with the greater vision. They see that which they see as but partly, in part. They know not that which they see is but the manifestation of that which they seen not.

Now it is said, "Seek ye the Light and it shall not be hidden". Knowest thou the meaning of this? I say, seek ye that which is the back of the manifestation...that which is the Cause of the manifestation, the FIRST CAUSE".

"Seek ye first the KINGDOM of GOD"...knowest the meaning of this? Wherein is the Kingdom of God? I say it is not of man, of man's world, the material world, not of is of the world which ye shall come to know. Then ye shall know as I know. Then there shall be no mysteries, no ties, no bounderies, no impenetrable walls or barriers, for ye shall be One with the Law, One with thy "Cause" of being. And ye shall stand shorn of all thy preconceived opinions and ideas of the "Father's Kingdom" which shall come on Earth as thou hast prayed. Yet it shall not be a Kingdom such as thou hast imaged.

I say, Man, O Man, thou hast imaged vain imaginings, vain indeed...for thou hast been as ones putting thine own words into mine mouth ( the sayings "attributed" to Jesus). Thou hast written them and given unto me credit for speech which I have not uttered, for I am not of a mind to speak that which is not of the Truth, not of the Light. For I say, I am responsible for mine words, and I have never given unto thee that which I now deny.

For I say unto thee, I am accountable unto the One which hast sent me forth. I am accountable unto the Law, even as thou art...yet I come under the Greater Law, under the Divine Law, which is yet above that (law) of nature. Yet it ( the law of nature) is not without its part...but the laws of "Nature" are natural laws which govern the seen world as it is seen, yet it ( the Law) is unseen.

The law only brings into the seen that which is not seen, while the unseen is ever Greater and more potent than the seen. Therefore it is said, "Seek ye the Kingdom of God"...that which is the back of the manifestation. That which is back of, (which is) the "Cause"of the "Natural"manifestation, is of the Father, "The Cause".

It is said, "See the Hand of God move"! I say it moveth....See it...Behold it moveth. It causes the axis to spin, they Earth to rotate thereon, therein, within its orbit. It brings the seasons, the Sun to rise, to set in the appointed time.

IT causes the unseen to be made seen...therefore I say, "Seek ye the Kingdom of God" for hast He not created the Heaven and Earth? Wherefore cometh thy knowledge? I ask of thee, werefore come thy knowledge? Thinkest thou man, O Man, that thou seest that which causes thy being, which hast held thee fast in the hours of thy unknowing?

I ask thee, Whence goest thou? Whither come thou? It is not a small foolish question I ask of thee! I ask to ponder well that which I have put before thee. See that which is written in the "Book of Life". Open up thine eyes...behold the things placed before thee. See the works of God, for His finger hast power to move the planets, for He is the Creator, He is the Planner, the Architect, the Husbandman. He hast the Power, the Authority, for He is eternally the Father of His Creation.

He creates well, good, according unto the Law which is eternal...therefore HE IS THE LAW. And He is the First and the Last, the Alpha and Omega. He hast the First and the Last Word. He sends out...He brings back that which He sends out. And it follows as the night the day that ye shall return unto the place of thy beginning, so be it and Selah.

Yet I say, this is the hour of thy calling...this is the Day! I say, ye shall heed the call and answer. Come forth in this day or ye shall wait long, and thy waiting shall be long indeed. Sad indeed shall it be! For the word hast gone out, "COME HOME, COME HOME", and ye shall come of thine own accord, or ye shall wait!

It is of the greatest concern unto the Mighty Host that ye hear, yet none shall impose upon thy free will, for it is thine, thy own precious gift. Do with it as ye will...yet it is said, fashion for thyself no legirons, for we the Host, come that ye be free. Come as thou will...stay as thou will...for it is for thy sake that we come.

We of the Host have won our freedom thru obedience and dedication unto the Will of God our Father. So be it that we speak of things profitable unto thee. So be it that we stand by to assist thee in the hour of need. Ye have but to accept us for that which we are and obey the Law.

We have won Our freedom, even as ye shall win thine, by adherence unto the Law. Fear not that ye be misled when ye obey the mandates laid before thee. It is The Law of The One, the Law of The Eternal Shining One, of which I speak. Ye shall remember thy blessings. Count them one by one, the two by two, then by the dozens, for they shall be multiplied a thousand fold. So be it and Selah.

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