"The Nibiru Files"

Drawing made by Scott Vargas


The "Twelfth Planet" belonging to our solar system

Zecharriah Sitchen
According to the worldwide known Russian author Zecharriah Sitchen
Nibiru is a planet that returns to an orbit between Jupiter and Mars every 3600 years.

He refers to it as "The Twelfth Planet"- home of space gods who seeded our present root race.

Alien giants nibiru returning

Nibiru 2012 orbit

Interesting articles about Planet X or Niburu

First image of extra solar "planet" captured
08 January 2002
New Scientist

The Orbit of Planet X (Nibiru/Nemesis/10th or 12th Planet



An interesting file with amazing pictures
http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/indexback67.html :

From the Revelations of Awareness Newsletters
(Excerpts 92-15 Issue No. 407, 92-6 No. 398)

"Amateurs do not have telescopes and the sophistication needed to spot this planet. This was spotted by that which is known as IRIS. This appears to be an infrared telescope capable of reading energies of near absolute zero. It is capable of reading this planet because it is in a frozen state of near absolute zero. It is colder that other energies around, and it is almost as large as Jupiter, and was first spotted outside of the orbit of Pluto, in the direction of Orion, moving toward the solar system."

How is Nemesis Powered?
"This makes use of the same technology that is involved in UFO interplanetary flight, wherein a vibrational signal or vibration is attuned to at a distance, at a distance spatial or targeted area of space, and the planet then, or planetoid or spacecraft is set to that frequency or vibration of that targeted area, and thus leaps forward through a vibrational means to become part of that space at the targeted area. It is normally referred to as bending space or bending light, but it actually occurs through the process creating certain vibrations that are in correspondence with other frequencies at a distance and the two frequencies then being merged together, so that the object is more or less teleported at a speed that reflects technology to the frequency attunement to the targeted area of space."

"The word "teleportation" is not even correct, for teleportation implies instantaneous movement from one place to another. It is not exactly instantaneous for the operation does take some time in moving up or down the vibratory scale, even as it does appear rapid and almost instantaneous. Essentially, an UFO craft is capable of grabbing space at a distant point and reading the frequency at that point, then altering the frequency of the craft to become identical to that which was targeted or grabbed, and in so doing, it brings the craft almost instantly to that future or distant point and at such a time, the frequency can be lowered so as to have third dimensional qualities."

"In the case of the planetoid, the same technology is used, but the technology does not allow the same hyper-speed, and therefore, the movement is somewhat slower, even when it can draw, using gravitional energies to pull at increasing or diminishing speeds, by setting certain vibratory frequencies that interact with gravity in an area of space. The gravity of the sun in the solar system is utilized in the powering system of the planetoid Nemesis when it comes into the solar system. When outside the solar system, different gravities from different areas of space may be used by coupling the gravitional forces with the vibratory frequencies of the craft or planetoid.

Thus, by changing these gravitory frequencies, the craft can be manipulated through space at various speeds and at different degrees of density. The density of Nemesis also may vary, depending on its frequency level. It would take an enormous amount of power to fully affect all levels of the vibratory frequencies of that planetoid. It would require too much energy and therefore, a slower movement is used."

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